• Chronic cholecystitis treatment with folk remedies

    Chronic cholecystitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the gallbladder mucosa. Causes: cholelithiasis, acute cholecystitis, diseases of other organs of the digestive system( gastritis, chronic pancreatitis), obesity, eating disorders( acute, fatty, smoked, fried foods).Characteristic of a prolonged course with periodic exacerbations. When the disease is noted, attacks of pain arising from a violation of diet, with physical and neuropsychic overloads, infections. The pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, sometimes an increase in body temperature. In remission, as a rule, all manifestations of the disease disappear.

    The cause of cholecystitis is a violation of the outflow of bile. Most often, cholecystitis occurs when there are stones in the gallbladder. Another provocateur of cholecystitis is an irregular diet, especially when a morning breakfast consists of a couple of sandwiches, as well as a "snack" while working, and the main meal, when they are eaten "before dumping", falls on the evening after working hours."Sedentary" lifestyle and lack of sufficient physical exertion on the body also contribute to the development of cholecystitis.

    Complications of acute cholecystitis may include inflammation of the pancreas, suppuration of the gallbladder, perforation and peritonitis.

    Acute cholecystitis can go into chronic form or chronic cholecystitis develops gradually, most often against a background of cholelithiasis.

    Chronic cholecystitis is characterized by a feeling of raspiraniya and heaviness in the abdomen, metallic taste and taste of bitterness in the mouth, belching, nausea and vomiting. Constipation is a common occurrence. The increase in body temperature in most cases does not occur. In the right upper quadrant, there is a constant dull pain, which increases during seizures. From the nervous system, symptoms such as increased irritability and insomnia.

    What should I do? Treatment of cholecystitis is prescribed by a physician. During treatment it is necessary to comply with bed rest, from drinks to drink tea, compote and mors.

    Recipes. Traditional medicine recommends for treatment of cholecystitis to drink infusions from herbs of plantain( tablespoon for a glass of boiling water, drink in small sips for an hour), infusions of birch leaves, laurel oil( within 5 days infuse 40 leaves of laurel in 300 g of sunflower oil, drainand take 10 drops with milk or kefir 3 times a day), infusion of corn stigmas( a tablespoon into a glass of boiling water, take a tablespoon a day every 4 hours).

    Prophylaxis of cholecystitis - elimination of infections from the body and taking measures against stagnation of bile in the gall bladder. Regular meals, ensuring a normal stool, avoiding overeating - these are the best measures to prevent cholecystitis. It is advisable to exclude from the diet fatty varieties of meat, especially lamb and fat. Brains, liver and fish are also not recommended.

    The massage is performed with cholecystitis, which occurs against the background of cholelithiasis, gastritis with secretory insufficiency, chronic forms of pancreatitis, as well as with obesity, chronic hepatitis without exacerbation.

    Contraindications: acute liver, gall bladder, peritonitis, pancreatitis.

    Sick put on the stomach, head to the left.

    Back massage: stroking, rubbing, kneading. With muscle tension between the inner edge of the right scapula and the spine, the effect is more cautious, but from the procedure to the procedure, the intensity of the effect is increased. Beating and chopping are contraindicated.

    Chest massage. The patient lies on his back. Massaging the front surface of the chest on the right, especially the epigastric zone, paying attention to the edge of the costal arch on the right.

    Massage of the abdomen. Produce stroking and squeezing to the midline of the rectus abdominal muscles( while not strongly pressing on the abdominal wall).Massage the abdomen( stroking the general, then massage the liver - from the bottom up to the sub-ribbed arch, gently, then you can apply continuous vibration, concussion), gall bladder( gentle stroking, rhythmic lungs).Massage should be completed by stroking the abdomen and chest, respiratory movements, concussions of the pelvis. The duration of the procedure is 12-15 minutes. A course of up to 12 procedures, preferably every other day.