• Honey for hair

    Honey is a natural product that contains almost all vitamins and trace elements, the composition of honey resembles human blood plasma and is fully absorbed by our body.
    Honey for hair is used both in its pure form and in different masks - it all depends on what effect you want to achieve with it.

    Use of honey for hair

    • Application of honey as a hair care product often gives an effect much better than the most expensive cosmetics.

    • Regular application of honey can permanently remove dandruff.

    • Honey feeds hair follicles and stops hair loss.

    • Honey masks based on chamomile broth( they mutually reinforce each other) strengthen and at the same time soften the hair, giving them a soft, healthy look.

    • Masks based on natural honey( using yolk, scarlet, onion juice, etc.) tone the scalp and accelerate the growth of hair.

    • Even a normal shampoo will be much more effective if you mix it with a little honey when you wash it.

    Mask for hair from honey and yolk

    The simplest and most effective hair mask, which prevents hair loss, and also helps to restore damaged hair is a mask of honey and yolk. To prepare the mask you need one yolk, it is mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey. Honey mask is best applied to wet hair distributing the mask from the roots to the ends of the hair along the entire length. To enhance the effect of the mask on the head wear a cellophane cap or kulechek, wrap the head with a towel. Leave the mask for 20-30 minutes. After that, the mask is rinsed using a shampoo.

    Mask with honey for dry and damaged hair

    Mask is prepared by mixing in equal proportions honey and olive oil, add a little lemon juice. Apply the mask spreading from the roots to the ends of the hair along the entire length. Apply the mask for 20-30 minutes, wash off with shampoo.

    Honey masks for hair growth

    For hair growth use a honey mask, which includes honey, cognac, kefir, onions, egg yolk. Onions grate on a grater and squeeze the juice with gauze. In total we need one tablespoon of onion juice. We also need a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of yogurt and a tablespoon of cognac. We mix all the components of the mask and add the egg yolk. All again it is necessary to mix carefully and put on hair on all length. This mask is kept on the hair for about 40 minutes. Apply it 2 times a week. This mask stops hair loss and promotes their growth.

    To stimulate the growth of hair can and this mask. We take 1 tablespoon of cognac, as much burdock oil and honey, mixed with one egg yolk and leave it on your head for half an hour. This recipe is also good for fighting dandruff.

    Either this option: first, 1 hour before washing, the hair is applied the following composition: honey, olive oil and cognac in the same proportions( for example, 1 tablespoon), 1 yolk and mix until homogeneous).

    Honey mask with pepper and lemon

    For this recipe you need: - one tablespoon of honey, lemon juice, vodka-pepper, burdock oil - 1 yolk. If you have very long hair - increase the proportion. Instead of peppers, you can take the usual vodka and dissolve in it 1 teaspoon of red pepper. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, apply first to the roots, and then along the entire length. Leave on the hair for an hour and a half( it can be longer), and then rinse with warm water( rinse with balsam, without using shampoo).If they drop out very intensely - do this mask 2 times a week for 1-1,5 months. The result, without exaggeration, will amaze you. Hair will cease to fall out, and on the scalp will appear podpushek, straight as a small children.

    Honey mask with yolk and propolis

    To stop intensive hair loss and improve their appearance will help yolk and propolis. For this it is necessary to take: - 1 tbsp.a spoonful of honey - 2 tablets mummy - 1/2 teaspoon propolis - one yolk. All components are thoroughly mixed, applied to the hair( from the roots to the tips).This mixture perfectly nourishes, provides strength, growth, shine of hair

    Honey mask with garlic for very strong dropout

    For this recipe, you will need: - one teaspoon of honey, kefir( or milk) and a ridge - 6-8 drops of garlic( 2 crushed cloves) - 1 tablespoon of hair balm All components carefully move. Apply over the entire length of the hair, leave for 40-60 minutes. After this, wash the mixture with warm water without using shampoo. Of course, wet hair will have a subtle smell of garlic that will evaporate as soon as they dry. Such a mask not only perfectly nourishes the hair, but restores dry lifeless tips, so it is important to apply along the entire length.

    Mask with honey and mustard

    Mustard itself is very useful for our hair. It stimulates blood circulation and, as a consequence, activates growth. In such a mask - the useful properties of honey, multiplied by the active components of mustard - give a tremendous effect. For it you will need: - One teaspoon of honey and burdock oil - 1 tbsp.a spoonful of mustard powder - 1.5 tablespoons.spoon kefir The ingredients should be thoroughly mixed until a uniform mass is formed, and then applied to the hair( right up to the tips).The mixture should be kept for about an hour, and then, as always, rinse with warm water.

    For softening and strengthening of hair

    It is applied chamomile broth with honey. The recipe is simple: 30 grams of dried camomile flowers pour boiling water and insist 30 minutes, drain. Cool to a warm state and add 2 tablespoons of honey. The resulting mass to put on already washed, hardly damp hair, warmly wrapped. Keep 25-30 minutes, wash well with warm water.

    You can also use a mascot with the addition of eggs. It will require two yolks, two teaspoons of honey and the same amount of burdock oil. The mixture, which turned out, should remain on the hair for 40 minutes, then it must be washed off. This procedure should be done once a week for several months in a row, so that the effect becomes tangible and lasting.

    To strengthen weak dry hair.4-5 tablespoons of honey, gruel finely grated bulbs, 1 teaspoon of olive oil carefully and carefully apply to the hair for 40-50 minutes.

    When dry, after perm, the hair is well assisted by the following mask: 1 teaspoon of aloe, 1 teaspoon of burdock oil, 2 yolks, all this is applied to the hair for half an hour - an hour, then wash and rinse the hair with decoction of herbs( chamomile or nettle)

    And so that the hair is not excessively greasy, take honey, lemon juice and aloe juice -( also in equal parts), add a finely grated chive of garlic. Apply to the scalp, wash off after 20-30 minutes.

    When applying recipes using honey, remember that it has a lightening effect. Honey contains a substance similar to hydrogen peroxide, but it acts much softer and does not damage the hair. And if lightening of hair is welcome, then strengthen it by closing your hair with a warm towel mask or holding honey on your hair for a long time. The presence in the mask of lemon juice or decoction of chamomile can also enhance the clarifying effect.