Useful and medicinal properties of wild strawberry strawberry( or strawberry green)

  • Useful and medicinal properties of wild strawberry strawberry( or strawberry green)

    Healing part: leaves, grass. Characteristics of the plant: perennial grass

    is a nasty plant with many creeping shoots( mustache).Strawberries are greenish-white, then blushing, they are larger and sweeter, they can be eaten not fully ripe.

    Composition of tea and way of its preparation:

    Strawberry tea: 3 g( 1 h.) Of fermented leaves of strawberries on a teapot. Drink without dosage.

    Healing properties: an excellent vitamin tonic.

    Vitamin teas:

    1. Leaves of strawberries, blackberries with sizoy and kostyaniki -4: 3: 3.1 tbsp dry powdered mixture for 0.5 boiling water. Infuse 10-12 minutes, drink 0.5-1 cup 2-3 times a day.

    Healing properties: antiscorbutic and restorative effect. Useful for vitamin deficiency, diabetes, gout, atherosclerosis.

    2. Leaves of strawberries, blackberry and cinnamon cinnamon -2: 1: 1.1st. . mix with 0.5 boiling water in a porcelain teapot, insist 10-12 minutes and drink 0.5-1 cup 2-3 times aday.

    Healing properties: the drink invigorates, protects against atherosclerosis and diabetes.

    3. Leaves of wild strawberry, black currant and dog rose cinnamon - 3: 3: 4.Prepared and applied as in.2. The drink is fragrant and pleasant to the taste.

    Healing properties: stimulates the activity of the digestive system, metabolic processes, improves hematopoiesis, has anti-sclerotic, antidiabetic and restorative action, promotes elimination of toxins and purification of the body.

    4. The leaves of strawberries and cloudberries - 1: 1.Brew as regular tea. Instead of sugar you can drink with honey. Healing properties: vitamin drink.

    5. Leaves of wild strawberries, heather dried flowers, rosehip petals-2: 1: 1, mint leaves-to taste. Brew as regular tea in a small teapot. Infuse for 10-12 minutes.

    Healing properties: has a soothing and hypnotic effect.

    6. Leaves of wild strawberries, heather dried flowers, cinnamon rose petals - 3: 3: 3, honey to taste.2 hours. Dry mixture at 1 tbsp.boiling water, infuse for 10-12 minutes. When dissolving honey, tea should not be hot. The drink is tasty, contains a lot of biologically active substances.

    Healing properties: increases the resistance of the body to diabetes( leaves of strawberries and rose hips), colds and flu, contributes to the restoration of strength.