• Treatment with prayers and conspiracies

    It used to be that conspiracies have a great power, which can not be awakened without extreme necessity, so as not to draw trouble.

    There is a certain rule for casting conspiracies. Early in the morning on an empty stomach, go to the open field, wash with morning dew or spring water, bow to the ground on all four sides, then turn to face the rising sun, cross himself, say three times one of the most important prayers, "Our Father" or "", Then start a conspiracy. If a person is at home, then he must look in the afternoon - to the east, in the evening - to the west, and the room in which he is, you need to ventilate before it. The words of the conspiracy can be pronounced loudly or silently, but necessarily with sincerity, with feeling, distinctly, slowly, without crushing words and without stammering.

    Healers who practice with conspiracy always begin with the main prayer of the Christian religion "Our Father":

    "Our Father, Who art in heaven!"Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, as in no-devils and on earth. Give us this day our daily bread;and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for yours is the kingdom and power and glory for ever. Amen".

    Healing with prayers, conspiracies and the belief of is possible for any illnesses. Many healers before and after the conspiracy use the famous prayer "Alive in help":

    "Alive in the help of the Most High, in the shelter of the God of heaven sets himself, saith to the Lord:" You are my advocate and my refuge, my God, and I rely on Him. "Yako Toi will save thee from the snare net and from rebellion is rebellious: he shines with his plumage, and you hope under his krill: the truth will be his weapon. Do not be afraid of the fear of noscnag, from the fire of the flying in the days, from the thing in the darkness passing away, from the mess and the demon of the noonday. A thousand shall fall from your land, and darkness will be at your right hand, but it will not come near to you. Obakach eyes Your eyes and the recompense of the sinners are seen. For thou, LORD, my hope: Thou art your refuge. Evil will not come to you, and the wound will not draw near to your tele: for by your Angel you will be guilty of it, keeping it in all your ways. On hands will take thee, but once stumble thy foot against the stone: upon the aspid and basilisk step, and cross the lion and the serpent. Yako on Me of the catch, and I will deliver, and cover, and, for I know My name. He will call to Me, and I will hear him;With him I am in grief, I will wear him out: I will fulfill his long days and show him my salvation. "


    "Lord God, bless! In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen. As the Lord God, the sky and earth, water and stars, and the raw mother earth firmly established and firmly consolidated, and as on that mother the damp earth has no illness, no bloody wound, no plaits, no aches, no swelling - so wouldThe Lord and me, the servant of God, firmly established and firmly strengthened my veins, and my bones, and my white body;so would I, the Servant of God And, was not on the white body, on the zealous heart, or on my bones, no disease, no blood, no wound, no plaits, no aches, no swelling. There is only an archangel key, for ever and ever, amen. "


    "I, the servant of God And I, talking, from twelve mournful ailments: from shaking, from fire, from stabbing, from jerking, from blinking, from blindness, from deafness, from blackness. You, wicked shaky, quit, or I'll curse you in Tar-tarar;you, restless prick, stop, or else I will send you to the underworld of the earth;you, run away, stop, or I'll drown you in hot water;you, shooting, be still, or else I'll fix you in a boiling tar;you, firebird, cool down, or else I will freeze you by Epiphany frosts;you, hunk, squeeze, or I will break you against a stone;you, prick, blunt, or I'll cut you into small pieces;you, jerking, come back, or else I'll lock up the water dam at the mill;you, blink, be surrounded, or else I will dry you in the oven with a bath;you, blindness, crouch, or not drown you in the tar;you, deafness, disappear, or else I'll pitch into the barrel and let it go along the Sea;you, black

    helpless, get off, or I'll make the water squander. All the ailments, piss off, get out, move away from the servant of God And, to this hour, to this day, in his life, by my strong word. "

    Calling to cure all kinds of diseases.

    "Through Christ, with Christ and in Christ. To you, omnipotent Father, with the Holy Spirit, all honor and glory! By the saving instructions and the divine institution directed, we dare to say: "Our Father, who art in heaven. .., etc.( prayer) Amen.

    Jesus, the omnipotence of the Father and the perfection of the Holy Spirit, may this wound be healed from all evil. Amen. Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ! I believe that at night, after you washed the feet of your disciples, you took bread with your holy hands and blessed and broke it and gave it to your apostles, "Take and eat, for this is my body"You took the goblet in your purest hands and, having tasted it, handed it to them, saying to them: "Take and drink, for here is my New Covenant's blood poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins, and every time you create it, create in My remembrance".I pray Thee, Lord Jesus Christ, that through this most holy word, through the merit of Your disciples and in the name of Your most holy deed, this wound was healed, this is evil. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

    We must utter this calling for three days in a row, certainly at the same hour, after which we pray earnestly.

    Conspiracy against hemorrhoids.

    To get rid of gemmoroya, you need to say a prayer: "God was born on Christmas Eve, at midnight;God is dead;God has risen;God commanded that the blood should stop, that the ulcer should close, that the pain should pass and that it should not turn into pus or smell or rotting body, like the five plagues of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ was born, died and rose again. "

    These last words are repeated three times, and at each blow on the wound crosswise, pronouncing the name of the patient, and add:

    "God healed you;May it be so".

    Appoints after that reading the prayer for nine days, on an empty stomach, in honor of the five plagues of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Conspiracy from a childhood hernia.

    The midwife sends a sentence: "Grandma Solomo-nidushka at the Blessed Virgin Mary hernia began to talk( or zaedala) with copper cheeks, iron teeth, so I talk with the servant of God I."

    In defense of evil spirits or devils.

    Talk to the wax and stick to the cross from your enemies.

    "Sign, the servant of God( name of the rivers), the life-giving cross - right and left, front and back. The cross is on me, the servant of God( the name of the rivers), the cross in front of me, the cross behind me, the cross - the devil and all the enemies are victorious.

    Let the devils flee, all the power of enemies from me, the servant of God( the name of the rivers), seeing, as lightning, a scorching power. Near me is Christ and all the power of heaven: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael, archangels and angels, beginnings, authorities, thrones. The Lord's strength and invincible terrible seraphim, and the holy Angels are guardians, devoted to observance of the soul and body to me from holy baptism. And far from me with his dark power is and with all the people was banished, the third hundred and sixties became angels of God. Prayer for the sake of Your Most Pure Mother, Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me the sinful servant of yours( the name of the rivers) - always, now, and forever, and forever and ever, amen. "

    Before the conspiracy, you can say the following prayer:

    "Nicholas, the sainthood of God, the helper of God. You are in the field, you are in the house, on the road and on the road, in heaven and on earth: stop and save from all evil. "

    The plague of scrofula. Take lean oil if the patient was born into a fast, and cow, if he was born into a meat-eater;above this oil, the healer reads the next three times, and then rubs them a sore spot.

    "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."I will dissuade myself, the servant of God( the name of the rivers) from the servant of God( the name of the rivers).Red beauty, a white Belavitsa, a black garment, do not burn, do not fall down my white body, red meat! Come out from all bones, from veins, from the brains, from the joints and from the whole retrograde heart. To this, it never happened. "

    Conspiracy to stop bleeding. Circle the wound three times with the index finger and say:

    "Stand on a stone, the blood will not sink;stand on iron, blood will not climb;get up on the sand, blood does not flow. "

    Prayers from all evils

    "Angel of God, my holy Keeper! Given to me from God from heaven to be guarded, I ask You diligently: You are today with me, and save me from all evil, teach me a good deed and lead me to the path of salvation "(Repeat three times).

    "Lord, I believe and acknowledge before all that you truly are the Son of the Living God, come into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the first. And yet I believe that this is your most pure Body and this is your precious blood. Therefore, I ask You to have mercy on me and forgive me of my sins, free and involuntary, which I committed by word or deed, either intentionally or through ignorance, and without any condemnation merit me to partake of Your most pure Secrets for the forgiveness of sins and for receiving eternal life.(Three times to repeat before communion) Amen. "

    From fright and disease as a result of his

    Pronounce three times in the morning at sunrise and in the evening at his sunset).

    "Holy water, the whole world helper. On pebbles ran, pebbles washed,( name) of the help gave. The holy water of the whole world helper ran along the sand, sand washed,( name) gave help. The Holy Voditsa of the whole world, a helper along the dewdrop, fled, dewdroped, doted,( name) of help.

    I wash out from clear eyes, from black brows, from Kostikov, from a nouse, from a stomach. Do not walk over the bone, do not bleed the blood, do not rest your heart, sit on the sand like the Lord on the armchair.

    Amen! "

    From a toothache

    ( Go out into the street, bow low and talk three times, looking at the month).

    "Young woman, youngster, youngster, you have a golden horn. Were you in the next world? Have you seen the name of the deceased relative? Does his teeth hurt? Suppose that the servant of God( name) also does not hurt his teeth. For ever and ever.

    Amen! "

    From the sore throat

    There are several different treatment options for

    angina, as well as there are many conspiracies and prayers for the treatment of other diseases

    I." The first time, Lord's hour, the second time, God's hour. "Third time, Lord's Hour. "" Our Father "and further:

    " You do not have to be here, do not drink red blood, do not bite white bone, do not give tumors to the servant of God. "Go where the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow."

    Read three times, stroking and suppressing the inflamed places with fingers.

    Beginning second"

    Second Time, Lord's Hour,

    Third Time, God's Hour."

    II. "Our Father."

    "In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." Amen.

    Lord, cometo help the servant of God( or baby, name) Mother of God Most Holy Theotokos, come to the rescue, help the servant of God( name) begotten, baptized, prayerful, communicated Nicholas the Sinner, come to the rescue, help your holy spirit Tikhvin Mother of God. Help, Lord, consolation all pains last time, a bright hour - a holy hour helps, removes sore throat. "

    Read three times, also stroking and suppressing the sore spot.

    III. "Our Father".

    "Glands( name) are conspired, tonsils are uttered from fire, from unclean force: not to be to you in a white body, red blood, in a zealous heart, in a wild head. Where the smoke flies, go to this sore. Amen".

    The patient is put in the stove, if there is not one, they make a bonfire. When reading the conspiracy, the paper is lit and circled around the face.