• Hemorrhoids in women, its causes, symptoms and treatment

    There is an opinion that hemorrhoids are a purely masculine disease, but statistics say the opposite: women suffer from this disease more often than men, but for some reason they turn for help less often from the stronger sex.

    It may be a false opinion about the "shame" of this disease, or perhaps because most proctologists are men. But the causes of the disease, which somehow would have been shameful or infringed upon the dignity of women, have not been described anywhere. Hemorrhoids in women can arise due to domestic reasons, as well as due to professional activity and some other factors.

    Causes of hemorrhoids in women

    Causes of hemorrhoids in women differ slightly from the same causes in men, since almost 100% of women who are pregnant and have a child are at risk. According to the same statistics, hemorrhoids after pregnancy suffer 80% of women. This is due to the structure of the pelvic veins and the changes occurring during pregnancy. The fetus, over time, presses on the organs of the small pelvis, causing a difficulty in the outflow of venous blood.

    But in addition to pregnancy, there are other causes of hemorrhoids in women, which include:

    • more than men, sitting or "standing" work in the field of professional activity, which leads to stagnation of blood in the small pelvis( hairdressers, sellers, accountants);
    • emancipation of women who, along with men, drive vehicles and thereby restrict their motor activity;
    • more than men, the desire to lose weight by cleansing the intestines, all kinds of diets, with hydrocolonotherapy and laxatives, thereby violating the intestinal microflora and causing a tendency to constipation;
    • visiting fitness centers and lifting weights because of the same desire to lose weight or pump muscle;
    • is more compared to men, drinking tea and coffee, as well as being addicted to cigarettes;
    • frequent inflammatory diseases and oncological diseases of the pelvic organs;
    • low, in comparison with men, stress resistance, perception of situations "to heart";
    • overweight and premature aging of the body;
    • presence of menstruation every month, which cause a rush of blood to the pelvic organs;
    • addiction to anal sex, as a kind of intimate life.

    It should be noted that not giving birth to girls also have a high degree of risk of getting hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids in girls arise for the same reasons as in women, except for pregnancy and childbirth.

    Symptoms and varieties of this disease

    Hemorrhoids in women can be both internal, external, and combined, with the presence of hemorrhoidal veins both inside and outside the anal passage. Sometimes there are cracks in the anus and vein thrombosis, which are considered complications of hemorrhoids.

    Symptoms of hemorrhoids in women differ little from hemorrhoid symptoms in men: they also worry about pain, itching and burning, which are aggravated by the act of defecation, as well as the appearance of bleeding nodes with the transition to bleeding, the sensation of a foreign body in the anus.

    Each woman needs to remember that it is better to seek advice on the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease, since later treatment does not guarantee a conservative cure for hemorrhoids. Signs of hemorrhoids in women without timely treatment can smoothly pass into an aggravated clinical picture, in which the nodes can fall out, inflame, sweat, form fistula, and also degenerate into malignant neoplasms of the rectum.

    Treatment and therapy

    Before treating the disease, we must once again carefully review the causes of hemorrhoids, then find and eliminate those reasons that could lead to the appearance of the disease. Especially it concerns professional, household and intimate life. It is not necessary to change the profession, it is enough to change the way of life to a more mobile one, to engage in some kinds of sports, but without lifting weights, change the diet and revise the ways of sexual contacts.

    How to treat hemorrhoids in women? Medicamental symptomatic medications are used that have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, and resolving action. Such means include candles, ointments, gels for external and internal use. These include Heparin Ointment, Troxevasin, Proctoglyenol, Diprilif, Proctosedil, Gepatrombin.

    Before treatment, it is necessary to see the doctor and get advice from the proctologist on the use of medicines. You should not self-medicate, relying on the advice of non-specialists in this area, especially for pregnant women. The fact is that hemorrhoids in women after childbirth and in pregnant women are more pronounced, with periodic exacerbations that necessarily need treatment, but of all drugsIt is necessary to apply only those that should not harm the child.

    The operative methods of treatment used in the early stages of hemorrhoids include sclerotherapy, photocoagulation and ligation of nodes. In the late stages and in case of complications, operative treatment is used.

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