• Carrot storage

    Is it possible to leave carrots wintering right in the garden? If the winters are not frosty, then it is possible, but if there are severe frosts in the winter or frequent thaws, then it is impossible.

    If there is a cellar, store carrots better in dry sand or peat in boxes or in a caisson, which can be made from a conventional metal barrel, dug in the subfield of the house. In such a barrel you can lay down potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnips, root vegetables of parsley and celery, Jerusalem artichoke and other root crops. From above it is necessary to make a dense lid so that mice can not get into the caisson. But a very thin metal tube for breathing vegetables should be inserted into the lid, otherwise they will be rotten. To the caisson did not freeze, it must be insulated from above using dry hay.

    Before storing in a cellar, carrots are not washed, but only sprayed with "Phytosporin" solution and dried in the shade. The crop is cut off, leaving about 1.5 cm. You can not store carrots with apples, since the latter secrete ethylene, which impairs the taste of carrots.

    For adult family members, carrots are best dried, canned or frozen. The fact is that carrots, even when stored in a cellar or in a refrigerator, retain vitamins and useful properties only until the end of February or beginning of March. Then the root crop dies, it produces mycotoxins, harmful to our body. Using old carrots, you poison them with your body. This is especially undesirable for young children. If carrots are little or you raise it for an infant, then it can be stored in a drawer on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator in the moss-sphagnum. Before filling in the refrigerator, carrots should be washed. Dried, frozen or canned carrots do not form toxins, and it can be consumed before a new crop.

    If you have a drying unit, you can sow carrots in large quantities, because when drying in special drying units it does not lose its useful properties, vitamins and minerals do not break down and the place of dried carrots in your kitchen will take quite a bit. But, so that carrots do not darken, it first needs 2-3 minutes to blanch in boiling water, then rub on a large grater or cut into thin circles and then dry it.

    But what to do with a small carrot, which inevitably turns out to be in the crop? It must be cleaned, blanched in boiling water, densely laid in small sterile glass jars in a vertical position and pour boiling water, which added salt and citric acid( for 1 liter of water, 1 teaspoon of salt and citric acid at the tip of the knife).Roll and store in the refrigerator.

    Carrot preserves its taste and all its useful properties until next year's harvest. The contents of an open jar should be used within 2-3 days.