How to wear a stole with a coat, dress correctly and beautifully: photos and videos

  • How to wear a stole with a coat, dress correctly and beautifully: photos and videos

    With the onset of cold autumn days, people have become warmer to dress. Someone put on hats and gloves, well, and fashionable and glamorous ladies remembered about warm and stylish things, such as stole. But, there are those who, due to inexperience or inability, do not know how to combine elegance and elegance in the image, so let's talk about how to wear a stole correctly. For those who do not know - a palatine is a wide and long handkerchief, often rectangular in shape. The diversity of sticks is striking in its scale, the greatest difference in their material performance. The most popular are cashmere scarves and capes, but also stoles of wool, flax and fur are popular. In addition, there are not only cloaks for the winter, but also for the summer.

    Let's start with watching the training video:

    In summer, when choosing a stole, pay attention to the material from which it is made, the ideal option is silk, but there are also stoles of velvet and lace. How to wear a tippet, the ways of tying and draping will be discussed below.

    For example, how to wear a tippet with a coat? To answer this question, we must first understand what will be put on as outerwear. If it is a classic coat or sheepskin coat, the best choice is a cashmere stole. You can wear it in the style used by famous designers, tying a three-dimensional knot at one end, the other end stretching out under it.

    The fur cloak will look original. You can simply throw it on your shoulders, and it will make your image truly luxurious. If you are going to wear a stole with a jacket, you should choose a less extravagant model. Nevertheless, if you purchased one tippet for all occasions, the situation can be solved with the help of the original tying method. For example, a method called "college" - we add a scarf like a ribbon, on one side at the end we make a knot, about one third of the length of the stole, on the other hand we pass through the knot and adjust the length to your liking. The photo shows numerous ways of wearing a stole, choose one that suits you.

    Stole for going out - with a dress

    If you want to wear a stole with an evening gown, it's important to pick it correctly. And here the choice is in favor of silk or fur stoles, while paying special attention to color. Choose a model in one color, or even the same color as the dress. To make the image more refined, the scarf can be decorated with the same accessories that must be dressed. It can be embroidery or fringe. Complex combinations and patterns on the stole should not distract from the dress. In this case, the stole should play a supporting role and should not attract the main attention.

    In fact, there are so many possibilities, like wearing a stole with a dress. For example, a method called a butterfly - a tippet is put on the neck, in front the ends are crossed two or three times and both sides are straightened on the shoulders.

    Unusual ways of tying a stole

    For those who think that wearing a stole as a cape on your shoulders is too boring, we recommend experimenting, tying it in different ways on the head. A turban as a turban can be tied, if it is wide enough. Fold it twice several times, then draw under the hair. Free ends, lifting to the forehead, cross once, and once again under the hair, tie a knot.

    It turns out not only beautiful, but also warm, and if it's winter, it's a great way to wear a stole.

    In general, to describe all the options of how to wear scarves and stoles, there is not enough one article, so experiment, manifest your imagination! See also the video of how beautiful it is to wear a stole.