• Zemclunica

    A new species of plant - strawberry-strawberry hybrids( zemklunika) inherited from the strawberry high winter hardiness, muscatel aroma of berries, erect flowers towering above the bushes( from 12 to 25 on one plant) with a large number of flowers( up to 250).Hybrid bushes well leafy, high, form a huge number of rosettes. The mature berries of zemlukniki are dry( hence, transportable), they are easily separated from the calyx, which facilitates their collection and processing. Berries of dessert taste, they are not boiled during processing, they give a fragrant dark-colored syrup. The yield from the Penelope scrub, Muscatnaya Biruliovskaya, Nadezhda Zagoria, Raisa, Diana, Report, Strawberry, Tsukat Muscat varies from 200 to 450 g.

    The disadvantages of cultivars are small weight of berries( on average 6-18 g).

    To improve the binding of berries and, as a consequence, to reduce the number of ugly and underdeveloped plants, flowering plants should be covered with 0.3% calcium nitrate solution.

    As an experiment, you can thin out the flowers to enlarge the berries. When 1-2 flower buds will blossom on the peduncle of the zemlunniki, side small buds should be removed( no more than 6 mm in diameter), leaving no more than 10-15 flowers on one peduncle.

    The culture of strawberry-strawberry hybrids will be successful with abundant plant nutrition( unlike the moderate fertilizer of common garden strawberry varieties).Therefore, in addition to preplant soil dressing with organic and mineral fertilizers, plants are fed with such fertilizers: simple superphosphate - 180 g per 10 l of water with additive for this amount of fertilizing( in mg) - potassium permanganate - 20, boric acid - 40, zinc sulphate - 2, sulphatecopper - 1, molybdic acid ammonium - 0.3.Top dressing is given no more often than once in 2 weeks, while consuming about 10 liters of solution per 1 m2.

    Effective organic fertilizers - mullein, chicken manure, etc., diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 10-15.You can also use foliar top dressing by sprinkling the leaves with 0,01-0,2%( 1-20 g per 10 l)

    Sort of zlatluniki Muscat Biryulyovskaya

    solution of zinc sulfate at the beginning of flowering and during the growth of the ovaries, a mixture of potassium permanganate, boric acid andammonium molybdate in 0.2% of each concentration at the beginning of plant growth, 0.3% urea solution in August.