• Plots

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    "God's Mother was walking across the bridge. She meets Nikolai the Sinner, Ilya the prophet, John the Evangelist.

    Where are you going, Mother of God?

    I'm going to wash my nerves, blow my eyes and bitterness out of the servant of God( name), from his head, from the hands, from the legs, from the stomach, from the liver, from the greens, from the spleen, from the uterus( if woman), from the ovaries, frombladder, from the neck, from the spine, from the blue veins, from the red blood.

    Savior with a cross. The Savior over the evil spirit is the victor. Go away, Satan, from the servant of God( name).Go, unclean, spirits on all four sides. Amen, amen, amen.

    Come forth, unclean spirit, from the servant of God( name) from the head, from the hands, from the legs, from the stomach, from the intestines, from the heart, from the stomach, from the liver, from the greens, from the spleen, from the uterus( if the woman), fromovaries, from the bladder, from the whole body. Go to the place where the grass grows, where the wind does not blow, where the sun does not warm. Go into the abyss, to the bottom. Amen, amen, amen.

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    I'm not flying, I'm not talking, but God's Mother. She heals, cleanses, talks, God calls for help with the Angels, with the Archangels, with the Celestial Forces, the Lord's Dawn, the evening star.

    Michael Archangel was coming from heaven, carrying a cross on his head 287

    .He placed this cross on the stone floor and shielded it with iron bayonets, locked it with thirty-three locks and all under one key. And he gave the key to the Most Holy Mother of God in his right hand. No one will open these locks, no one slave of God( name) will spoil either in the house, at the feast, or on the road. Day I walk under the red sun, night under a clear month. Devil Satan, get away from the servant of God( name) per thousand roads, to a thousand fields, where cattle do not walk, where people do not walk. And here the holy path is in a holy place and the Holy Spirit is protected.

    Lord, save and save the servant of God( name).Amen, Amen, Amen. "

    Read three times over the water.

    At the end, throw a pinch of salt in the water and three burned matches. When they throw matches, they say a request for healing. Prepared in this way, water is drunk, the body, bed, rooms, yard are washed, washed.

    For a hex, water is drunk, as in the case of the treatment of the evil eye.

    In one of the sources there was also an instruction. When you go to collect water, you have to say this: "Hello, water Tatiana, the land of Uliana, and the key Ivan, give me water from all trouble."

    II "Tecla Vodichka from the krynichki through the city of Jerusalem from the sorceress, from the sorceress, from the heretic, from heretics, from scientists and born, from child and infant, from typhus and fever, from empty births, from bleeding, from fright, spoilage, fromlonging for the bored, prickly of thorny, oppressive, sour, fresh, met, transverse, windy;water, sown and sent( here it is necessary to baptize the water and speak): in the city of Jerusalem before the throne is the Lord Jesus Christ himself, Elijah the prophet with his golden rod strikes the demons, with holy fire-fire, Jordanian water. With passionate fire I challenge you - I drive out: Satan, from the servant of God( name) from the mouth, from the hair, from the voice, from the violent head, from the white bone, red blood, neck, spine, heart, stomach, from the kidneys, from the liver, from the greens, from the uterus( if the woman), from the ovaries, from the bladder, from the intestines, from the hands, from the legs, from the veins, from lived, from the fingers and joints.

    You do not have to be here, the blood of blood is not a goal from the generation

    of the prayerful, baptized servant of God( name) for ever and ever. Amen".

    III "Lord, bless.

    From the throne to the king's gate was the Angel, in the fence of praise, on a steep mountain stands a table, and on the throne stands Mother Mother of God and holds over the sword( name) sword and saber. Sword kills, saber cuts( this phrase twice).Put, O Lord, the heart in its place, strengthen, tighten the gate, the keys to the water. Amen, amen, amen.

    Chuchuy, chuchuy, chuchuyu leave the servant of God( name) from the interior, belly, from the shoulders, from the eyes. Do not go out well, then you'll go bad: Saint Yuri will come, scourge overtake, Saint Egor will come - he will kill the spear. And St. Michael cuts a pinch, burns it with fire, his ashes scatter in the wide world.

    Mother of the Most Holy Theotokos, seven-shot, shoot with your seven-arms and cut with your four bulat knives( here three times in the form of a cross cut with water) in the servant of God( name) all pains, all sorrows, tributes, cloaks, clamps, nets, fouls, cepzhu, infirmity, headache, insomnia, nonsense, all pains, all sorrows, sadness, melancholy, grief, mother, Holy Mother of God with all the saints for ever and ever. Amen, Amen, Amen. "

    Sometimes the treatment process is painful, headache and heart disease are possible. After the treatment, all the pains disappear. The painful condition of the healer is explained by the so-called breaking, i.e., the struggle with demons and their expulsion. However, not all plots of give the same morbid state. In case of special difficulties, use conspiracies of another option.

    IV "The first time, Lord's hour. Mother Goddess( .).Virgin Mary, help, Lord, born, baptized, prayerful, aching mitten( name), so that it will be at the gathering, at the youth, and at the full month. Know how to do it, Mother, spoil, know, Mother, give it to you with a lively head, zealous heart, red blood, light brown hair, brown eyes, white brains and white body, white belly, all fingers, joints, lived, lived. You can not be here, you do not have to live here, you can not dry yellow bones, you can not break a white body, trilogy, squirrel, wind, vich, midday, midnight. Twelve brothers, twelve sisters, come to nolo.

    power to a born, baptized, prayer mitten( name).Fright, passion, pour out on fire and water( three times).

    Healer Panteleimon, begged Christ God to bestow health on the body and save the soul of the sick( name), heal from passions, fright, spoilage, from the night owl, from the infant.

    Come to the rescue, Mother of God, with your prayers.

    Come to the rescue, Ilya the prophet, with his vodka.

    The Holy Martyr Tryphon, help the sick person( name).

    Come out, step on the black waters, on the black sands.

    Amen, amen, amen. "

    With this method, molten wax is used, as in the case of fright( see fright treatment), only wax will be needed more, and keep it molten should be on low heat: the healing process is long, the plot is read forty times. At the beginning of each conspiracy, after the words "Mother of God", where the dot in parentheses stands, wax is poured into the water and so forty times. In the beginning, they read the "Our Father".A cup of water is held overhead, then moved to various organs: the heart, lung, liver, etc., pour wax and read the plot. Repeat sessions as you feel.

    To prayers and conspiracies from spoiling, you can add prayers of other content if necessary.

    Prayer for pacification of warring

    ( about the multiplication of love).

    "Vladyko the Man-loving, the King of Ages, and . To the Giver of the good and destitute mediastinities and the world that gave birth to the human race, grant peace to your slaves now, your fear is entrenched in them, and love affirmed to them, and love affirmed to each other: quench all dissension,, temptations. For thou art our peace, and we give glory to thee, to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen".

    Prayer about aching

    "Lord Almighty. The Holy King, instructing and not killing, supporting the falling and restoring the overthrown, healing the bodily human suffering! We pray to You, our God.

    visit your mercy sufferings of the infirmity of your servant( name), forgive him for all his free and involuntary sin. Lord, send him from heaven your healing power, touch his body, quench the heat in him, stop the suffering and heal the infirmity in him;be thy physician's servant( name) and lift him from the bed of sickness, from the bed of suffering whole and perfectly healthy, make him a beneficent of your church and fulfilling your will. For it is in your power to pardon and save us, our God, and to You we send glory to the Father and to the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever, and for ever and ever. Amen".

    Conspiracy from the yearning of

    "Come out, bless, go, cross the door of the door, from the gate into the gate under the clear sky, under the clean stars, under the clear sun, under the moon, under the whole chariot of God;I'll go straight to the blue sea, I'll come closer, I'll bow lower;you, the blue sea, in my heart a stone - singing, roots, yellow sands, steep banks. Wash me sad, sorrow, grief, Mother of God Most Holy Theotokos. Wash the whole disease and help, Lord.

    Receive, O Lord, my prayer and bless.

    Glory to You, Lord.

    In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

    Prayer to Jesus Christ for deliverance from spoiling

    "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, protect us with Your holy Angels and prayers. The Most Blessed Lady of our Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary, by the power of the Honorable and Life-giving Cross, the holy Archangel Michael and other Celestial Powers of the bodiless, holy prophet and Forerunner of the Lord's Baptist John the Divine, Cyprian and the martyr of Justina, St. Nicholas, Archbishop Myra the Lycian Miracle-worker, St. Nikita of Novgorod, St. Sergius and Nikon, Hegumen of Radon, St. Seraphim of Sarovoh, miracle worker, the holy martyrs of the Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia, the saints and the righteous Goddess of Joachim and Anna and all your saints, help us unworthy( name), deliver us from all slander of enemies, from all evil, sorcery,

    magic, sorcery and crafty people, may they not be able to cause us any evil.

    O Lord, by Thy Light Shine keep us in the morning, on the day, on the evening, on the dream coming and by the power of Your Grace, turn away and remove all evil wickedness, acting at the instigation of the devil. Whoever thought and did, return their evil back to the fullness, for Thine is the Kingdom and Power and Glory of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen".

    Prayer can be used as the main option.

    Note: all conspiracies that are basic are read three times.

    From beshihi and erysipelas

    I. "Our Father".

    "Mother of Christ was walking, her three brothers met her, began to torture:" Where are you going, Christ's Mother? "I'm going beshihu and face whisper from the servant of God( name) born, baptized, prayerful, communed. Besikh and rye scrappy, plump, blistering, purulent, windy, watery, thoughtful, set, falling: I do not pronounce it myself, I call the Lord God to help, twelve angels and apostles. Amen, Amen, Amen. "

    Read nine times, baptize and trail a sore spot.

    II."Our Father".

    "The mug-rozhshche, beshiha-beshishche, flew the eagle, sat on the biscuit, wings waved, paws tore. Here you do not have to, do not break yellow bones, do not drink red blood, do not dry the white body, do not torment your zealous heart, do not break violent head.

    Have mercy and preserve, Lord, servant of God( name), pray to God( list the saints). "

    Read nine times, a red patch around a sore spot.

    From barley to to eye

    The order is read "Our Father", a plot: "Barley, barley, you have a cookie for yourself, buy yourself a hatchet, cut yourself off" and pray to the Mother of God: "Mother of God, Virgo, rejoice, BlessedMary, the Lord is with thee. Blessed is the fruit of your body, for it has delivered all our souls, too. "

    Here, the feces are formed from the fingers and pressed and crushed by a sore spot. Read and squeeze nine times.

    From a thorn in the eye

    "Our Father".

    "Saint Yegory was riding on a white horse. Behind him ran three dogs. One dog licks the dawn, the second moon, the third with the eyes of the thorn. Saint Yegory, take your holy spear from the eyes of the thorn in the servant of God, born, baptized, prayerful( name).Amen, Amen, Amen. "

    It is read three times, to trail a thorn and to baptize.

    This conspiracy can be used to treat animals. Thus it is necessary to say: born, blessed and called a suit.

    From chiria

    "Our Father".

    "Come out, the pain, from the white body, with red blood, from the yellow bone."

    Read nine times, tracing a sore spot and baptizing. At the end, spit three times.

    Focal inflammation under the mouse "bitch udder" is treated similarly, reading only "Our Father" nine times.