Shoes 2016: 87 photos of women's fashion of this season spring-summer-autumn

  • Shoes 2016: 87 photos of women's fashion of this season spring-summer-autumn

    In the 2016 season, women's shoes, photos of which you see here are, first of all, original design ideas, quality material of manufacture and convenient shapes. Particular attention this season is given to the form of a heel.

    This year in summer it will be possible to observe a wide variety of heels: rectangular, beveled, which can be either wide or thin, hairpin, trapezoid. The height of the heel varies from the highest to the lowest heel or even at low speed.

    What to wear for the autumn?

    The most popular models this season - with clasps, webbing, lacing. There are models of closed shoes with square heels and buckles.

    Do not forget about the shoes of suede, which also does not lose its appeal for fashionistas, shoes, trimmed with velvet, are also interesting. Shoes on a high platform, very comfortable and practical, occupy one of the leading places in the fashion of this season.

    The socks of shoes can be sharp, narrowed, raised, closed or open, it all depends on the style and image.

    Women's shoes in men's style do not lose their relevance. These can be shoes, oxford boots or boots, which are perfectly combined not only with trousers, but also with skirts or dress.

    Interesting ideas for fashion shoes with photos of

    Shoes with a sharp nose also returned to fashion. Most of the female audience considers such shoes ideal to emphasize the grace of the female leg. The main rule of beauty of such shoes is the observance of the proportion of the length of the nose and the heel.

    Look great shoes with webs and straps, they are suitable for any event: for celebrations, and for everyday wear. It is appropriate not only a stable and practical wedge, but a delicate elegant hairpin.

    Last time the popularity of shoes moccasins, they are very comfortable and simple to wear. Designers have developed models not only everyday, but also for solemn occasions. In order to emphasize the individuality, various decorative additions and a combination of different shades were used.

    Models in retro style also return to fashion. Elements such as thick heels in the form of glasses, rounded noses and narrow cutouts for the feet, are very cute and look original on the fashionista's leg.

    Fashionable shoes 2016: the photos show that models with a very high heel with a leopard print, with a checkered print, in combination of different colors will be a hit this spring. An indispensable fashionable attribute is a comfortable and stylish platform. These shoes look very sexy and greatly add confidence to each girl.

    The most interesting novelty this spring and summer, perhaps, will be shoes-sarcophagi. This is a very original combination of open shoes and ankle boots. The peculiarity of such footwear is determined by the closed front part and the lacing located on the back or on the front part of the shoe.