Calorie blueberry per 100 grams, the benefits of blueberries in diabetes

  • Calorie blueberry per 100 grams, the benefits of blueberries in diabetes

    Among the researchers who recommend rational nutrition, there is an opinion that it is necessary for a modern person to consume the gifts of nature: vegetables and fruits, herbs, nuts and berries.
    Among the favorites - blueberries: its caloric content, quality composition and ease of use are investigated by many specialists. It meets all the demanding requirements and moreover, the calorie content of blueberries( fresh) is only 39 kilocalories!
    Based on the results of numerous studies, it turned out that it is blueberry, which contains a large amount of fiber, as well as phytoextrogens, that prevents cancer. Antioxidants( antioxidants), included in its composition, can become that panacea, which everyone craves!
    In dietetics, methods are widely used to help a person adjust their way of life so that, with active activity, it is possible to replenish the body with all the necessary components: proteins with vitamins, natural minerals and other useful substances.
    These techniques allow you to balance your diet so that there is maximum benefit, and knowing how many calories in blueberries and other gifts of nature helps to organize your daily diet in a way to stay slim and alert.
    The energy value of a product is a caloric value per 100 grams. The energy value of blueberries is 39 kcal. It is easy to calculate that if you consume 1 cup of berries or blueberry juice( 160 gr.), You will get only 62.4 kcal!

    Discover for yourself the long-known

    Diabetes mellitus is precisely the "disease of civilization", which exposes all external stress until it gets stuck in this terrible diagnosis. Blueberries with diabetes are a simple and effective remedy. Eat every day up to 400 grams of blueberries or use a glass of infusion from dried berries - this will help you cope with the symptoms of diabetes.
    You can also cleanse your blood once a year with blueberries: for 7 consecutive days you need to eat a cup( 300grams) of fresh berries on an empty stomach.
    Why is it recommended to use berries? The answer is shocking: fruit juices can have the opposite effect, when after their consumption the blood sugar level rises sharply. This is because the fluid is absorbed more quickly in the juice, and it gives a jump in sugar.
    Replacing the juice with blueberry berries, the risk of increasing blood sugar is reduced by 33%, and with the use of grapes or raisins, only 19%, pears and apples - by 13%.

    Amazing properties of

    Blueberry species are very numerous and they all have both curative and preventive properties. Blueberry berries contain organic acids up to 2.7%;protein up to 1%;fiber to 1.6%;pectins up to 0.6%;sugar up to 8%.And in the composition of berries valuable vitamins: C - 63 mg;vit B1 - 0.02 mg;carotene - 0,25mg and PP - 550mg.
    In Japan, by the way, experts working at the computer, drink the blueberry juice daily as a preventive tool.
    And those who want to lose weight can be recommended to look for the method in which the main constituent product is blueberry.

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