• We accustom to music - the third month of the child's life


    Showing a rattle, we make a noise, draw attention, we sing:

    Where's a toy, Rattles? You, toy, wreck, Take our baby. G. Late

    Dressing the kid on a changing mat, we sing:

    On a feather, on a sheet, Not on the edge - on the middle Put the baby, Were wrapped up strong. G. Lahzdyn

    During wakefulness the child lies on the changing platform.

    We stroked it along the body, sentenced:

    Potyagushenki, Potyagushenki. Across the fat one. And in the legs of a hodunushka! And in the grip of grasp! And in the mouth of gossip! And in the head of reason! Thrust, traction, potyagushenki, On kiddies porastushenki. Grow up, baby, healthy, Like a garden apple tree.

    Sing to the child quiet lullabies with words and without words. Do not worry if you do not have vocal data. Your baby will still appreciate and understand you, because you sing with love.

    If you are talking with a baby, then use a different intonation. Let your language of communication be musical. Try to convey the rhythm of the word, emphasizing the stress in it: on, do not cry, good, sweet, etc.

    The most accessible tool for a child is a rattle. It should be bright,

    attractive, first small in size, with time more. Gradually you can increase the strength of sound. Well, if the appearance of the rattle will be accompanied by caressing melodies.

    Playing with rattles and singing:

    Gremi, rattles, rattle, You're thundering, rattling, rattling, Rattles. Rattles, rattles, Multicolored toys Loud, loud so loud, My baby is amused.

    First tools. By 2 months, a tambourine is included in the lessons with the child. First it should be a "children's" tambourine with plastic circles: its sound is not so sharp. For better concentration, tie a few bright ribbons to it. When a child gets used to the instrument and starts actively watching it, include a real tambourine with metal rings in games with the baby. And sing something, any familiar nursery rhymes, pestles, folk melodies.

    Singing in the changing:

    I'll put the bed sheet, I'll put it on my back, Quickly hide the pussy, My dear karapuzik. I wrap the tape, Goldfish. I will stretch the wrinkles, You will be like a picture. Lazarev

    Singing at bathing:

    Bul-bul-boules - fish swim, Bul-bul-boules-ducks swim, Bul-bul-boules-dolls float, Bul-Bul-Bul - ( name) floats. M. Lazarev