Useful and medicinal properties of citrus fruits

  • Useful and medicinal properties of citrus fruits

    The chemical composition of the juice is similar in many respects to different types of citrus fruits: fruit juice contains: sugars, organic acids( for example, citric acid), a unique complex of vitamins, pectic substances, mineral salts, macro and microelements, phytoncides, essential oils and other biologically activesubstance. Differences between the fruits of different citruses - in the quantitative ratio of these substances per 100 g of pulp and in a combination of their own. Hence the differences in pharmacological action - for example, lemon is indispensable in the prevention and treatment of

    viral infections, grapefruit strengthens blood vessels and protects against heart attack, the orange normalizes the work of the intestine. .. Orange, by the way, belongs to the palm tree - by the number included in its compositionnatural sugar. But there is almost no sugar in the lemon and lime. Grapefruit and oranges among other fruits and citrus relatives divide the first place in the content of fiber, which is necessary for cleaning the digestive tract.

    At the same time, all citrus fruits faithfully serve us, protecting against various diseases and helping them to cope more quickly. It is known that their regular consumption of food strengthens immunity. The secret is that in citrus fruit, as in no other form of fruit, there is a lot of vitamin C. But this vitamin is recommended for doctors when the patient complains of frequent colds and infections.

    Vitamin C( ascorbic acid) - plays an important role in the metabolic processes of the body: it stimulates oxidative processes. Activates the work of various enzymes, normalizes the metabolism of carbohydrates, improves the absorption of glucose in the intestine."Chews up" the process of burning fat, prevents obesity of the liver, helps to restore disturbed metabolic processes in the body - therefore freshly squeezed citrus juices are indispensable in dietary nutrition.

    Ascorbic acid inhibits the development of atherosclerosis, increases the release of cholesterol through the intestine and lowers its level in the blood. Potassium and vitamin P - in lemon juice in combination with ascorbic acid, these substances strengthen and at the same time make the walls of blood vessels elastic. And this is also an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis and in addition helps to cope with nasal bleeding. The same can be said about the juice of orange and grapefruit.

    Vitamin C is necessary for the formation of protective functions of the body, it supports and activates our immune system;increases the resistance to various infections.

    Ascorbic acid stimulates the central nervous system, participates in the synthesis of serotonin and norepinephrine. These hormones affect our state of health, mood and activity. Vitamin C is also useful for combating smoking - it helps to neutralize( as vitamins E and Bj) free radicals: after all, they get into the body of the smoker in every possible way with every puff.

    It is proved that vitamin C normalizes the activity of sex hormones, which is especially important for the elderly. One of the most important functions of vitamin C is its active participation in the formation of collagen. Collagen is a gelatinous substance, which is part of the connective tissue, cartilage and bones. In addition, this vitamin helps and faster wound healing, stimulates cell renewal. And with age, as we know, the need for such collagen regeneration( that is, restoration) of the skin and bone tissue is gradually increasing. So, the need for vitamin C also increases - that's why this vitamin surgeons and cosmetologists appreciate so much.

    Vitamin P( rutin) - an organic compound from the group of flavonoids, has a high biological activity. Reduces the increased permeability of the walls of blood vessels, caused by various causes. It is necessary in the treatment of skin diseases, hypotonic disease( low blood pressure), peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. Helps in the treatment of certain diseases of the liver, gall bladder, eyes, obstetric practice, poisoning. Often, vitamin P is prescribed in combination with vitamin A. The combination of these vitamins in citrus juice has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Rutin enhances the action of ascorbic acid. Dr. Frank Spiser( USA), who studies the healing properties of citrus fruits, stated: abundant consumption of citrus fruits heals the cardiovascular system and reduces high blood pressure - due to the high content of potassium and folic acid in them.

    The presence in the fruit of citrus vitamins C, A and certain trace elements helps purify the internal environment of the body - blood, lymph. Therefore, some foreign authors recommend appointing oncological patients on average 18-20 grams of ascorbic acid per day. In addition, citrus fruits must be included in the

    diet of patients during the period of radiation and chemotherapy and during the recovery period after surgery for neoplasms.

    In general, several dozens of anticancer compounds have been found in citrus fruits - for example, carotenoids. In the peel of oranges and lemons, compounds are found that purify the liver of accumulated carcinogens( that is why it is recommended not to throw out the zest when cooking, but to add it to various dishes).A group of Australian doctors reported that consumption of citrus fruits up to 50%( !) Reduces the development of diseases such as cancer of the mouth, larynx and stomach. Of course, the anti-cancer properties of citrus fruits require further serious research.

    It has long been confirmed the ability of citrus juice to kill harmful micro-organisms and stop their growth( bactericidal and bacteriostatic action).This effect is due to the presence of phytoncides - and these southern fruits are very rich. And therefore, and not only thanks to vitamin C, citrus are reliable helpers in the fight against various infections. Phytoncids, as it was discovered just a few years ago, not only heals, purifies the atmosphere indoors, but also increases efficiency, especially if a person spends a lot of time at the computer. If you saturate the air in the room with the aromas of citrus, then the number of errors in computer recruitment will decrease by half;In addition, the burden on the eyes will decrease, drowsiness will disappear( data of Japanese researchers).

    Citric acid is an organic substance found in all kinds of citrus fruits, natural citric acid is obtained from dried fruit rind. It plays an important role in the metabolism - for example, it blocks the deposition of fats in the body. It is also used as a food additive, as an antioxidant and as a stabilizer in various fats. It is also used for balancing the acid-base balance( pH), and also as a preservative.

    Citrus juices containing citric acid are indispensable in the treatment of infectious diseases accompanied by fever, fever, symptoms of fever. Many people know how thirst can be unbearable with a fever. This is caused, among other things, by the inadequacy of the salivary glands. Mouth hot and dry;the tongue sticks to the sky. If you enter into the stomach a certain amount of citric acid, then it will reduce the separation of gastric juice. On the other hand, it will increase the separation of saliva. Acidified citrus drinks, acting reflexively, strengthen the separation of saliva and provide great relief to the patient.

    In addition, the high content of organic acids in citruses gives an important cosmetological effect: they help regulate the acid-base balance of the skin, promote the renewal of cells.

    Essential oils of citrus have a beneficial effect on the nervous system: they have a wide range of healing properties: they stimulate respiration, stimulate the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Can have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, stimulating, analgesic, hypotensive action( lowering blood pressure).Even essential oils actively influence the activity of the cardiovascular and central nervous system. Are able, with its universality, to have a purposeful, selective action - after all, one of us needs to calm the shattered nerves, and to someone - on the contrary, increase the tone, replenish the supply of vital energy. They help the body resist the aggressive external environment, fight chronic fatigue, restore the lost emotional balance. These same biologically active substances are excellent helpers in the treatment of a variety of somatic( bodily) ailments;including skin diseases( due to its antiseptic properties), internal organs. Essential oils of citrus fruits play an important role in stimulating the sexual sphere.

    The psychotherapeutic effect will not only breathe the aromas of citrus: yellow and orange colors are excellent antidepressants( therefore it's a good idea to keep a vase with bright fruits on your table).

    On the totality of all their medicinal properties, citrus fruits have a rejuvenating effect.

    And yet the main value of these sunny fruits is in the prevention of beriberi, in the ability to increase the body's resistance in the period of acute respiratory infections, epidemics of influenza.