• Dry mud treatment

    It is better to spend mud at special clinics, sanatoriums and resorts, because transporting liquid therapeutic muds over long distances is a complicated matter. Dry dirt is another matter. It has one important advantage - it is easy to transport.

    Usually such dirt is packaged in special 2-kilogram bags of dense fabric. The bag with dirt is a rectangle divided by two seams into three longitudinal parts. It is used whole or in parts, cutting them along the seams. Buy this dirt only in the pharmacy or a special store.

    Dry mud is not less curative than liquid. For treatment, the package with it should be placed in a basin or a bucket and pour the right amount with hot water, but not with boiling water. If possible, it is advisable to moisten the mud with mineralized water, put it on a weak fire, bringing it up to 45 "C. Apply the mixture to painful areas.

    Muds are useful both for preventing and strengthening the health of a healthy body, and for healing a variety of diseases. Despite the differences, they share common properties: the absence of heat exchange, high heat capacity, heat-retaining properties and colloidal properties, which causes a greater absorbency of mud.the dirt has a chemical effect on the body, irritating the thermo- and chemoreceptors embedded in the skin. The chemicals contained in the therapeutic mud penetrate through intact skin and have a stimulating effect on the connective tissue system, the function of the endocrine glands, enhance the metabolism, improveblood supply to the skin

    With the help of dry mud, it is possible to conduct a mud cure course at home, which is very convenient, inexpensive and quite effective.

    Gryazerapiya has analgesic, resolving and desensitizing action, increases regenerative processes.

    Muds have different in their kind of action - thermal, mechanical, chemical and biological.

    Thermal action of mud in comparison with water thermal procedures has its own characteristics. So, a water bath with a temperature of 40 ° C is already hot and hardly tolerated by the body. However, mud treatments in the form of general and local baths with a higher temperature equal to 44, 46 and even 48 "C, patients can withstand relatively easily. This procedure increases the body temperature, which causes a change in the vital processes of the body.in the massaging effect of mud. The capillary vessels are particularly affected by capillary blood flowing from the capillaries into the vascular bed, which leads to an improvement in the cardiovascular system

    The chemical action is detectedin the bath: it is expressed in the fact that the skin and other organs suck in the gases contained in the mud. This is the therapeutic effect.

    The biological effect of mud therapy is that the therapeutic mud contains a substance that is equal in its effect and properties to the hormone of the genitalThis is why the regular use of mud therapy contributes to the normalization of sexual life

    The electrical action of currents of different directions occurs when the body contacts a therapeutic mud mass. Penetrating into the body through the skin, the currents supply it contained in the mud with ions of bromine, iodine, potassium, calcium and sodium. In addition, currents contribute to the excretion of various toxic substances from the body - mercury, lead, arsenic, etc.

    Microorganisms that release antibiotics are found in therapeutic muds, so they can relieve inflammation.