• The best diets

    Now it is not fashionable to exhaust yourself with hunger and constantly count calories. But what if you want to lose weight? Instead of strictly adhering to one diet, you can choose the best options from different and try them on yourself.

    Cleansing Diet( detox)

    What is it? Mainly, this system means the rejection of dairy products, sugar, chocolate, eggs, wheat, meat and fish, caffeine and alcohol. Instead, it is proposed to eat unpolished rice, fruits and vegetables, and instead of coffee to drink water and herbal teas. How it works. Toxins accumulate in the body, and this causes a feeling of fatigue, digestive problems, weight gain and deterioration of the skin and hair. Cleansing the body of toxins, we help ourselves to cope with cellulite, maintain weight in a normal way, accelerate metabolism and improve the skin condition. The more toxins in your body, experts say, the harder it will be for you to fight overweight. If you know that you abuse any product, be it wine, chocolate, coffee, try to give it up for a week. When you return to your favorite food, it is likely that it will not be difficult for you to reduce the portion.

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    Separate power supply

    What is it? Following this diet, it is necessary that the amount of foods that increase the level of alkali in the blood( vegetables, salads, most fruits, milk) in the diet is 4 times the mass of food that increases the acidity of gastric juice( all animal proteins, most types of nuts, all carbohydratesand citrus fruits).Try not to eat together proteins and carbohydrates - a sandwich with a salad is preferable to a sandwich with cheese. How it works. The theory is that proteins and carbohydrates can not be simultaneously processed by the body, since for their digestion different conditions are required - an acidic environment for proteins and alkaline for carbohydrates. Eaten together proteins and carbohydrates, instead of being absorbed into the blood, secrete toxins harmful to the body. If they are eaten individually, the body easily absorbs them. True, the opponents of the method argue that the human body can perfectly cope with all types of foods at the same time, and separate food works only because the numerous rules and regulations limit the consumption of excess calories. If you can not refuse dessert, allow yourself a fruit salad with cream - this food is so quickly absorbed that the body simply does not have time to postpone the fats contained there. But fruit plus starch, as in a cake or cake, is digested excessively slowly, which can lead to indigestion of the stomach.

    Raw Food

    What is it? Most of the foods you eat, you eat raw, without bringing this diet to the extreme, of course. It's not about meat or fish products. These are fresh fruits and vegetables, salads and juices. How it works. Supporters of this diet say that raw food contains all the enzymes and nutrients lost in the process of heat treatment. Therefore, at least half of the products that make up our daily diet should be eaten raw. Vegetable salad is an excellent lunch, hearty and low-calorie. Finely slice apples, cabbage, carrots, beetroot. Before serving, decorate the leaves with a green salad, sprinkle with sunflower seeds or sesame seeds and season with olive oil and lemon juice. In the evening, eat only fruit.

    Psychological Diet

    What is it? The key to weight loss and its stabilization is not how much you eat, but in the right attitude to what you eat, and in changing your eating habits. How it works. Change your mood - and you instinctively choose the food that suits you and will never overeat. Psychologists found that happy open people move more and less often overeat! Full people, on the other hand, tend to dramatize their attitude to weight and, consequently, to food. An experiment was conducted: when groups of dieters full of people were shown pictures with images of cakes, sweets, then, they said, they felt guilty. Specialists suggest in such cases to engage in auto-training, massage certain points of the face and body, and most importantly - to think positively, and you reprogram your attitude to food. Before you sit down at the table, assess your hunger on a 10-point scale, where 1 means that you do not want to eat, and 10 - you die of hunger. If your hunger does not reach 6, try to do something else.

    Low-fat diet

    What is it? The purpose of the diet is to reduce the amount of fats, especially saturated, in the daily diet. Dairy products, butter, nuts and seeds, fried foods, pastries, chocolate - all this is reduced to a minimum, and instead offered proteins, hydrocarbons, contained, for example, in rice, pasta, beans and vegetables. How it works, Fats are the most energy-saturated substances of all. To reduce the amount of fat is the best way to reduce calorie content. True, it is proved that some fats( omega-3 fatty acids) help burn bad cholesterol. When buying products, look at the composition: they should contain less than 10 grams of fat. Low-fat milk and dairy products are recommended.

    Diet with a high fiber content

    What is it? The goal of this diet is at least 40 grams of fiber per day, and in fact most of us consume no more than 20. Start breakfast with fruit juice, then - muesli, toasts from bread of coarse grinding. For lunch - vegetable soup or salad with peas, beans or lentils, and for dinner - fish with vegetable garnish. Snacks during the day can be fruit. How it works. Vegetables, fruits and grains are the best energy-containing low-calorie foods. With such a diet, the waste of the body will contain more than 100 calories unaccounted for, which will provoke weight loss. Cereals, fruits and vegetables provide the body with oligosaccharides and persistent starch, which promote the propagation of beneficial intestinal bacteria. This helps the body to quickly get rid of toxins and unquantified calories. Foods that are high in fiber also have to be chewed for longer, and this quickly creates a feeling of satiety and provides a gradual consumption of energy.

    Some experts believe that fiber helps to prevent breast tumors, as it reduces the level of estrogen in the female body. Eat green bananas: the starch that they contain is not digested by the intestines, but feeds the beneficial bacteria. If there are no problems with the stomach, dieticians recommend half of the grapefruit on an empty stomach - it is rich in fiber and vitamin C, and there are few calories in it.