• Games and activities of the child eleven months

    Pestles with toddler on the knees

    The child swings on the foot of an adult.

    Oh, kachi, kachi, kachi. We will come to the hucksters, Will buy the baby, We will not sell. We will not give the baby, We need the baby ourselves.

    First steps

    Stand on the legs, Olenka, Olenka, my friend. Do it, do it, Olenka, First step.

    You're with your pens. Hold on to me. With small feet Become stronger.

    Game with soap bubbles

    We stimulate the capture of baby soap bubbles.

    Beware of bubbles.

    Oh, what, oh, look.

    Swell, shine,

    Come off, fly.

    My with a plum, mine with a nut,

    My did not burst the longest.

    Game Dance movements

    Quietly we palm strike, we quietly in the palm strike, Luli, Luli, stroke, Luli, Luli, hit.

    loud we palm strike, we loudly in the palm strike, Luli, Luli, stroke, Luli, Luli, hit.

    Handles we raise up, Hands on knees omit Luli-Luli, omit, Luli, Luli, omit.

    Handles behind the back we hide, Handles we'll show your aunt. Lyuli-Lyuli, let's show Lyuli-Lyuli, we'll show.

    Bring the ball

    Stimulate the movement.

    Here I'll throw the ball High, high.

    Throw the ball up.

    Rolled the ball Far, far away.

    Katim ball on the floor.

    Baby quickly to the ball Suitable, fit,

    We bring the child to the ball, tilt it.

    Baby mama bead Brings, will bring.

    Help to take the ball in the handles.

    Cams - elbows

    Knocking the child's fist and elbow on his palm.

    Aw, tuki, tuki, tuki, Hammers clatter. The hammers clattered. They played in the elbows. Tuk-current, tuk-current, Soon Petenka's a year.


    bear waddling walk, Bear song starts:

    ¬ęp-p-p-py, p-p-p-py, that's how I can roar."

    O. Lutskovskaya

    Ball game

    Adult strikes with a ball on the floor.

    Friend cheerful, my ball, Everywhere, everywhere he is with me! One, two, three, four, five, It's good for me to play with him.

    S. Vysheslavtseva


    A little dog came to us, Clever little dog. She plays with the children, Barking very loudly.


    Pussy to the children approached, Molochka asked. Molochka asked, "Meow" was saying."Meow, meow, meow, meow, Meow, meow, meow."Have treated molochkom.

    Kisonka ate. Kisonka ate, she sang the Song: "Moore, mur, mur, mur."

    N. Frankel



    drum-Bara ban, bars, banks,

    6 strokes on each syllable.

    What do you want us to say?

    4 strokes in the rhythm of the word.

    Bom-bam, bong-bam, - The drum is talking to us.

    O. Lutskovskaya

    7 strokes per syllable.

    The strokes can be alternated on your own.

    Call imitation sounds

    Bunny and Bear

    Look - Bunny crying: "Ah-ah-ah!" Bear losing the ball, "A-ah!" Teddy bear, Misha, give, together with Zaikov play. M. Ivensen


    I baju-bayu-bai, I swing the doll. Pupa is tired, I've been playing all day.