• Who will become a mother?

    Thinking about getting back to work, ask yourself the following questions: what are my options for who to leave with my child? Does my husband want and take care of a child and become a caring substitute? Do I have a nanny who would be a caring and sympathetic person by nature? If so, it may be possible to gradually return to work. If not, better think about being a whole day mom to your child.

    Do not underestimate yourself. One of the reasons some mothers entrust their children to someone

    who would normally spend on entertainment to be with my child, so when I'm not at work, I give myself completely to the child. In addition to giving him quality time, I most likely give him more time than some unemployed mothers who spend a lot of time each day looking for their own forms of entertainment. "This mother really does the best that she can. But where the concept of quality time is bursting at the seams.

    Spontaneity of the child. Children are spontaneous. Their games depend on the mood. One of the misconceptions about childcare is that we should always encourage our children. However, most

    children have another, is that they sincerely believe that the child will be better off without them. They have such a bad image of themselves or so bad a model of mother-daughter relationships left over from their own childhood that it never even occurred to them that they could be good mothers for their children.

    Your child does not look around: he does not know anyone better than you. You have his only mom, and you are good enough. You need your child to help you become open and learn how to be a mother.

    every day is the time of the highest receptivity, that is, the period in which they learn from social interaction more and better. Most children have a better time in the morning. Evening for a child is usually the worst time of the day."Happy Hour" from six to eight in the evening usually passes in capriciousness and tearfulness, and it is more than enough for the mother to run back to work. Hurry home after a day at work to just feel that you have to look for a child approach, if you want him to talk with you - this is not in the contract of the parent with the child. A more realistic approach is to simply be around, be available when the child wants to play games or comfort.

    Missed events. When parents are not around, priceless things are happening - another arrow in the target called the concept of quality time. The loser is everything, when the first step, the first word happens in the absence of the child's favorite guests.

    Moments of susceptibility to learning. Another fact: it is well known that the game started by the child has a greater learning value than the interaction organized by the parents. The child raises his head and sees his first bird in the sky. The soil is ready - just throw seeds into it. Does

    have anyone nearby who the child could share his discovery with and who could expand his knowledge by telling about birds flying in the sky?