• Rush for luxury for the sake of luxury is a game of cats

    Husbands are constantly afraid that they will "come".And after all come So at first on Canary Islands with the wife, and then on plank beds without the wife. They have a mortal fear that they will be killed. Quite justified, because they are actually being killed. Despite the bodyguards, if not the enraged bodyguards themselves. Kill creditors for unspecified debts. They kill both creditors in order not to repay debts and to avoid revenge on their part. The competitors are killed as economic competitors. They kill for fear of being killed. Kill out of fear of exposure. And they themselves have to kill, not to be killed or exposed or to eliminate a competitor. And then they feel afraid to be killed out of revenge. They fear disclosure of the murders committed by them. .. Well, as Mephistopheles subtly noted in the opera "Faust": "People are dying for metal"

    There is a telecast "What does a woman want?".Sometimes I play in it. I liked it my leading Elena Yakovleva

    and its very name. Because, of course, a woman wants happiness, long life for herself and her husband, she wants to calmly educate children. .. But what does she get if she chases after gold, diamonds, palaces? In the end she gets the corpse of her husband.

    And now I will repeat the question in a different form. A woman becomes a widow, she wanted it? And before that, the wife also has to live in constant fear. So, under protection. Consider life in a cage, albeit gilded. Is it easy to live with constant protection? Some of my patients and psychological clients, the wives of "serious" "new Russians", complained that it was like being in custody.

    But even if the family is not criminal. .. Here's the wife wants more than he can. They are not expecting a child, but another increase in their status, earnings. Doing abortions until better times. And abortion makes the wife barren. There is no long-awaited prosperity, and now the wife is disappointed in her husband. Looking for another, more fortunate, resourceful, risk-taking, aggressive and exploiting others. And either HE becomes on the path of crime, or SHE goes away from him to the one who can take this path, if only on every finger she had a jewel. And the abandoned husband somehow goes out of life.

    I did not thicken the paint. Of course, there are families built on real humanistic love. And they are no exception. But they are not the majority. Socially, we have a sick person. It is infected with the virus of storage rabies. Recovery depends on how much the moral code of Jesus Christ, Erich Fromm, Leo Tolstoy prevails in people. .. Christ said: "If you have two things, give one to the poor".Fromm spoke of existential possession. In essence, this is the concept of "one thing" of Christ. Existential possession is only things necessary for life and creativity. And in itself, the accumulation of inanimate material junk is, according to Fromm, necrophilia - the attraction to the dead.

    Stop I do not call out any slander on anyone. There are, there are wives who do not trade themselves and do not stimulate crime. There are also men who do not buy a woman and do not violate the law. But then the family lives more modestly. And then they can rightly think that they are "married on equal terms".And then no one keeps anyone. And then they spend their

    smaller or bigger money earned by their own labor. And then he does not do it, and she does not take any gifts from him. And all the small joys of the type of flowers for the holiday, women's jewelry and men's accessories to the car - it's just the marital expenditure of common matrimonial money for marital or other family celebrations. Attacks, excuse me, where does the money for flowers come from? Are they taken from the general budget? Stolen from someone else and given to her? Or taken from the monument to Tchaikovsky? And even from the cemetery? So, maybe it's better this way?

    I'll give you flowers The ones that you walk. My love for you is imperishable, As the name of the ancient Helen.

    This is my quatrain, donated by wife Lene Egides on the anniversary of our marriage. And a year later added:

    I'll write you poems, To which all will be deaf. Only you are alone in the whole universe. You hear them, my Elena.

    I propose to consider equal efforts equal earnings, I suggest together to consider jointly earned money and agree on where we will spend them today or this year. Fair. Fair enough. A romance, if it does, it's only thieves. ..