What does a polar bear dream of: success or trouble?

  • What does a polar bear dream of: success or trouble?

    An accidentally seen dream can be a harbinger of something joyous and happy, and sometimes it warns of impending danger. For example, it is interesting to know what a polar bear dreams about. All the dream books interpret this dream in different ways.

    Polar bear according to Miller's dream book

    The polar bear on this dream book predicts the forthcoming serious choice, on which the family life or career will depend. If the animal attacks in a dream, then in real life there will be quarrels and meetings with enemies.

    If a polar bear in a dream floats on an ice floe, then in reality you can be a victim of fraud. A seal-eating bear warns of the danger of your bad habits. They can bring many disasters to your loved ones.

    Lying on the skin of a dead polar bear presages the overcoming of all obstacles and problems on the way to achieving the goals.

    The white bear in the dream is a favorable sign, promising financial well-being and success. Perhaps you are waiting for a wedding or a meet

    ing with a fatal person.

    Dream of Sigmund Freud

    To dream of a polar bear in the dream of Sigmund Freud means a victory on the love and business front, but it will not bring you satisfaction.

    Hunting a polar bear in a dream warns that it's time to get rid of unnecessary aggression. Fighting this animal in a dream means a sick love for your chosen one or your chosen one. Dreambook advises to leave him and find another, more worthy person.

    Polar bear on the French dream book

    The polar bear on the French dream book personifies the appearance of a powerful and powerful enemy. If in a dream the polar bear attacks, then in reality you will be persecuted, from which you will successfully leave.

    Dream Aesop Dream

    Interpretation of a dream about a white bear contains a double meaning. Aesop's dream interprets that this animal represents ruthlessness and good deeds at the same time.

    Seeing yourself pretending to be dead to get away from a bear means that in life you are a smart and dexterous person. Most of the cases will be successfully completed by you. If at this time you are being watched by a familiar person, then in reality it is worthwhile to beware of it.

    The battle with the polar bear promises a huge injustice in life. To kill a bear means to win victory over all. A wounded or sick polar bear predicts a meeting with envious persons and intrigues around you.

    A bear with cubs in a dream speaks about mistaken treatment of children and improper education, it is worth to be softer with them.

    Family dream book

    The attack of a polar bear in a dream predicts the appearance of a strong enemy. A dream interpreter recommends being more careful and judicious.

    If a bear in a dream calls you, then such a dream promises a change of place of work and new colleagues.

    General Interpretations

    Polar bear, according to many dream books, is a symbol of well-being and luck. If he is chasing you in a dream, then fortune will certainly turn to you face, you can get a win.

    A dream about a white bear can be a warning - in life you have to make the right choice, then you will remain in the win. This animal can also mean deception.

    The skin of a dead bear, seen in a dream, is a good sign. It means prosperity, success and recognition. Another good symbol is a friendly white bear. She predicts the appearance of a high-ranking patron or friend. For unmarried women, such a dream portends a wedding.

    If a polar bear is aggressively tuned in a dream and tries to attack, then in reality one should fear ill-wishers. For those who are connected with business, such a dream promises dangers and changes in the financial sphere.

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