Which prenatal bandage is better: a description of different models and tips, how to choose the most comfortable bandage

  • Which prenatal bandage is better: a description of different models and tips, how to choose the most comfortable bandage

    Starting from 5-6 months of pregnancy, women can be offered to wear an antenatal bandage. Bandage is a belt for maintaining the abdominal wall and internal organs in a normal position.

    In pharmacies offer different models of prenatal bandage. Which one to choose and which prenatal bandage is better?

    When an antenatal bandage is required.

    An antenatal bandage is recommended to be worn in some pathologies during pregnancy. This may be an excessive increase in the volume of the uterus, scars from operations, low placenta previa, a large fetus. The bandage does not allow the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall to stretch strongly, distributing pressure throughout the abdominal surface.

    With the threat of termination of pregnancy in later terms, the bandage is simply indispensable.

    A bandage is recommended for repeated pregnancies, since in these cases the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall stretch faster than in women who are pregnant for the first time.

    How to choose the prenatal bandage

    There are three types of prenatal bandage. Let's see which one is best for you.

    Bandage panties. Very comfortable for wearing a model with an elastic insert in front of the belly, which supports the stomach. But she has a number of shortcomings. Since this underwear, then, of course, requires frequent washing, so you have to buy a few pairs of these panties.

    Another inconvenience in putting on such a bandage is to wear it only when lying down. How to be with panties, which you need to wear every time after the toilet? In general, it is inconvenient.

    Bandage belt. This is probably the most popular model of the antenatal bandage. It is made in the form of a ribbon. It is very convenient that this model has special Velcro valves for adjusting the size.

    Universal bandage. This model is convenient because it can be used both before and after childbirth. This model has a wide and narrow supporting parts. Before delivery, support the back with a wide half, and the stomach - narrow. After birth, the bandage turns over, and the wide part supports the stomach, and the narrow part - the back. This model is also equipped with velcro for adjusting the size. Which of the models is better, of course, you decide. Consult your doctor, he will tell you which bandage is best to buy in your case. To choose the right size, it is best to consult a consultant at the pharmacy.

    The cheapest thing to buy an antenatal bandage in an online store.

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