• We develop actions with subjects of the child of eight months

    Allow the child to manipulate objects in a variety of ways, knowing their properties.

    We develop fingers. We continue to develop finger movements, selecting small objects( 2.5-3.5 cm) for various shapes( balls, cubes, cones, cylinders, etc.) for manipulation. We continue to develop tactile sensitivity of the palms and fingers, touch, selecting items, different in material, texture, mass, density, elasticity.

    We work with toys. We form an imitation of the actions of an adult( put the balls out of the box, roll them, open the box, flip the lid, get something,

    close, etc.).We learn how to imitate to perform two purposeful interrelated actions: to take and open, to approach and push the ball.

    Tower of cubes. If you build a tower out of large soft blocks, the child can break it with a blow of the hand. Many times the repeated game will bring the kid the joy of communicating with you, he will follow the sequence of your actions, understand the correlation and interconnection of objects, see the results of your actions and the possibility of reversibility of the game situation when you again and again build a turret.

    Two toys together. Tie two toys together. This will give an opportunity to drag them to themselves, knock on each other. The child will see that the new makes the connectedness of two toys: he will throw one toy, followed by another, tied. You can shake the rope, and toys will rattle, they can be hung on the crossbar, etc.

    Game "Hide and Seek at the Table." Small toys can be hidden under the eyes of the child under plastic bowls and open them under the enthusiastic exclamation "Here it is!".

    Amazing little bottles. If small objects are poured into small transparent plastic bottles, the child will shake them with great interest, consider how the contents of the bottle move.

    It's a hat case. Sitting with the child in front of the mirror, try putting on a hat and removing it. For a child, this will be a real discovery. Changing his own appearance will greatly interest him.

    Toys on a string.

    Tie on the rope of the toy to the crib. The child will gladly move the doll across the bed, pushing it to the edge, and will try to push it through the bars of the grate. But the pupa will not fall, but hang on a string, it can be pulled up and reset again.

    The ball in the box. Most of all at this age the child likes to play with a box, which opens and closes the lid, or put a small ball in a hollow cube.

    Box with a surprise. Take the rigid box. Make a hole on the side and on top. Through the hole, pass the tape with small objects attached to it. Fasten the ends of the tape. When the child pulls for the toy visible to him, the next one will jump out. The Kid will start pulling it - it will pull out one more. The first toy will disappear at this time in another hole.

    Box with a secret. Take any tin can from coffee. Lower the bell or bells on the ribbon, dangling the end of it over the edge of the can. The child, pulling the ribbon, will easily pull out the toy. Now close the jar with the lid. If you pull, the toy will tingle, but you do not count. Before the baby the problem. You need to open the lid and take out the toy. See how the child will solve this problem.