• How a person lives on

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    Teaching of Teacher Ivanov

    My teaching was against prisons and hospitals. On my advice a person regains his former health back. It is given by nature: air, water and earth - my teachers are the closest in it. It's only a matter of thought, but of a person who plays a role in this matter. It is not a disease that plays a role over a person, but a person plays a role in the disease.

    Quenching with cold water is an awakening of the central nervous system. If we do not wake up, there is no salvation. People use a stranger, but they do not awaken their own. They boast of warmth and comfort, and Nature says: "If you do not have your warmth inside, then you all end. You will not get a body anywhere. "

    Cold water - it's not alive, it's natural, it's energetic to create heat inside. Not the warmth in the fur coat, in the clothes, but the heat that is in our organic body.

    With the awakening of the central nervous system, all the diseases that so torment the human physically disappear in nature - this is the truth that does not die out. The nervous central part can not be awakened except by cold water. The living quality of the cold raises all the cells. He rose from the bed - first of all, take hold of the cold water, bathe, and then get to work. And also in the evening. Awake, all people, by this my advice.

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    And the air is alive too. The most important thing is inhalation - exhalation, snow awakening, instant recovery of the central nervous part of the brain. It is necessary to pull the air from the height of the atmosphere through the larynx to the point of failure, it falls from a height. Must swallow to use it the way you ate your fill. A millionth dose of nutrition is in the air.

    If you believe this teaching, then ask me as the Teacher of this matter: "Teacher, my dear, give me my health!" You will ask me hard, with soul and heart - never offense, or you will get what it should.

    And the land has the most important thing in life - a living person. The earth surrounded me with a current, to keep on becoming

    .The earth is a living current, so you can walk with your bare feet. The earth is a preservative, without land we do not step.

    I do not spit and do not grunt to the ground, but swallow it all through the larynx, as a product.

    The one who smokes, the heart in his body is unfit;does, especially if a person self-cheating. Who wants to quit smoking and drink vodka, but does not have the strength, he needs help. This is a mental illness - the alcoholic system. She tortures the body, the person himself can not remove this development: the psyche, abnormality surrounded by force. There is a means to help a person if he only sincerely desires to quit smoking. And I will also help him to quit alcohol, if only the person asked for Teacher.

    We are used to eating with greed, and even more, but better. And Ivanov found in nature all the opportunities 42 hours a week to deliberately suffer without food and water. It's a favorite time in nature - Saturday to Sunday 12 noon. Those who live according to the Teacher's Idea never forget about this Sabbath. This is our ideological holiday, which our man holds in a 42-hour regime. People rejoice at this. Heavy is not here in this, but there is an easy one. This patience is not in hunger, but in health. We do this for the sake of human life.

    In times of practical training, there may be outbreaks of a private nature: the roots remain, they torment. We do not need to be afraid of this, but we must continue to set our own business. Nature gives health sparingly and on merit. Its health in nature must be earned by deed, not by anything else.

    It will be up to you: to look for the nature of a poor person. And they are in need of help. You will have to learn how to find it, and you need to find out what it needs. If there is anything to help, it is necessary to skillfully help, so that he will be pleased with your help. He's never gonna tell you bad. It's like a guarantee of your health. I do not force anyone to help, but I ask you to find such a person that he needs. And when you find, Nature will justify you. On what consciousness is determined by being, so that man is looking for it. And when he does, all his ailments will disappear. That's what we will win.

    A godsend is when you need to take in nature not only good and warm, but also cold and bad and help the poor, sick, offended and needy people.

    We are all the same people in nature, so we must respect, honor each other. And people leave, they come off from each other - rich from poor, scientist from the unlearned. You have to wish health to other people, if you want to get it yourself, to greet everyone you know and unfamiliar with. Do not wait for them to greet you, and first say: "Hello!" What do we achieve this? In their words, we awaken the outsiders to a good side. So they know that they do not forget about them. For our good you will also get good from nature. This is the best recovery. Nature is us, we are all people. And if you do not greet people, then it's better to me and do not go.

    Our pride, our hatred, our evil - for this we ourselves will respond. Keep in mind your politeness, it conquers everything. Only one whim is a bad side. It is necessary that we abolish our pride, and with courtesy made friends. If we, all people, do this ourselves, we will have an indescribable love between us, we will all live not in human terms, but in God's way, in a new, unprecedented way.

    Nature will change everything, but will give its will not to fight it. Love between people and great Nature will arise, and we will live without offense, we will recognize in ourselves a mystery and will not get sick and catch cold. We will become friends through our independence.

    Teacher asks not to be silent, but to do as pupils of their relatives, relatives. You have the teaching, keep it in your healthy heart and love Teacher through his work. Do yourself teachers - teach all those who meet, who just want.

    This oral teaching should be learned by heart, and in your head, keep thinking that you have to do every day. This is your practical work, all your merits to live in nature without colds and diseases. According to my teaching, you regain your former health back. You make this act in nature a new, conscious and connects with all living people. Health is the concept of life.