Jeans 2016: photo collection of 65 photos of fashionable jeans for any season

  • Jeans 2016: photo collection of 65 photos of fashionable jeans for any season

    Jeans are very firmly entered into our lives. Today, no woman thinks without her own wardrobe. Jeans women's 2016 slightly different from those models that were popular in the previous year. First, the style has changed a little. The most fashionable jeans of this season, fashion experts refer to jeans cut "riding breeches."But, what will please fashion women most of all, this style is suitable for women of any make and with any type of figure. The second and very fashionable version of "jeans with motley."It looks like trousers with a skirt over them. A selection of photos of the autumn-winter season, see below.

    The most popular colors of

    The jeans of 2016 are dominated by trousers of black and steel colors. But the most popular models are bright pink. In addition, jeans with a low fit are gradually disappearing, and jeans with an inflated waist are becoming more popular this season. In addition, yesterday - trousers with torn trousers. Such models have lost their relevance.

    Fashion models, the photos of which are given in this article, orient fashionists to the fact that this season it is worth paying attention to the style of the sixties in symbiosis with new models.

    Classic jeans

    However, in pursuit of fashion trends still do not forget to buy a pair of classic jeans trousers, the color of which is saturated dark blue. It is just necessary to create a modern image of a business woman. But few employers will understand you if you come to your workplace in jeans colors "tear out your eyes" or in jeans, the main adornment of which are funny and lovely floral prints.

    Shoes for jeans

    Shoes that can be worn this season with jeans, most of them - shoes on a wedge, on a stable massive and high heels. However, the vast majority of fashionable ladies prefer either sandals, decorated with all sorts of decorative elements, or ballets of bright colors. Again, the choice of shoes directly depends on the style of jeans trousers that you select.

    What jeans are in fashion in 2016: the photo will tell the best. But, summing up all of the above, I would like to emphasize that you can become a trendy person only if, firstly, you correctly choose your style, and, secondly, you will be able to find that fine line between the frank fashionable"Untidiness" and at the same time "elegance".Balancing on this side, combining in reasonable limits incongruous, you get not only a unique opportunity to become an object of admiring views from others, but still in the right get the status of a "fashionable trick."