• We work with objects - the seventh month of the child's life

    Provide the child with rubber toys that can be chewed: they are sold at the pharmacy.

    Give the baby a box for toys. It will be interesting for the kid to examine its contents. First he will scatter toys, later he will start to add them.

    Household items. Give the child safe household items: plastic, wooden and metal cups, spoons. Let the kid touch them, throw them, knock them, shift them from hand to hand.

    Clockwork toys.

    Clockwork toys are good at this age. If during the movement they sound, glow or reproduce some actions( the duckling quacks, the doggies rotate the head), this will be an additional stimulus

    Mirror. It is useful to provide a child with a plastic mirror. This will help him to distinguish himself from the surrounding world, more clearly aware of his "I".

    Development of fingers. For the development of finger movements, provide the kid with rubber balls and pischalkami, so you can press them, removing the sound.

    Buy toys on wheels with a pull-up string. Show the child how to act with them.

    Very useful for the baby developing centers with large keys and accessible ways for the kid: pull, shake, beat.

    Outboard mobile. Encourage the child to perform two interrelated actions, leading to a certain result( for example, pulling one object puts the other in motion).For this purpose, any hanging device is suitable, to which any toys are attached. This exercise allows you to create a situation of simple effective actions that occur when you alternately grab and attract toys.

    We develop a sense of touch. Learn to take the rattle from any position and hold it in your hand for at least 2-3 minutes. This contributes not only to the opening of the cam, but also to the opposition of the thumb to the others, and also to the fact that the toy touches the center of the palm during grasping.

    Develop tactile sensitivity of the palm when feeling the toys of different material. Continue to form an orientation-research activity with toys that have different physical properties.

    How to attract the attention of a child. The most effective display of the action, supported by other stimuli. For example, by showing the baby a ball, you should put it in a box( in a bucket, bowl, etc.) so that a sound is heard and the child sees the ball rolling in the box.

    Effective Actions. Direct practical contact with various objects leads to the discovery of more and more of their properties and relationships between them. Children swing toys to cause sound, crumple handkerchief or diaper, changing their shape and volume, swing the suspended toy, roll the ball, etc. This stage in the development of actions can be called effective, it lasts from 4 to 7 months.