Fasting on Bragg for weight loss: the system of curative fasting by Paul Bragg

  • Fasting on Bragg for weight loss: the system of curative fasting by Paul Bragg

    There are a lot of techniques and simple recipes for weight loss in the world. But if you do not take into account the individual characteristics of the body, the level of health-ill health of internal organs, the state of immunity, then it is possible to cause irreparable harm during starvation.
    The most reasonable option is to apply to qualified specialists: dietician, psychotherapist and endocrinologist. To those doctors you trust, you know the patients who have received good results.
    If you want, you can turn to the experience of reputable experts who developed their methods on the principles of proper nutrition and fasting as a method of losing weight.
    These are the methods for H. Sheldon's "Starvation and Health", according to G. Voytovich "Heal Yourself", according to A. Suvorin "Treatment by starvation", according to M. Ogayan "Golden Rules of Natural Medicine" and others.
    Famous American publicist and naturopathic specialist Paul Bragg advocated a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. This method of natural cleansing of the body is called fasting for Bragg for weight loss.
    Breg, in his many speeches and publications, stressed that the slimming program should be individual, and there is no absolutely identical diet for everyone.
    The main thing he believed was that it was necessary to eat healthy foods and eliminate harmful ones. He proved the effectiveness of his techniques with a brave, blooming kind and unfading vitality.

    The Essence of Nutrition and Fasting

    Books and surviving video recordings of Bragg's speeches each time with their line, every word said return us to the nature of our existence. Bragg claims that a man has been released a lot: with a conscious attitude to his health, a person can safely live up to 120 years. And how exactly a person will live his life - depends only on himself.
    Bragg believes that it is impossible to buy health - it must be earned.
    Nutrition, in his opinion, is the daily consumption of natural products, of which about 60% should be vegetables, fruits, greens and complete refusal to eat salt and refined sugar.
    Breg has never put any hard bans on anyone. He recommended people who are used to meat, and can not do without it, just eat it less often, no more than four times a week, and not every day.
    More categorical of his attitude to preserves, sausages, fried and fatty meat.
    Animal fats: cheese, sour cream, butter and milk, it recommends minimizing in the daily diet, and eggs can be consumed two to three per week.

    Where to start

    In your system of curative fasting, Paul Bragg recommends starting with fasting 24 hours a week. These days it is necessary to drink distilled water and completely refuse to eat.
    This abstinence, he explains, releases life energy and cleanses the body of stagnant slag and toxins.
    Many of his patients shed weight even with such a short-term fasting.
    The main thing is to balance the correct, healthy food without excesses and maximize the use of natural plant products.
    And in the matter of independent starvation, he noted the need for thorough preparation.
    If you carefully examine the publications of Paul Bragg, you can create a system of self-starvation by Bragg for weight loss yourself.
    The main thing - everyone needs to find those natural products that are useful for your body, and follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.
    Advocating his method and healthy lifestyle, P. Bragg opened the first health food store in Los Angeles. Subsequently, a network of such stores has grown around the world. They have great success and popularity among quite a few followers of Bragg.
    His famous book "The Miracle of Fasting" is a guide to everyone how to lead their lives to a joyful and healthy life.

    Timing of fasting

    For the duration of fasting Bragg advises to proceed again from the state of health and the task. But weekly diurnal fasting should become the habit of every sane person.
    If necessary to reduce weight or for therapeutic purposes, Bragg recommends alternating between days of hunger and days of food intake( 1x1).
    Fasting 7-10 days he spent four times a year on seasons. In some cases - for the purpose of treatment and healing - you can resort to such fasting and even with a long period, but always under the supervision of a specialist.
    You should always stick to common sense and listen to your own body, which will always let know that it's time to go back to eating.

    Indications for fasting

    The author himself makes a reservation in his book The Miracle of Fasting, which does not consider fasting treatment. The essence of starvation is to help our inner nature get rid of the excess weight accumulated by years of improper, irrational nutrition.
    The main task of fasting is cleansing the body, releasing vital energy and restoring natural functions.
    According to the doctor, fasting is a natural, natural way to get rid of toxins and toxins that have lain in our body.
    Absolutely healthy people do not. Everyone has health problems. A thinking person takes responsibility for his own health, he does not shift this responsibility to doctors. He understands that starvation - curative fasting on the Bragg field is the way to a healthy, full of positive emotions and sensations of life.
    Paul Bragg left us an invaluable experience. The value of his methodology is undeniably high not only among patients and followers, but also in scientific medical circles. His work was highly appreciated.
    Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Yu. S. Nikolaev, who devoted many years of his professional life to the topic of curative fasting, recommended that everyone who follows his health get acquainted with Paul Bragg's "Miracle of Fasting" system, underscoring its undeniable positive effects for the human body.

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