• Behandling af tandpine folkemekanismer

    Mother - nature. .. For people from time immemorial, she was not only a source of food, but also a sensitive teacher, a wise teacher and a knowledgeable healer. Through trial and error, putting experiments on themselves and their loved ones, generations of folk healers performed brilliant medical discoveries. Even qualified physicians who are not captive to professional prejudices often feel free to seek advice and help from sorcerers and sorcerers, studied folk remedies against various diseases.
    It is hard for a modern person to imagine his life without pharmacies, tablets of medicines, which, in his opinion, will be the panacea capable of coping with any discomfort. Unhappy! He does not even suspect what he refuses, neglecting folk wisdom. ..
    Toothache .It is tolerated for the time being. When there are no forces to endure and it is already pointless to "climb on the wall," they rush to the dentist or pull out a sick tooth with their own hands. And traditional healers acted differently. With a flux and in general with abscesses and tumors of the gum, they poured a little lime honey on the bottom of a small pot. Then they took a large and rusty nail prepared in advance, heated it red on fire and lowered into honey. At that very moment a thick black substance began to form around the nail, resembling balsam mummies or tar. This substance lubricated the inflamed gum of the patient, usually before his sleep. Procedures were recommended to be repeated for several days in a row, only then the tumor and abscess quickly disappeared. Let those who dare to try this tool, but doubt its effectiveness, does not frighten a rusty nail. Rust is important to preserve, in fact, according to the doctors of Russian medicine, it is it that promotes the formation of a therapeutic substance.

    Those who still remember Mayakovsky's call: "To shine, and no nails!", Can get rid of all old and bent nails, and treat toothache differently. In the villages of Siberia, for these purposes, small garlic is still being cut and it is very tightly tied to a pulse with a bandage or a rag. The method is, of course, somewhat strange, but, they say, it helps. And those who do not believe in miracles, let them continue to tremble with fear at the mention of a drill!

    At present, in any large city, there is at least one 24-hour dental clinic. In acute pain, the patient usually can not get to the doctors on their own( usually the increase in pathological symptoms occurs at night or in the morning).To temporarily ease the patient's condition, you can use traditional and folk remedies.

    If the patient does not have an individual intolerance to strong analgesics, you can give him a capsule of solpadane or a similar analgesic. A good effect is given by an anesthetic tablet, applied to the gums next to the affected tooth.

    It should be remembered that such pharmacological formulations only relieve pain, but do not help cure the underlying disease, therefore, after reducing the pathological symptoms, you should immediately consult a dentist.

    If, for any reason, taking analgesics is undesirable, you can try several times to rinse your mouth with warm water and clean the carious cavities with a wooden toothpick. Sometimes acute toothache occurs after the ingress of food in them.

    You can also put on the gum a small piece of leaf horse sorrel or valerian officinalis. After reducing pain, they should be immediately removed.

    The following recommendation is suitable only for adult patients. It is necessary to dial into the mouth a little vodka or diluted medical alcohol and hold in place of the patient's tooth 2-3 minutes. Usually after this time the pain completely passes or becomes almost imperceptible.

    A deep carious cavity can be gently processed with a cotton swab dipped in clove oil. This remedy is a strong natural analgesic.

    If a purulent inflammation is suspected, a piece of ice wrapped in soft tissue should be applied to the cheek over the aching tooth - this measure will temporarily ease the patient's condition.

    Good effect gives rinsing of the mouth with decoction of wormwood bitter, plantain of large, valerian officinalis.

    With aching pain in the tooth, you can put on it a small piece of raw beet.

    As a time-tested folk remedy, several pieces of onion, wrapped in sterile gauze, are recommended to be placed in the external auditory canal from the side where the diseased tooth is located.

    With severe pain, you can attach a small piece of fresh fat to the gum next to the aching tooth and leave until the discomfort ceases.

    The most common dental diseases are caries, plaque, pulpitis, periodontitis and stomatitis. In addition, there are ailments of a physiological nature that develop without the involvement of pathogenic microflora, for example, anomalies in the shape or arrangement of the teeth, leading to malocclusion, cosmetic defects, and, in severe cases, to a change in the shape of the facial part of the skull.

    The most common cause of dental diseases at an early and late age are various violations of fetal embryonic development caused by poor nutrition of the expectant mother during pregnancy( especially in the first 3 months).In addition, the early removal of milk teeth for one reason or another, the dying of the dental rudiments under the influence of a localized or general inflammatory process, has a negative effect on the condition of the teeth. Anomalies in the formation of the dentition not only cause the appearance of a cosmetic defect, but also lead to the development of somatic diseases, disruption of the digestive tract( poorly ground food is difficult to treat with gastric juice), changes in bite, the appearance of painful sensations in the jaw joints,

    A special place in the list of dental diseases is occupied by traumatic injuries. Unfortunately, this kind of trouble can happen to any person - accidentally got a pebble or a fragment of bone in the street, falling on the street in the ice often lead to a fracture of the tooth, full breakage of its crown or, in mild cases, to dislocation of the root. Even slight trauma usually turns out to be very painful and requires an immediate call to a specialist.

    Teeth injury can also be associated with professional activities. For example, when working in unfavorable climatic conditions, as well as under constant stress, non-normalized schedule, etc., wedge-shaped defects of the enamel, increased abrasion of chewing surfaces, erosion, multiple caries are observed in most patients.

    Sometimes problems with the condition of teeth occur against the background of a general medical condition. For example, with hyperthyroidism( excessive production of the thyroid hormone), the surface of the enamel is covered with numerous erosions, the integrity of the solid cover is disturbed.

    The accompanying factors - an unfavorable ecological situation, a genetic predisposition to the development of dental and gum disease, intensive therapy with potent pharmacological drugs, etc. are also of great importance.

    If you have a toothache, you need to press on the special finger( with the finger of your index finger)a point located above the upper lip in the middle. The impact should be strong and intense, duration - 10 seconds.