• Treatment of obliterating angioedema by folk remedies and methods

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    Obliterating angioedema is a neurogenic disease that affects the vessels in the leg area. Sometimes this disease can be heard under the name of thromboangioneurosis. The disease has a social character, i.e.most often affects people aged 20-40 years, although of course this disease can develop in children. The disease develops over several years, so patients with thromboangioneurosis often suffer from the disease for a long time.

    It is noteworthy that many people are susceptible to this disease, but first of all those who smoke, drink alcohol or even drugs. Obliterating angioedema can develop due to mental disorders. The first symptoms of the disease are pale feet and burning sensation in the fingers. Most often obliterating angioedema is accompanied by numbness and a feeling of chilliness. People prone to this disease get tired very quickly, feel pain in the calves.

    Treatment of the disease is long-lasting, but in the early stages the disease is very easy to cure, with the help of those phytopreparations, which we will describe below:

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    1. Tincture based on hot red pepper.

    This tincture is one of the most effective in folk medicine for the treatment of thromboangioneurosis. To prepare tinctures, it is necessary to prepare 0.5 liters of vodka, about 2 tbsp.spoons of mustard powder, 200 ml of a large granular salt( 1 tablespoon), and 2 pods of hot red pepper. All ingredients must be mixed well, and from time to time, shake the mixture to better absorb salt. Put the solution in a warm place. Insist about 12 hours, and at night you can already use the obtained tincture pre-shaken mixture. Remember that unlike many other tinctures, this one should not rub into the skin. It is enough to lubricate the leg with tincture, and when it dries out to put on warm socks and you can go to bed. It is very desirable not to let your foot get wet. On the morning, however, it is not necessary to rinse it. The tincture does not cause burning or other manifestation of discomfort.

    2. Tincture based on walnut.

    The tincture based on walnut is used to treat atherosclerotic gangrene, however this particular tincture also helps in the case of thromboangioneurosis. Prepare it very simply at home. To do this, it is enough to have 3 liters of milk, 1 glass of sugar, as well as dried leaves and peel of walnut. Then the milk should be poured into the jar, and the peel and leaves are put in a small gauze pouch, which then needs to be lowered to the bottom of the jar with the help of a weigher. In the milk add 1 tbsp.spoon of sour cream and sugar, then carefully stir and leave to infuse into a dark place. The tincture will be ready in 2 weeks, and it should be taken for 1 hour. Spoon 3 times a day, only after meals.