• Treatment of peptic ulcer with folk remedies and methods

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    Peptic ulcer is a disease of the body, associated with the localization of the peptic ulcer in the stomach and duodenum, a chronic pathological condition. The emergence and development of peptic ulcer contribute to nervous overload and mental trauma, as well as the use of spicy foods and excessive amounts of alcohol. Peptic ulcer disease mainly occurs between the ages of 25-40 years. Men get sick more often than women.

    Symptoms: peptic ulcer is characterized by pain in the stomach, vomiting and bleeding, heartburn and eructations. Pain more often stupid, but sometimes they are burning and gnawing.

    What's going on? In , the onset of the disease intensifies the pain after taking rough food, then 1-2 hours after any meal. There are also night pains. Appetite, as a rule, is normal. The acidity is normal or low. A frequent phenomenon with peptic ulcer is constipation.

    Ulcer exacerbations occur most often in the spring or autumn.

    Peptic ulcer is accompanied by severe and dangerous complications, such as perforation of the ulcer and bleeding. When bleeding there is acute anemia( dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea, darkening in the eyes).Pulse part, blood pressure drops.

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    The perforation of the ulcer, that is, breaking it into the free cavity of the peritoneum, begins suddenly with acute unbearable pain resembling a knife blow. Arterial blood pressure drops sharply, breathing becomes superficial, stomach - strained. The intestine becomes immobile. In the case of perforation, a quick diagnosis and immediate surgical intervention are vital.

    What does do? Treatment of ulcers is carried out exclusively on recommendations and under the supervision of a doctor. The course of treatment is, as a rule, a month and a half. It is necessary to comply with diet and bed rest, avoid worrying and worrying. The diet is gentle, absolutely excludes pickles and marinades, smoked products and canned foods, rich soups and broths, as well as food extracts. The best treatment is a sanatorium.

    Recipes. Traditional medicine recommends for the treatment of ulcers:

    • drink aloe juice or eat small leaves of the plant;

    • Drink the juice of raw potatoes and cabbage;

    • Drink an infusion of celery root( 2 tablespoons per glass of water to insist 2-3 hours) 3 times daily before meals;

    • drink sea-buckthorn oil on a teaspoon 3 times a day before meals;

    • drink freshly squeezed black currant juice at 200 grams 3 times a day;

    • drink infusion of hips.

    The best prevention of peptic ulcer is the elimination of nervous shocks, abstinence from rough food, the establishment of a regular diet, a rational regime of the day with the correct alternation of work and rest.