Rice noodles: benefits and harm, its composition and calorie content

  • Rice noodles: benefits and harm, its composition and calorie content

    Rice noodles are one of the most common dishes of Chinese and Japanese cuisine. This ingredient is made from rice flour and water. It is believed that those who want to lose weight need to use rice noodles, since this product is an analogue of boiled rice and pasta. This article will give detailed answers to questions such as rice noodles, benefits and harm from its use .

    On the markets in China and Japan, rice noodle merchants often roll it into a skein, causing goggles of tourists. The length of noodles is from 50 cm or more. According to the legends, the longer this food product, the longer the customer will live.

    Japanese samurai believed that rice flour noodles can prolong youth and provide the body with vitality. Rice noodles are pleasant to the touch. Quality noodles have a translucent grayish shade and smell of nuts. If you did not find such signs when buying noodles, then you got a fake.

    Now rice noodles can be purchased in any supermarkets. When buying this product, remember that it should be stored in paper bags or glass containers away from the smelling products and seasonings. Storage in a humid place will deprive the noodles of its beneficial qualities.

    Composition and useful properties of

    The product of rice flour does not have a clearly defined taste, and its consumption in food is sufficient for long-term satiation of the body.

    Rice noodles are useful for those who want to lose weight. The composition of this product includes vitamins B and E. Noodles also contain iron, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium. Noodles are 75% starch.

    It also contains a sufficient number of complex carbohydrates, which contribute to the intake of energy in the muscle tissue. The more we eat foods containing complex carbohydrates, the more we reduce the consumption of fats and sugar.

    Noodles contain eight amino acids, which are necessary for the construction of new cells.

    The main useful properties of rice noodles include:

    1. Absence of gluten protein. Usually cereals contain gluten in large quantities. Many people have an allergy to this protein, so rice flour noodles are the best product for people with gluten intolerance.
    1. Minimum amount of salt. For people who have problems with kidney and cardiovascular diseases, this product will be especially useful.
    1. Absence of cellulose. Due to this property, this product is easily assimilated in elderly people and children.
    1. The minimum sodium content. With an excessive amount of sodium in the body, the chance to get diseases of the cardiovascular system increases. Rice noodles contain only 20 mg of this substance.

    The caloric content of rice noodles is 364 kcal per 100 gr. Carbohydrates will amount to 344 kcal, proteins - 15 kcal, fats - 5 kcal. Rice noodles are an ideal product for a full-fledged dietary diet. However, it is better not to use it together with fatty sauces and spicy spices. Also, people suffering from constipation, it is better to refrain from eating this product, because the rice has a fixing effect on the stomach.

    Rice flour noodles are a versatile food product. It is ideally combined with vegetables and meat dishes as a side dish. Noodle soups are also useful and nutritious. Thus, the use of rice noodles in food will help not only lose weight, but also provide the body with useful substances.

    Recipes for the correct preparation of noodles are presented in the video compilation below.