• Treatment of nails with folk remedies

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    Diseases of the nails are not all on the whole aesthetic problem, but also a pathology that is characterized by a long, stubborn flow and brings suffering to the patient. Drug treatment can be very expensive in value, but there are a lot of proven folk remedies, the effectiveness of which has been tested for centuries.
    For example, when the nail grows, most often on the big toe, there are sharp pains, the skin in the okolonogtevoy area blushes and becomes hot by touch. This is due to the increase in edema, which leads to clogging of the lateral canals passing between the edge of the nail and the cuticle. Disturbance of outflow leads to the emergence of a characteristic symptomatology. Therefore, the use of any compresses is strictly prohibited, since their warming effect leads to an even greater increase in edema, and hence to an increase in pain symptoms.
    The proven product is a water-alcohol solution, which is prepared in the following way. In a glass of warm boiled water add a tablespoon of strong alcohol and two teaspoons of salt, then the resulting solution is impregnated with a piece of bandage, folded into three or four layers. Bandage is applied to the surface of the affected finger and held until it dries completely. Thus, within one day, you should use such wet dressings without interruption. During this time, the pain subsides and the swelling goes away, so by the evening, when the pain stops, you need to carefully raise the edge of the ingrown nail with the help of a penknife, while putting pieces of gauze into the vacant space. After raising the nail, it must be carefully trimmed with manicure scissors, previously rubbed with alcohol. Cut is worth as much as possible, as this affects the communicability of the side channels at the edge of the nail. To prevent the occurrence of such a disease, it is recommended to wear spacious and comfortable shoes, and cut off the nails in such a way as not to cut corners.

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    Another way to treat an ingrown nail is to cut a nail file with a deep groove, which should be formed along the edge of the nail plate in the direction of the socket or nail bed. In a day or two, the ingrown part of the nail will be released from the corners and the pain will disappear altogether.
    Helps also with this disease using a napal with oil. To do this, leather napalok stuffed complemented with fresh cow butter and put on the affected finger for the whole night. Doing this is required for two weeks in a row. The ingrown nail after that softens, and it is then easily cut off.
    When a nail is broken, an aspen knot is as long as the affected finger. Then it is burned and the resulting ash is mixed with the same amount of rye flour. Mix the so-called balabushku, adding milk whey and one teaspoon of vodka. Put a small part of it on a linen cloth and wrap your finger for a day, changing only as it dries.
    A common disease is fungal nail plate damage. There are various forms of this pathology, which are manifested by massive thickening or, conversely, excessive thinning of the surface of the nail. Growth, cracks and bleeding are frequent complications. And if we take into account also the chronic, exhausting current, the propensity to spread to other nails - it all really hurts the patient for many years.
    It should be noted that a fungal disease is an infectious disease that can be transmitted from a sick person to a healthy one, and also does not exclude the possibility of repeated self-infection. In order for the treatment to be effective, you need to be patient and follow the following steps without fail.
    For the period of treatment it is necessary to process all footwear with nine percent vinegar, then also small cotton cloths soaked in this vinegar to place inside each pair and tie them into separate cellophane bags. The shoes so closed should be left for one or two days in a dark place, for disinfection. All socks, stockings, tights, that is, those clothes that contact the affected nails, you need to boil and iron with a hot iron. If funds permit, it is better to buy new shoes and socks. All tools for performing manicure and pedicure must be treated with strong alcohol before and after their use, nail files should be replaced with new ones.
    At the beginning of treatment, firstly remove the thickened masses of the affected nail, for this it is pre-softened with the help of soda trays or compresses with lanolin. The softened nails are scraped carefully with a penknife, since there are a large number of mushrooms in these masses. In carrying out these procedures, you should be very careful, since any injury, cut or slight bleeding leads only to the aggravation of the disease, as well as the deposition and penetration of fungi into the blood. In addition, subsequently improper growth of the nail or its pronounced deformation is possible.
    After removing the nail mass, immediately apply a compress consisting of an alcohol solution of iodine and dimexide in equal parts. Compresses should be applied without interruption for three months, if the nails of the hands are affected. If the nails are treated on the legs, the course of treatment is about four months. The duration of these terms depends on the rate of nail growth, on the legs the growth is slower than on the hands. All efforts in the treatment process should be directed to the growth of a new, healthy nail without self-infection from existing fungi. Therefore, the skin around the nails is also treated with an alcoholic tincture of white lilac flowers, which is prepared by infusing dry vodka in a dark bottle for a month.
    As people susceptible to immunodeficiency are prone to fungal diseases, it is recommended to perform additional blood purification and restorative treatment. To plants that cleanse blood well and improve the metabolism, include spores, strawberries, nettle, dill, burdock, oats, dandelions, wheatgrass, licorice, dwarf, yarrow, violet tricolor, chicory, string, blueberries and dogrose. Teas, cooked from these herbs, drink instead of water, alternating their reception weekly.
    Wizards say that if you want to stay healthy, then drink the rose hips. This plant has long been used to strengthen the body and longevity. You need to make one spoonful of dried fruit in a glass of boiling water for ten minutes or three spoons in a small thermos leave for the whole night. To eat is instead of tea, three times a day.
    In addition, black caviar is very immune to immunity, which must be used at least at the tip of the knife three times a day. Warm homemade grape wine is also no less effective, take it two spoons three times a day.
    Similar herbs are recommended to be used in the form of tea and when nail polishing is done. Strengthen the nail plates of the bath from warm water with the addition of a few drops of tincture of iodine or dipping into the pulp of lemon. In the diet, it is required to include daily consumption of any sorts of hard cheese.
    Popular methods of treating any ailments are known since the time of Hippocrates, who was also once a famous healer. At present, it is not for nothing that certain institutions of traditional medicine have been created, and the recommended methods of treatment are used throughout the world.