Vitamin D for men and women: how useful, its sources and role in the body

  • Vitamin D for men and women: how useful, its sources and role in the body

    Vitamin D, according to scientists, is a combination of ferols( active biological substances), actively involved in the work of the body. For those who think: "How is it useful?", One should know that cholecalciferol( D3), calciferol and ergocalciferol( D2) are needed for metabolism.

    The exchange of vitamin D affects the absorption of phosphorus and calcium( they are involved in strengthening bones and teeth, as well as in the work of the nervous system), it is proved that useful substances can not be assimilated without it.

    Vitamin D for men and women is important in the fight against muscle weakness due to a violation of the mineralization of all bones and in order to avoid osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

    The role in the body of this vitamin is simply invaluable. According to recent studies, he:

    • slows the development and growth of cancer cells;
    • is used in anticarcinogenic therapy;
    • struggles with psoriasis( vitamin supplementation combined with sunbathing helps reduce redness, peeling and itching);
    • influences the formation of bone tissue( often assigned to small children so that there is no deformation of the skeleton or rickets);
    • protects against hair loss and the fragility of bones and teeth;
    • ensures normal functioning of the thyroid gland;
    • affects liver function;
    • is responsible for brain activity and memory;
    • controls blood pressure;
    • monitors the processes in the central nervous system;
    • saturates the heart with useful microelements;
    • helps nutrients and minerals to be better absorbed;
    • strengthens the immune system and helps prevent colds.

    Vitamin D can be obtained both from natural products, and from food additives( but only under the supervision of a specialist).In order to benefit from the use of the vitamin made itself felt, it is desirable to take up to 400 IU per day.

    Due to the fact that the body does not produce this vitamin on its own, it needs help in this - an important element for its reception is sunbathing, they affect ergosterol, and this leads to the production of ergocalciferol. The tan obtained in the morning or in the evening is of great benefit, since at that time the probability of burns is minimal and the influence of ultraviolet is less dangerous for a person.

    Also sources of vitamin D are dairy products, parsley, eggs, veal, mushrooms, liver of halibut( cod), mackerel, herring, orange juice and cereals.

    The fair sex representatives must ensure that there is always enough vitamin D in their body. Besides saving from the above problems, they can protect themselves from the development of a breast tumor during the menopause or strengthen their body during pregnancy and after childbirth.

    Future mothers or already nursing women are recommended to consume this vitamin 200 IU per day, to everyone else from 200 to 400 IU.

    Men need it( besides the above reasons) to produce testosterone and in order to avoid bone osteomalacia( important for male strength).Also, the presence of this vitamin in the diet of the strong half of humanity is necessary for them for the heart( more even than for women), since men are more prone to cardiovascular diseases.

    It is proved that after 50 years it is necessary to supply the body with additional vitamin D, it will help the skin not lose elasticity, and the body will help to be always in good shape. To do this, it is sufficient to take drugs containing it, or products artificially enriched with it.

    You should always remember about moderation in the use of vitamins( as well as any products or preparations): if overdone with dosage, it can lead to digestion disorders or atherosclerosis( due to the fact that calcium has settled on the internal organs and walls of blood vessels).

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