• Treatment of rickets with folk remedies and methods

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    Rickets is a disease of early childhood, characterized by a bone growth disorder due to a lime exchange disorder.

    Symptoms: The initial signs of rickets are a child's anxiety, irritability and fearfulness, excessive sweating, sleep disturbances. The head sweats heavily, there is an itching accompanied by itching on the nape, which causes the baby to turn its head and rub the back of the head, and this, in turn, leads to baldness of the nape.

    What's going on? There is rickets due to a lack of vitamin vitamins in the baby food, primarily vitamin D, which can be caused by malnourishment of the infant for up to a year. As a result of a lack of vitamin D and sunlight, there is a disruption of calcium and phosphorus metabolism and an insufficient mineralization of bones.

    Rickets is a disease of the whole body, associated with a metabolic disorder, manifested by a number of signs from the nervous system, skeleton and other body systems. Rickets can leave its mark for life. The consequences of rickets are, first of all, bone deformities. The occipital bone softens, and the skull acquires a chamfered shape from behind. The chest is squeezed from the sides, and its lower edges are deployed outwards. Such deformation leads to a violation of breathing, stagnation of blood and contributes to frequent respiratory diseases( bronchitis and pneumonia), which have a long and severe course. There is bloating, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. Rickets also leads to weakness of muscles and ligaments, as a result of which rickety children later learn to sit, stand and walk. Curvature of the spine and legs are not uncommon. Deformity of the pelvis can lead to pathological births in women. Teething teeth also occurs with a delay, while the tooth enamel is weak and the teeth quickly deteriorate.

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    What should I do? Treatment of rickets is prescribed by a doctor.

    Recipes. Traditional medicine recommends for the treatment of rickets:

    • drink a decoction of cooked together carrots, beets and cabbage;

    • take 3 times a day on a tablespoon of herb infusion string;

    • take a bath with infusion of string or pine needles. Prevention of rickets in the ideal case begins before the birth of a child, since a normally occurring pregnancy and uncomplicated births contribute to the birth of a healthy child. During pregnancy, a woman should observe a diet( eat enough vegetables and fruits, dairy products and vitamin D), spend as much time in the fresh air and avoid stress. The infant must be fed with breast milk, because breast milk has everything a child needs for its normal development. From the first months of life it is desirable to give the child berry, fruit and vegetable juices and cod liver oil as prescribed by the doctor. In the winter months, you can irradiate your child with a quartz lamp, if recommended by a doctor. The child should spend at least four hours a day in the fresh air.