• Reproduction by green cuttings of grapes

    The method of growing seedlings from green cuttings is especially good for the propagation of rare varieties, since parts of green shoots that are removed from the fragments are used to produce the planting material. In May and early June, green shoots break off( in the evening), the best of them are taken for cuttings, put in a bucket of water, sprayed and covered with a wet rag. Green cuttings can be harvested in other farms and transferred to wet sacking in place. Then they are placed at night in the basement, without taking them out of the water.

    Preliminary it is necessary to prepare a small box-a little girl of depth 40-50 cm with smooth edges, so that it can be tightly covered with glass or film.

    At the bottom of the box, a mixture of fertile soil with sand is poured into a layer of 10 cm, and 3-5 cm of pure coarse-grained washed sand is added from above, all of this is abundantly watered. To obtain a large number of seedlings, you can also use greenhouses.

    For the cuttings take the lower and middle parts of the vine( on the cuttings taken from the top, the slices rot), cut them into two-eyed cuttings with two leaves, leaving only half of the leaf blade on the top and the bottom sheet completely cut off.

    Above the upper kidney there should be a stump 1-1.5 cm long, the lower cut must pass under the knot.

    Harvested cuttings to accelerate the root formation by 1/3 of the length are placed for 8-10 hours in an aqueous solution of heteroauxin( per 1 liter of water 0.5 tablets) at a temperature of 18-22 ° C in diffuse light.

    If there is no heteroauxin, cuttings are put into water as soon as possible, then put in sand at a distance of 10x10 cm and a depth of 2-3 cm.

    Assembling, cuttings are sprayed with water, cover the box with film or glass, previously whitened with lime, or used for coveringgreenhouse frosted polyethylene film. Then, 4-5 times a day, spray plants with water from a spray gun or watering cans with a small sieve. The water should be heated to 20-25 ° C on sunny days. On the 11th-12th day, when an influx( callus) and root rudiments begin to form on the lower part of the cuttings, the plants are sprayed 3 times a day. After 25-30 days, the already rooted green cuttings are gradually hardened: open them for 10-15 minutes for several days first in the evening hours, and then gradually increase the time and leave the plants open all day.

    If green cuttings are not left for further growth in a youngster, but planted in a school or a permanent place, the initial planting is carried out with a scheme of 10x5 cm. Care in the future for seedlings is normal. By the autumn they already have a growth of 40-50 cm and a good friable root system. In a warm, greenhouse-box, the survival rate of seedlings is 80-90%.