• Games and activities - the seventh month of the child's life

    Pestles with a toddler on the lap


    Chuh-chuh-chuh-chuh, In full spirit!

    Move the child's handles back and forth.

    The engine buzzed, He drove the trailers. Choh-choch, chu-chu! I'm far away to rock! Bye!

    T. Volgina

    Mash with a brush.

    Where's my cuckoo?

    Kusha-kusha-kushechka, Where is my kukushechka? The cuckoo's smell: Lost a feather.

    Let's go-drove

    Let's go, go

    Behind the mushrooms, behind the nuts.

    Have arrived, arrived

    With mushrooms yes with nuts. Buch!

    Ride Tit

    Ride Tit on the droshky On the flat track. On bumps, on bumps. Yes booh!

    "Networks pull"

    The child is lying on the diaper cover. The adult takes it by both hands, picks up, reading the pistole:

    I pull the web, I catch the fish.

    We speak in a sing-song manner.

    I put in a purse, I'm on my way home.

    We speak quickly, bend the child's hand in front of the chest, bending it. We put the child again and repeat.

    The game with the motion "Lazeboka red cat"

    The child is lying on the cushion.

    Lazybock red cat. I lay down my stomach.

    The child lies on his stomach. We stroke it on the back.

    I want to eat, I'm too lazy to toss.

    We turn the child from side to side.

    That's waiting for

    Red cat -

    Maybe the bowl will crawl!

    The child lies on his back.

    Get up, cat! The bowl is crawling!

    Raise the child for both hands, sit down.

    Playing with the

    flag The adult holds a flag in his hands, attracts the child's attention to him, shaking and waving it.

    The child follows the flag, the adult goes around the arena and tapping on the edge in different places, causing the child to turn to sound. The adult sings to any tune:

    Here's my flag swinging, That's right, like that, like this, And the baby is playing, That's right, like that, like that.

    I'll raise the checkbox, That's right, like that, like that, I'll lower the checkbox below, like that, like that, like this.

    Flag quietly knock, That's right, like that, like this, And closer to the baby I'll bring, Take, take my flag.

    Summon babbling syllables

    The child lies on the cushion.

    The adult takes the child's handles in his hands, acts them, then taps the baby's heels with a heel pad.

    Handles we are clapping,

    Yes-yes-yes. The legs we stamp,

    Yes, yes, yes. With the paddles,

    . Yeah, yeah. Yes, let's dance,

    . Yeah, yeah.


    I, bayu-bayu-bai, Do not lie down on the edge. And then you'll fall from the edge And you'll hurt your head.