• Way and schemes of landing

    The way of planting is the interdependence of plants on the plantation. If the place is flat and not low, strawberries are planted one- or two-line. In one-line planting, the distance between the rows is 70-90 cm, and in the row between the plants - 15-20 cm. In the future, strawberries are cultivated in a narrow-band way with a row width of 20-25 cm( on the base).The formation of such series occurs by expanding the rows by rooted out rosettes formed on the mustache. All mustaches, growing in the aisles, are cut off annually at a distance of 12-15 cm from the row. Inside the band, the mustache is not removed.

    Scheme of planting strawberries on beds

    Strawberry planting patterns: on the left - one-line;on the right - two-line

    In a two-line method, a distance of 30 cm is established between the lines in the tape, and 70 cm between the tapes. In rows, the plants are planted at a distance of 20-25 cm.

    In low, excessively moistened areas, strawberries are grown on ridges. Ridges are best located from north to south, so they are less exposed to desiccation. The width of their 60-70 cm, can be up to 100 cm. In each ridge, two rows are located at a distance of 30 cm. The distance between the plants is 20-25 cm. Tracks of width 30-40 cm are left between the ridges. In this case all the appearing whiskers remove.

    The more fertile the soil, the less planted the plants, so that they do not close and do not interfere with each other. In addition, the planting scheme depends on the biological characteristics of different varieties. Varieties with a strong development of bushes need to be planted more sparingly, so that they have a large area of ​​nutrition, and varieties with medium- and low-growing plants - more often. For example, such thick-leaved varieties as Festivalny, Zenga Zengana, Zarya and others on highly fertile soils are advisable to be placed in rows with a distance of 30 cm. Weak varieties such as Early Maherauha, Redcote, etc., are planted at a distance of 20 cm. The planting scheme dependsand from the life of the bushes: the shorter it is( 1-2 years), the denser it is possible to plant the seedlings of strawberries.

    When growing strawberries with a mulching opaque( black) film last spread on the prepared area of ​​the soil. A film of meter width can be laid out on ridges: on light soils of 6-8 cm in height, heavy on 15-20 cm. The edges of the film are laid in small grooves and covered with earth. Depending on the variety, strawberries are put on film in 1 or 2 rows. The distance between plants also depends on the variety, but, as a rule, not less than 20 cm( usually 40-45 cm).The holes for planting with a diameter of 10 cm are cut with a knife or bayonet( crosswise or round).Between the film strips, row spacing is left at least 25 cm wide, so that rainwater reaches the roots. The soil under the mulch from the film warms up well, the film prevents the germination of weeds and retains moisture, protects the ripened berries from contamination and defeat of the berries with gray rot.

    Strawberries on the pyramids. It is said that the pyramid came to us from the west, and possibly from the east. In any case, near Moscow, many gardeners grow garden strawberries on the pyramids - they save the garden area, simplify the care of strawberries and in a certain sense even decorate the plot, especially if a square five-tiered pyramid is used. For the production of the latter use a plate or any edging board.

    Five-tier pyramid for growing strawberries

    Eight-axial pyramid of tires for growing strawberries

    The area of ​​the lower tier is 2x2 m. The height of each tier is 12 cm, width 20 cm. The compost is used for stuffing the pyramid. In order to save it in the center of the pyramid, set the box upside down or pour a hill of rubbish, stones, broken brick and barren land. The rosettes of strawberries are planted at a distance of 20 cm from each other and as far as possible from the edge of the tier( near the wall above lying).For the winter, this pyramid is not sheltered. Lifetime is 3 years. Two or three tier pyramids make a width of 1.0-1.5 m and an arbitrary length( like a garden bed) of 4-8 m. Each tier is encased in boards of 13-15 cm wide. The pyramid is located from north to south, the distance between the plants25-35 cm. Having set the arcs and pulling the film, strawberries are easily covered from spring frosts.

    Different tanks for planting strawberries in several tiers

    Different capacities for planting strawberries in several tiers

    The vertical way of growing strawberries is used in small areas and for a kind of garden decoration in the form of a vertical bed. This method makes it possible to grow 5-8 times more strawberry plants per 1 m2 than in the ordinary ridge method, and to obtain a correspondingly higher yield. To do this, special constructions are arranged and in several tiers the containers for planting plants are placed on them. As containers, flower pots, boxes, baskets, metal nets, polyethylene film bags, wooden or metal drums and other devices can be used. Most often gardeners use old car tires for vertical culture. Under the first slope lay a layer of clay. Along the circumference of the tire, puncture holes or cut through holes 6x 10 cm at a distance of 12-15 cm from each other - 12-15 holes depending on the size of the tire. Plants are planted in holes, in the stingray they fill the garden land or a mixture of earth, peat, sand in the ratio 1: 2: 1.The height of the vertical bed can be adjusted. For convenience of watering and liquid top dressing, a pipe with a diameter of 15-20 cm with drilled holes is placed in the center."Cylinder" of tires placed on a light, well-warmed place.