• Here baby and at home

    Mother's return home from the hospital is the beginning of a completely new life, where everything has changed with the advent of the baby - and the regime, and nutrition, and habits, and communication with friends. These days are very important - after all it is necessary to "really get to know" with your child not only the mother,

    but also the father and other relatives, and also get used to unfamiliar duties and deeds.

    It would seem that the most difficult is over. It was a long-awaited day when the mother and child finally came home and the whole family was assembled. A tiny little man peacefully snuffles in his crib, filling the atmosphere of the house with an extraordinary sense of happiness and tranquility. But this happiness is always associated with numerous concerns. Suddenly it becomes clearly clear that everything is much more difficult and not so easy, as it seemed so far, and there is no respite.

    The birth of a child is a powerful physical and psychological test for the female body, the cause of fatigue and often even stress. The mother is still exhausted by the consequences of pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal exchange has not yet been established. Physical shock is supplemented by emotional overload associated with the appearance of a baby in the family. Every rustle, every movement of the little one at first wary, not to mention screaming. It is necessary to get used to the child sooner, to learn to understand all the shades of his crying and screaming to help at the right time and not to worry in vain. But it is very important - both for the child and for the mother - a full rest. If a woman is jerked, always not getting enough sleep, there will not be much sense in her efforts, but milk in her breast

    Necessary items for grooming:

    • sterile cotton wool( cotton wool, balls),

    • diamond greens( for navel processing),

    • boric acid solution( for eye washing),

    • vaseline oil( for wetting the fleece, cleaning the ear and nose passages),

    • baby cream( against diaper rash).

    can disappear altogether. So you have to understand that you can become an exemplary mother, only being healthy, strong and full of energy. Especially since soon the new regime will become familiar and new duties will turn out to be quite simple and easily feasible. Ahead of daily work, thanks to which parents really become so in the full sense of the word. Experts recommend not to give up the help of relatives - the spouse, mother, sister - to care for the child during these difficult first days. Perhaps, it is worthwhile to listen to a sensible advice: after birth you need to get a little stronger, but for this you can not overload yourself with endless duties, it is better to share them in reasonable limits. It is not necessary at this time to undertake any other business. This period is for the development of human relations, for deepening of feelings. Every free hour in the daytime should be used for sleeping or walking outdoors with the child.

    Immediately after discharge from the maternity home, a young mother and a baby are visited by a visiting nurse and a pediatrician.

    They will tell you how to behave in this or that situation, give many practical advice, how to properly feed and bathe a child, perform other necessary procedures. Take the opportunity and, without hesitation, ask them questions about the baby.

    Admittedly, the established life has radically changed with the birth of a child, and now the whole family must adapt to change. The child gradually gets used to living outside the mother's body, and the parents - to constant cares.

    The first days and weeks after childbirth are filled not only with exercise stresses, new responsibilities and worries, but also emotionally intense emotions. At this time, all feelings are exacerbated, physical pain and fatigue after childbirth are still felt, but the happiness of the created and the responsibility for the child come to the fore. A father who has not experienced physical strain, nevertheless, too, is shocked by what happened emotionally and feels a sense of belonging to this most important event in the life of the family. If he starts paying too much attention to the baby, then maybe the wife will decide that he forgot about her. On the other hand, if he takes more care of his wife, she can blame him for lack of attention to the newborn. Well, all families faced similar problems and solved them each in their own way, because everything is new, it's not like it was just recently.

    But most of all, of course, in a newborn. After all, while the child was comfortably existing inside the mother, her body gave him absolutely everything - food, breathing, reliable protection from the environment - and brought out unnecessary substances. Now, becoming an "independent" person, he must produce all these functions himself: suck and swallow food, digest it and allocate unnecessary substances, breathe to get oxygen, scream to straighten the lungs and draw attention to one's personality, and many more,a lot of different worries for a little man. He now himself copes with the attack of all sorts of irritants, which are crushing the world around him. He distinguishes light and objects that are in the focus of his sight, sounds, smells, feels hunger and taste. And this great variety stirs the newborn and embarrasses him. He has senses, reflexes, instincts, but there is neither knowledge nor experience. If his own pen falls into his field of vision, he does not yet understand that this is part of himself. How does not know that people who are always with him - Mom and Dad. But he pays attention to them, looks and listens to the voices. He is not as helpless as he seems at first glance. His assistant is nature itself. Everything is organized in it in the best way to survive and live. You just need to help him.

    Specialists and simply experienced people do not advise to hurry to show their child to numerous relatives, friends and girlfriends. It will be correct to protect him from prying eyes not only in the first days after discharge from the hospital, but also during the first month. Adults

    usually come in touch and even delighted with the kind of such a crumb and want to certainly touch and kiss him. And this is just undesirable. After all, even healthy adults are carriers of a variety of microorganisms( including viruses, fungi, etc.).And they want it or not, but by their appearance in the house of the baby they are added to its environment. And he is still quite small, and it is difficult for him to resist the invasion of microbes.

    If it becomes necessary in the first few weeks to accept a visitor for a short time( of course, except for a pediatrician and a nurse), you can suggest that he wear a gauze mask before approaching the child.

    In the first weeks or even months of life, the infant behaves very differently, and this can not always be explained. He can scream every half hour, demanding food, and then suddenly fall asleep and sleep for 5-6 hours in a row. Do not see this as nothing terrible - just need some time until the body gets used to the rhythm of feeding and sleep and digestion will come back to normal. When the sleep mode is adjusted, the baby will "learn" to sleep not for 10-15 minutes or 5 hours in a row, but for 2-3 hours and wake up in a good mood.

    All newborns cry and cry. It is difficult to find the cause of crying baby, when he is not hungry, the tummy is calm and there are no other apparent reasons. It's just that he can scream( for order) and suddenly shut up or fall asleep. Do not worry too much about every crying, of course, if it is not anxious, very long and hysterical. In case of danger, always consult a doctor or an experienced nurse.

    In the age of information dominance, every woman can get acquainted with the literature on child care, but even the most prepared mother, starting to look after her baby, will understand that she lacks the most important thing - her experience and knowledge about her, the most special child in the world. She does not yet know the specifics of his behavior, even how much he is able to cry for no reason, for no apparent reason. Therefore, it is still difficult for him to understand him, and his well-being depends entirely on his mother. We will have to learn how to evaluate its behavior as soon as possible and make appropriate changes in the regime. Literally in a couple of weeks will come self-confidence, and the child will have a sense of security when his mother is around. At this time, the child adapts to the surrounding world and the people around him.

    The newborn is not always attractive, his behavior may look rather stupid, and even the manifestations of love from him still await early. But we must love him right away, he already feels it, and love is as necessary to him as milk or air. Of course, he is not able to answer the same, because he does not even realize his own existence. But everything is ahead, everything has its time. In the first post-partum time, parents feel overwhelmed with a sense of pride in the birth of a new person and tenderness for the baby. But he does not count with anyone, he can scream and groan all night, not realizing that the mother needs rest, during the day he too can give her precious precious moments of rest. And a young mother often has a completely new feeling - complete dependence on her child. It turns out that you can not now dispose of yourself or your freedom. But this lack of freedom, this dependence will very soon turn into something completely new, very important and valuable, in the inseparable deep connection between the mother and her baby. Therefore, do not be annoyed if a newborn restlessly sleeps at night, and in the daytime does not give anything to do around the house or for himself. This will soon pass, life will improve, and the mother will love her child so much that this love will fill her to the brim. It is necessary to communicate with him, listen to the different shades of his voice and crying, to look closely at his movements, to how he sucks. A little time will pass, and the baby will recognize the mother, rejoice at her presence.

    The first time the needs of the newborn are rather small and prosaic, they must be satisfied immediately after detection. Briefly formulate the needs can be this way: the newborn should be fed regularly, kept clean, warm and quiet.

    Very often young mothers, while preparing for childbirth, buy a lot of "gadgets", especially for their first-born. It is unlikely that all this will be required in the first weeks. The child is still too small, it is necessary to let him get used to it, you can not bother him and so disturb him in vain. We must treat him calmly, affectionately, carefully and confidently. Feed should be, as soon as he gets hungry, talk - when he is peacefully awake, wash - when it gets dirty. In short, we must give him the opportunity to quietly get used to a new life. And if the kid is calm - then, with care, everything is in order, and in case of rapid expression of discontent - something is wrong.

    These first days of the house are very important for the general right attitude towards a balanced business manner, aiming at a positive result. This attitude can do much for the child, because he does not yet realize, but he already feels everything. And the calm confidence of the mother is the best help to her and her baby.