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    One of the most famous Israeli doctors of naturopaths, M. Goren, writes in his book "The Path to Health and Longevity" that there is a people on earth who can be said to be completely unaware of the disease. These are hunza. This people numbering only fifteen thousand people lives between Tibet, China, Pamir and Afghanistan.

    These people live in a mountainous area, almost completely devoid of fertile soil. But each piece of land there is under fruit trees, and every inch of the land is taken for vegetables and potatoes.

    There's no forest. Fire in the foci of the hunza is supported by dry branches and leaves. Wash and wash only with cold water. There is not enough food. In the winter months people lead a "vegetative" way of life, feeding on scanty cereal reserves( directly in grains) and dried apricots, and when spring comes, people go to the forage, collect herbs and vegetables.

    During the eight to nine warm months of the year, the Hunza live in the open air. All representatives of this people have enviable health, while those living in fertile valleys, in much more favorable conditions, do not have such health.

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    The whole reason is nutrition, poor, but full and natural, without harmful impurities. There are few calories in food, but it fully corresponds to the physiological requirements of the body, because two aspects are important for excellent health: there is little need, only in accordance with the needs of the body, but the food must be full, benign and easily digestible.

    Doctors, who examined this people, did not encounter among them neither infectious diseases, nor rheumatic, nor spoiled teeth, nor mental illnesses. Even in old age, they did not encounter any diseases, which we take as "norm".

    Doctors were convinced that only food is the cause of the amazing health of this small nation.

    Hunza very little eat meat and drink very little milk. They receive proteins mainly from wheat and barley( they eat the whole grain of these cereals), from bread made from the same cereals, always with an admixture of bran. These grains and their husks contain proteins, calcium and mineral salts. Hunza eat potatoes with husk, which contains proteins and valuable mineral salts. Hungs eat beans. But for them, fruit is the main element of nutrition. They eat whole apricots, including peel, bones and droplets of oil, which are contained in bones. In addition, they eat any greens that they can get, including grass.

    These people are very poor, they do not eat much, they almost starve during the winter months and are still quite healthy. It is possible to replace the words "and yet" with the words "and therefore. .." It is through diet and almost starvation for a fairly long period that many diseases can be avoided.

    Dr. M. Goren concludes that the human body requires a "balanced" diet. This means that the absence of any one element must be replenished by some other, so that the balance is not disturbed.

    What should I do for healthy and delicious food? Dr. M. Goren asks, and answers: in order to achieve proper nutrition, six basic conditions must be observed.

    1. You need to get only the necessary amount of food( do not overeat).

    2. In the food, the balance between

    proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be observed( usually there is a surplus of proteins in our food).

    3. It is necessary to drink the required amount of liquid.

    4. Vegetables should be included in the food together with those parts that contain mineral salts and vitamins( peel, bran, seeds).

    5. The diet should contain a maximum of vitamins and mineral salts.

    6. Vegetable products must be obtained from fertile soils, in which there are all natural elements, and not with impoverished intensified exploitation of soils.

    Dr. M. Goren identifies the main enemies of human health. Enemy number one - constipation, which happens from improper nutrition. The cause of constipation lies in the decay of animal proteins, which occurs in the intestines during digestion of food. A constipation can be defeated only by a radical change in diet, that is, by adding fiber to the diet, such as bread with bran, raw vegetables and fruits with the addition of curdled milk and fruit juices.

    Enemy number two, according to Dr. M. Goren, is uric acid. This is an excessive and painful accumulation of uric acid in the human body. Excess uric acid is often observed in stomach ulcers, certain skin diseases and cancer.

    Uric acid is produced by foods rich in proteins, especially meat and fish, but it becomes dangerous only when these foods are consumed incorrectly, that is, without the addition of vegetables and fruits that create a nutritional balance of the body.

    Even more toxic than meat, fish, eggs, says Dr. M. Goren, tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate. They contain xanthine, which in the body turns into uric acid.

    Instead of tea, cocoa, coffee, chocolate, Dr. M. Goren recommends the use of floral tea, which includes mint, St. John's wort, sage, dog rose, etc.

    Enemy number three is sugar. And according to many doctors, sugar takes even the second place among the enemies of our health.

    In the refining process, the basic mineral salts are removed from sugar, just like in the processing of wheat and rice. With the increase in sugar consumption, the lack of basic mineral salts in our food balance is increasing. And this lack leads to a violation of the balance of calcium in our body. A large intake of sugar - one of the factors associated with a lack of calcium. Hence the conclusion: if you want to be healthy, stop eating sweets.

    Enemy number four - drugs-poisons, tobacco, alcohol. Yes, our enemy is an ordinary "harmless" medicine, with which many saturate their body. And for many people the enemy is table salt.

    To be healthy, you need to give up altogether or reduce to a minimum the intake of these substances.

    The author of the well-known system of natural health improvement of the organism GS Shatalov asserts that the basis of health is a curative food, and the treatment of all chronic diseases must begin with the normalization of the work of the gastrointestinal tract. But then she claims that with the help of external influence the human body can not be brought into a state of complete and stable health for a long time. Only man himself, having mastered the amount of necessary knowledge, is able to bring his body into a state of perfect health.

    And she gives an example of how a group of people in a mountain camp under her guidance used the recipes of medicinal nutrition. They abandoned fish, meat, salt, sugar, yeast bread, pasta and confectionery. All this replaced salads from wild herbs, dishes from vegetables, cereals, cooked with minimal heat treatment. A few days later, people entered a state of complete health, they returned to intuitive thinking, the joy of creativity, inspiration. They began to write poetry, draw, sing. Literally before our eyes, people were transformed, they became cheerful, benevolent, with a wonderful mood.

    The school of the famous Pythagoras managed to carry through the millennia up to now the spiritual basis of the moderation of nutrition. Pythagoras himself ate vegetables, hitting everyone with his physical strength.

    Pythagorean apprentice Plato wrote: "Here is a man praying for health and good old age: however, huge dishes and bulky stuffed with meat dishes prevent the Gods from fulfilling his prayers - Jupiter is powerless here."

    That is why the sacred religious books from olden times protected people from excesses in the use of food. Virtually all religions, taking care of the purity of the spirit and the body of man, prescribe to him fasting unloading days and weeks( Christians - 200 days fasting in the year!).

    Hygienist-dietician KS Petrovsky in his book "Food Hygiene" reports that in some sausage varieties, so-called "conditionally fit" meat is used. It turns out that such an exquisite term denotes the meat of animals infected with foot-and-mouth disease, brucellosis, etc. But it undergoes such heat treatment that all microbes and larvae die, and the meat becomes useless for the organism, losing all the properties of the natural product. Add some more dyes added to sausages, synthetic spices, preservatives, starchy supplements that are not at all compatible with meat products, and you get a truly whole collection of substances harmful to human health. Eating these foods, we choose the shortest path to disease and premature death.

    Health food is built on the principle of seasonality: spring is the time of herbs, summer is the time of fruits and summer vegetables, autumn is the realm of autumn vegetables and fruits. And only in winter, preference should be given to cereals and cereals. Pasta, white peeled flour, polished skinless rice does not represent any nutritional value. Throw away from your family budget the cost of meat, sausages, sausage, cheese, butter, milk and calculate how much you will spend a month on vegetables, fruits, juices, cereals, and make sure that you need no more money, if not less. But the main gain is health. You will forget the way to the polyclinics and hospitals, stop spreading a lot of money for medicines.

    Health food can be extremely cheap, given the fact that a person is perfectly able to manage low-calorie and low-protein food even with prolonged and heavy physical exertion. But to achieve this, he must be intelligent and spiritually enriched, and the food he consumes must preserve natural biological properties.

    The choice of products with a healthy diet.

    The amount of salt should not exceed the natural requirements of the body, that is, no more than 2 grams per day.

    We must abandon dairy products. Milk is a valuable food in the infancy period. By three years of life, people should switch to the mode of species nutrition.

    Sugar is empty calories. He introduces chaos into the work of the pancreas and other elements of the carbohydrate metabolism system. If you want to be healthy, forget about cakes, cakes, rich and high-calorie buns, pies with jam and other products alien to the nature of man.

    Fatty foods should be avoided, since fat adversely affects the digestion process, enveloping the gastric mucosa with fatty film.

    These are the main principles of healing nutrition according to Shatalova.

    Next, it pays special attention to the culinary processing of products. Heat treatment should be minimal. Frying pans when switching to a specific food should be removed, she advises, further away, as when frying with oils the temperature of the oil reaches 250 ° C, resulting in the production of poisons and tear gases. The shorter the heat treatment time, the higher the nutritional value of the product.

    Never reheat cold food. Longevity and healthy people prepare as much food as it will need for a single dose.

    Never cook food in pressure cookers. In these saucepots, the temperature rises above 100 ° C, which adversely affects the quality of the food.

    Never put in a pan at the same time products such as cereals, carrots and dill greens.

    Rules of food intake.

    Food is much better digested and digested if it does not differ in variety.

    Do not take water or drinks during meals, because water dilutes the gastric juice and makes digestion difficult.

    J. Ozawa, one of the best healers in Europe and North America, sought to cure diseases with proper nutrition. He taught me how to thoroughly chew food. A healthy person should chew it 50 times, a sick person - 100 times. It is in the mouth that conditions are created for the proper digestion of food. Without careful wetting of food with saliva, it is poorly digested. Knowingly yoga sov-chew even water.

    The role of nutrition in human life according to Oganyan

    Overeating is more harmful than malnutrition, and is a consequence of slagging of the body.

    Plants in their proteins, fats and carbohydrates contain solar energy.

    Digestion is wrong if a person eats animal, boiled and mixed foods.

    We can not use solar energy directly. We use not the thermal, but the chemical and photochemical energy of plants. Receiving energy directly from plants, we acquire energy an order of magnitude higher than the energy taken from animals that have eaten plants before us.

    Live or raw vegetable food contains mineral ions, microelements, organic acids, vitamins and other compounds. In boiled food, ionized mineral substances precipitate. Calcium ions, for example, without which the heart can not work, precipitate in the form of calcium salts. As a result, hemorrhoids, polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, etc. develop. Cooked food loses vitamins, leaches and becomes fresh, so it needs the addition of salt and spices.

    When cooking, three product structures disintegrate: quaternary, tertiary and secondary, carrying biological energy. There remains a dead primary amino acid chain, which again must be given the energy of the Sun. We do this by spending and reducing the energy of our muscles, and thus under very adverse conditions we are very quickly exposed to diseases.

    When we eat boiled food, we throw out the currency - solar energy. Our energy potential is declining. This is very costly for the state and us.

    Diseases are closely related to the quality of food. Eating animal products, we inject into the body a lot of toxic substances. In addition, micronutrients formed during the thermal processing of food, getting into the body, are not excreted, but settle in tissues in the form of various salts.

    Milk can not be mixed with anything. Milk is food, not drink.

    Berries with milk do not combine even more than bread and milk.

    Instead of a sharp stimulant of coffee, there are better soft stimulants - fruits, greens, cucumbers, watermelon. Coffee is a poisonous plant. Like tea, coffee is a source of uric acid. It is better to drink mint infusion, thyme, oregano. ..

    Vegetables are combined with acidic dairy products. It is known that it is better to ferment cabbage with sour milk.

    Meat source of vitamin B12 When a person does not eat meat, his own microflora of his intestine can produce this vitamin. That's why when switching to raw vegetable food you can not eat yeast bread. The thermophilic yeast on which bread is baked suppresses the intestinal flora, and we can get anemia. The village hop yeast does not suppress the intestinal flora, and it is quite possible to replace them with baking bread thermophilic yeast. It is not necessary to bake bread. You can mix flour with flour( from the crushed whole grains), diluted with hot water. It turns out flour jelly - a valuable protein product.

    Hercules is a completely killed food. It is better to use raw barley and oats.

    Kashi with dried fruits do not combine. Honey and nuts are not compatible. Nuts are better combined with vegetables or with sour fruits.

    Potatoes are better than meat, eggs, but it should be eaten a little. Eggplants and potatoes should be cooked better.

    Eggs are the same meat. If you really want to eat, it is better to use a raw yolk. It contains a lot of vitamins, lecithin. A raw protein is a terrible poison.

    Meat with bread is an unacceptable mixture. Bread can be eaten no earlier than an hour after eating meat.

    Do not get carried away with curd, milk and yogurt.

    Egg, meat and fish are poisonous foods.

    Apple cider vinegar, recommended by Jarvis, is very useful.

    It is better not to use Soda at all. But instead of yeast it can be mixed with curdled milk and grain when baking bread. Prostokvasha neutralizes soda.

    Juices are useful, especially fresh. But the juices do not need to be frozen in order not to disturb their structure.

    Honey can be eaten in small amounts( 1 - 2 teaspoons), without combining anything and only on a hungry-stomach.

    All proteins are very toxic. Proteins of fungi are inadequate to human proteins.

    The raisin is the best - black raisins with bones. Bones must be chewed. The chewed bones dissolve. They will not have appendicitis. Appendicitis originates from products of putrefaction of meat food.

    Fermentation occurs from wine. Wine lowers the energy of the body. It is better to eat grapes, raisins, at the very least - to drink grape juice. Of canned juices it is the best. Alcohol is a toxin, a poison! With the use of meat, cravings for alcohol, smoking, and morphia are created. Meat is the mother of all addictions.

    I. Akimushkin in the book "The Miracle of Nature" described parrots who were not aggressive while they were fed on vegetarian food. As soon as they were fed with the scum of sheep breeding, they turned into predators.

    The Hunza tribe, for example, living in a mountainous area in the north of Pakistan, eats mainly apricots, sprouted grain and sheep's cheese in small quantities. The kernels of apricots are sweet and contain a very valuable oil. The Hunza tribe has an amazing clarity of mind, the average life expectancy is 120 years.

    Legumes cause great decay, because their proteins are concentrated. The most valuable proteins are found in the green leaves of plants.

    When choosing food, it is necessary to take into account the combination of solid and liquid in a human cell.

    Onions and garlic are needed to get rid of rotting as a result of improper nutrition.

    It is not necessary to prepare pasteurized and other canned goods for the winter, even if they are from plant products. It is best to provide yourself with a variety of dried fruits, and the structured water that has left them is filled with fermented whey. Properly dry fruit is not relying on the sun, but in the shade.

    Children must be fed with breast milk until the year, and from 6 months and earlier give fruit and vegetable juices: carrot, orange, apple, apricot, grape, lemon, tomato, pomegranate.

    Do not give the children meat and cereal. Meat causes rot in the stomach.

    Do not make children eat what they do not want. Their intuition is not drowned out in the same way as in adults.

    I can not wash food with water. Otherwise, digestion slows down, the products are fermented.

    Sweet tea is very harmful. It causes a slowdown in digestion and fermentation.

    The temperature of the drinking water must be at room temperature. Drink more raw water. Hot water is not needed. And the cold is not as harmful as it seems. It is better to freeze water before drinking, and then thaw. Do not drink distilled water. It can be used on the eve of fasting, as it flushes the slag.

    Daytime power mode can be represented as follows.

    If you get up at 5 - 6 o'clock, have breakfast at 11 o'clock. Remember the covenant of the ancients: do not mix food with day work. The body's energy is split in several channels, and overloading with food during work gives a state of stress.

    At 16 - 17 o'clock lunch with baked potatoes, vegetable salad, you can add sunflower seeds and any nuts to the salad. Peanuts do not eat, as it contains many toxic substances and does not apply to nuts.

    Dinner with this schedule can be timed to 19 hours. The third meal, when the main work is already finished, has the right to be more protein and saturated than breakfast and lunch. For dinner, eat porridge, cottage cheese with vegetables, bread and butter, yogurt, herbs, nuts.

    In ancient Babylon and Greece people ate once a day - in the evening after work.

    For gases and other signs of indigestion it is useful to starve for 3 days each month.

    Meat, coffee, tea - provocateurs of accumulation of uric acid, manifested in migraine, periodontitis, polyarthritis. Uric acid destroys the cytoplasm of cells and causes diabetes, thyroid diseases, etc.

    In many illnesses, people are prescribed medications, but it must be transferred to proper nutrition, and the disease often recedes.

    Raw vegetable food cures many diseases. For example, leanness is also a disease, a consequence of intoxication of the body. In this case, vegetables and nuts help greatly.

    The most useful movements are walking and swimming. Our skin should be washed twice a day. It should be remembered that the shower takes away bioenergetics, and from this point of view the bath is more useful.

    A few words about the combination of food.

    The protein substrate corresponds to one enzyme, and the carbohydrate substrate is another, and it is unacceptable to combine proteins with carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are digested mainly in the alkaline environment of the intestine, and proteins - in the acidic environment of the stomach. If you mix both, you get fermentation, bloating, indigestion.

    Fruits can not be eaten with bread. Bread is starch, which requires a lot of time to split. After bread and cheese, you can not eat fruit. Fruits should be eaten half an hour before meals and on an empty stomach.

    Bread is better not with cheese, but with butter, and even better to use separately from each other, because the protein of cheese is equated to animal protein and digested more difficult and in a different environment than bread. The consequence of such incorrect combinations is colitis and hemorrhoids.

    Do not eat boiled food three times a day, do not abuse immune reactions! And from animal proteins refuse completely or reduce their use to a minimum.

    The person is not carnivorous and has not come from predators, whose stomach is adapted to digest animal proteins.

    Conclusions and conclusion.

    Metabolism depends on metabolism( a metabolism is a set of chemical reactions).You can not change it without changing the quality of the source products.

    Food should be scientifically justified, but not scientifically prepared, i.e., artificially processed with loss of bioenergy.

    When cooking, the product leaves structured water - the solvent of proteins and other cytoplasmic colloids.

    The water of raw products has the structure of a dodecahedron, the structure of a protein. In its absence, the food becomes concentrated. As a result, the ohmic pressure rises, thirst appears. This is a sign of intoxication, and therefore one must satisfy one's thirst.

    Water, which retained the crystal lattice of ice, is a biostimulator. It even heals atherosclerosis.

    The structure of protoplasm and ice is organized similarly. To drink destructuated boiled water means to spend your energy on its repeated organization in the body.

    Salt Diet

    MD Max Gerzon claims that the need for salt is a habit of our taste buds, ingrained since childhood. There are tribes that do not consume salt at all. There are tribes that, after the first consumption of salt, were poisoned. It is known that the great apes do not show any need for salt.

    Obviously, the fact of an increase in cancer is associated with an increase in salt intake, says Dr. Max Gerzon.

    Excretion of salt from the body does not cure various diseases, but is an important underlying factor in the diet. Restriction of salt intake, fasting, fasting, refusal of food - is undoubtedly useful for acute illnesses.

    According to the researcher Meyer, "unbalanced salt intake becomes a source of metabolic disorders in the cell," which leads to illness.

    The experience of therapy showed us, says M. Gerson, that a salt-free diet and detoxification reduce the sodium, chlorine and water content in the entire body, this way eliminates swelling at the same time as electronegative potentials decrease. Due to this, negatively charged elements of the iodine group are activated. These changes, apparently, translate metabolic processes in cancer cells to a higher level. From his point of view, the exchange of minerals, undoubtedly associated with many other healing processes, plays a decisive role in killing cancer cells. Cancer cells can only produce enzymes, so they can not adapt to the described abrupt changes - they are destroyed and perish.

    The internal cause of cancer should be sought in liver intoxication. In fact, cancer is a disease of the liver, an organ that has recently been called the "balance wheel of life", it has more or less concentrated all the functions of metabolism. The liver can pathologically affect other organs, poison and destroy them.

    The main task of the salt-free diet is to remove accumulated sodium, chlorine, water together with toxins and poisons from the tissues of the whole body from the body.

    "All poisons and other substances difficult to remove from the body are stimulants for diseased tissues, especially liver and kidney tissues

    Nutrition culture

    1. We must always remember that our health is based on four" whales "- proper nutrition, physicalexercise, right breathing, biological purity within the body

    2. The bran-cleansed flour from which the bread is baked leads to diabetes, the most nutritious in the cereals is the peel, it is eliminated and fed to the animal. And who adds aspirin to the conscan lead to kidney disease

    3. To maintain health, it is first necessary to remove from the body the slag that has accumulated over many years from malnutrition and a combination of products, as described in the section "Cleansing the body."

    4. Basicthe task is to organize a separate use of food. For each person, a diet should be developed separately in accordance with its features of body development, age, and diseases. With the right combination of foods( proteins, fats and carbohydrates), it is possible not to load the intestines with your own waste, and the blood is not constantly poisoned with toxins.

    5. Overeating, well-fed dinners, and especially late dinners can disable the pancreas. The use of adult dairy products also affects negatively, as adults do not have enzymes for splitting milk, and it turns into the intestines into casein, a very strong adhesive used for gluing furniture.

    6. As already mentioned earlier, meat, fish, broths, eggs, eggplant, mushrooms, beans, beans, nuts, seeds are not compatible with sugar, compote, jam, potatoes, honey. Melon and dairy products are incompatible with anything.

    7. Great Hippocrates claimed that a person is born almost always healthy, and all illnesses come to him through the mouth with food.

    8. The main human problem - confusion in nutrition, the wrong combination of products, the use of incompatible components. In fact the stomach allocates for the separate product the ferment. With mixtures of products from five, six, ten components, a heterogeneous mass of products is obtained, which can cause poisoning of the body. What often happens. Remember, after an abundance of feasts always feel bad, sometimes vomiting, headaches. These toxins have entered the bloodstream and cause the body to react.

    Christianity through the introduction of posts( before they were very strict), carnivores, carnivals slightly removed this mess in the diet. At present, few people follow fasts, and therefore few healthy people.

    9. Another of our troubles is geographical confusion in the use of products. Previously, they ate foods grown in their area. Now we are brought from different geographical areas, from different climatic zones. With the use of such products in the body, a malfunction occurs. Nothing but harm, they do not bring. There is a need for your local, natural, adapted by many generations to the body food. At the same time, it is necessary to combine vegetable and boiled food.

    10. It is known that any matter has a biological clock, so stopping these watches makes the product dead. The most useful "live" product( parsley from the garden, plum tree, apple just ripped off).If the product is stored for a long time, its biological clock has stopped, and the value of such nutrition has decreased. That is why canning, freezing, strong heating and drying spoil the foods.

    11. Milk is part of the blood of a cow, so mixing the milk of one cow with another means milking the milk. Mixed milk very quickly deteriorates, its biological value is very small.

    12. Three thousand wild herbs, shoots, plants are still not used for food. It is necessary to expand the menu at the expense of the range of wild-growing plants, cultivate them culturally, use useful plants in nutrition, but for this you need to know their properties.

    13. We must abandon overseas tea, almost always a burned substitute, brought from another climatic zone. The best tea is local, from mint, oregano, St. John's wort, calendula, wormwood, strawberry leaves, currant, blackberry grown in our conditions, magnolia vine, sea buckthorn, yarrow and others. With the skillful and proper combination of herbs, no disease will stick. After all, we literally go for medicines, and every time we go to a pharmacy with a malaise.

    14. It is necessary to revive the production of tea from local raw materials, revive skilfully, scientifically, for each age group of people, with the definition of a diagnostic way of the disease - their own food and separate tea.

    15. The healthiest people are those who feed on the original, simple, local food, and not brought from behind the sea.

    The health of each of us, and therefore of the whole people, of the whole state, depends on the proper nutrition, way of life, mental state.