• To lose it is necessary adequately

    I remember once on vacation I watched as my father and son played tennis. Father desperately tried to win;son, too, but his father's persistence was clearly greater. He blushed, puffed and sweated, but was determined to wrest his son from victory at any cost. In the end, it happened;when they left the court, the pope looked exhausted, but pleased, and the son - resigned to defeat, probably no longer the first.

    I felt sorry for him. I mean father. The momentary joy of victory can not be compared with the long-term pleasure from contemplation of children's ecstasy, which they experience, winning from you. I consoled myself then that this is a temporary state of affairs. The boy played well, and sooner or later, when it becomes stronger, and the father is older, he had to achieve his goal.

    We understand that this father was not the right parent. And, still I forgot to tell you that he did not even try to cheer on his son - apparently too much for his own success. Of course, you should not always allow children to win from you - it will be terribly patronizing behavior on your part. So you can behave with a two-year-old child, but if he is twelve, you can not deceive him. But from time to time a child may be stronger than you in something;you just do not have to climb out of your way like that father on the court. And you can say something encouraging to the child, even if he lost: "When you learn how to serve on the left as well as on the right, I can not manage with you".

    If in tennis he is not your rival yet, go climbing trees together. Or swimming. Or baking cupcakes. Or play the piano. Or play his favorite computer game. Find something that the child knows better than you, and do it together. It's much more interesting than winning( at least for your own child).

    And one more thing. Do you think that the father taught his son to lose on the court worthy? Of course not! The only thing we can learn from him is never to do the same. He did not give himself the opportunity to show how beautiful it is to lose. After all, losing is not so bad, the main thing is to be able to play with dignity.