How to drink water to lose weight - the rules of water intake

  • How to drink water to lose weight - the rules of water intake

    The desire to lose excess pounds often leads to the fact that a woman begins to adhere to a particular diet. In this case, it should be remembered that initially the weight goes mainly due to water loss. That's why you need to monitor the adequate amount of liquid to drink, so that the process of losing weight does not lead to such an adverse moment as dehydration. Considering some points allows you to explain how to drink water to lose weight.

    The reasons for the need for fluid

    Necessary for physical exertion
    1. Calorie burning is impossible without the necessary amount of fluid, because a dehydrated organism can not fight fat.
    2. With the reduction of weight, the formation of toxins inevitably occurs, and only water is able to remove them from the body.
    3. Water - this is a very important component, because it is she who keeps the muscles in a tone, contributes to their reduction, and also lubricates the joints. This in turn helps to reduce muscle pain after the physical exertion needed for weight loss.
    4. In any healthy diet, large quantities contain fiber, normal digestion of which is impossible without the optimal amount of liquid.
    5. Water in conjunction with food intake leads to rapid saturation. But, as is known, one can not achieve this effect with a single liquid. Saturation is impossible without volume, calories and nutrients.

    How much water does the body need?

    How much should you drink

    Determine the amount of water you need and how you can drink it correctly based on the following:

    • weight;
    • activity;
    • air temperature;
    • humidity;
    • diet.

    By the way, if the diet involves the use of foods in which large amounts of water( fruits, vegetables), then the volume of fluid is better to reduce.

    You can take a calculator and measuring capacity to count the water you use, but this is not necessary, because nature itself is capable of prompting an answer. With enough water, urine will have a light yellow tint, but you should not forget that taking vitamin supplements or antibiotics can make your own adjustments.

    Please note! No need to think that water gives the body a puffy appearance - the causes of fluid retention in the body are concealed, for example, in excessive salt intake, but the water itself can not lead to such consequences.

    And how much does it take to drink water so that it leads to harmful consequences and is it possible? Yes, this can happen if there is a neurotic disorder or excessive physical exertion. In the presence of such circumstances, a person drinks an increased amount of liquid, which in turn leads to the dissolution of electrolytes( sodium and potassium) in the blood so that the work of the heart, brain and muscles is disrupted.

    People, professionally involved in sports, suffer from another problem - then a lot of sodium( salt) comes out. To maintain balance in the body, he even recommends the use of special drinks.

    Tips for proper water consumption

    Cold water

    Many people have heard that with the help of a lot of water you can lose weight, but not everyone knows this for certain, and it's unclear how to drink fluids to achieve the desired result. The following tips will help to understand the reasons for the irreplaceability of water:

    Suppressing appetite. Here everything is elementary simply: a glass of water drunk before a meal creates a certain sense of saturation, therefore, a person eats much less. Studies have shown that drinking water before eating causes the amount of eaten to drop by about 75 kcal. For a year this figure will result in a loss of 27 thousand kcal or 3.5 kg. And if you count for life. ..
  • Water with lemon Replacing water with more caloric drinks. Losing weight is impossible without giving up juices and sweet fizzy drinks. Instead of all this, drink a glass of clean water, and so that it is not so tasteless - add a slice of lemon. Lemon guarantees successful weight loss, because with the help of pectin, which is part of its composition, it effectively muffles the feeling of hunger. And if you do not believe that with water you can lose weight, then just for fun, try to give up all the sweet drinks for at least a week and see the result.
  • Cold water leads to faster metabolism and more effective weight loss, because the body must spend a lot of calories on heating the drunk liquid. Another no less important advantage of cold water is its refreshing effect, which can not boast of a liquid at room temperature.
  • Visiting the gym requires the use of a large volume of fluid, because it avoids such an unpleasant moment as muscle cramps, in addition, water significantly moistens the joints.
  • To use the water really helped, you need to adhere to the following recommendations: to lose weight and maintain an ideal weight, you need to drink at least 8 glasses of clean water daily. When you regularly visit the gym or sweat, you need to increase the amount of liquid, and, when you use herbal tea, on the contrary, reduce it. The opinions of specialists converge in one: height, weight and degree of activity - these are the indicators that affect the calculation of the required amount of liquid. Every day a person should drink at least 30 ml per kilogram of body weight.
  • Caffeinated beverages increase the need for water

    The use of other fluids is not prohibited, but you should take into account that the diuretic adversely affects the general condition - it removes water from the body. Diuretics are all caffeinated and alcoholic drinks. When you use these kinds of liquids, you need to increase the amount of clean water you drink. By the way, if you drink a lot of water before a party, during and after it, this will avoid such unpleasant consequences of alcohol use as weakness and headache.

    Please note! After waking up, it is recommended to drink at least 2 glasses of water, and also take care that liquid receptions are distributed so that the body does not feel thirsty.


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