• Weather is a risk factor

    We are all one with Nature:

    She is alive - And we live. Vladimir Budanov

    The person is aching joints, it becomes more difficult to breathe, the heart aches, the general weakness is aggravated. Usually they say: "To bad weather!" And radio is rarely wrong, and the newspapers soon report: "There is a cyclone".

    Young and healthy all this at all. But if the body is undermined by some ailments, the weather worsens noticeably on the well-being. It appears usually after a working day. In a patient suffering from, for example, hypertensive disease, the arterial pressure is even higher, the head hurts, and the usual medications cease to help. With compensated heart disease, there may be signs of decompensation of the circulation - shortness of breath, swelling of the legs. The chronic course of events, such as bronchial asthma, angina pectoris, and epilepsy, also worsens.

    Even in a healthy person under conditions of geomagnetic storm, the liver ceases to provide the functional needs of the body for

    .The main key reason for this is an increase in the permeability of cell and vessel membranes. During a geomagnetic storm, the main stress in a healthy person falls on the liver.

    In order to restore normal functioning of the organism in conditions of increased permeability of membranes, it is necessary to increase the amount of antioxidants. The fact is that for the normal functioning of the body it is necessary to ensure a balance between the antioxidant activity of lipids and their peroxide oxidation. The weakened liver is not capable of providing this balance. At the same time the mechanism of neutralization of internal and external toxic substances is violated, therefore the level of cholesterol in the blood increases, the content of various enzymes in the blood increases, that is, hyper-fermentation occurs. As a result, the immune metabolism is broken. Scientists noted that if the activity of the cardiovascular or pulmonary system is disrupted, 60% of the patients also suffer from liver disease. The organism of a healthy person with the onset of a geomagnetic storm rebuilds its work accordingly in order to mobilize protection with biological membranes. Since everything in the body is connected, it is not surprising that storms act on blood, and thus affect the microcirculation system.

    It has also been proven that the time of the maximum value of vital capacity of lungs under conditions of a magnetic storm varies from 7 and 19 hours for 11 and 15 hours. Scientists also established a direct relationship between the degree of severity of the psychopathological syndrome and the structure of the interplanetary magnetic field and geomagnetic activity. Difficulty in these moments and conditioned reflex reactions.

    People especially elderly feel the bad weather, who suffer from the same chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular, gastric. Sometimes, a few days before the weather changes, they have increased or lowered blood pressure, pains in the joints and bones, in the heart area, migraines develop. With such ailments, every person should know his reaction to a decrease or increase in atmospheric pressure. And with the appropriate prognosis, take medicines in advance.

    When the weather changes, the organism is adversely affected by a decrease in atmospheric pressure because it increases the air pressure drops in the airways resulting from increased pressure when exhaling and lowering - when inhaled. The more they are repeated more often( the more often and deeper the breath), the more irritating the nerve centers of the brain and its cortex. In the same direction, there are high humidity and reduced air temperature. All this increases the activity of the respiratory and other centers of the cerebral cortex, when this is not necessary. As a result, nervous structures become fatigued, which is manifested in the symptoms that arise when weather changes. No wonder the ancients still warned: who knows where the wind with a thunderstorm - he knows and where the disease is from.

    How does the weather affect the heart? Hot and humid summer air, alas, increases the number of heart attacks. The same consequences have the first frosts: a sharp decrease leads to a narrowing of the arteries and, consequently, a deterioration of the blood supply. So it will be necessary to take particularly careful medicine at the first drop in temperature.

    Heat, like, should promote a good tone of the heart muscle - but the blood at this time thickens and poorly passes through the thin vessels. To facilitate the work of the heart, it is necessary to ensure an optimal temperature regime of 13-21 ° C.

    The wind also affects well-being.

    Cold, severe - brings migraines one and insomnia to others. However, such a wind does not affect rheumatics and cores in any way. The real scourge for the latter is the southern, hot and dry winds.

    In addition, the wind - an unchanged cause of worsening seasonal allergies: in spring and early summer, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma. And it is no wonder - he after all transfers dust clouds, and together with it and allergens. There are only two ways of salvation - to go to another place or wait for rain.

    The body is affected by natural electricity. Negatively charged particles determine air quality and have, strangely enough, a positive effect on human health. They are especially numerous in clean air far from cities. Studies have shown that people in an ionized environment are prone to nasopharyngeal diseases.

    As for positively charged particles - protons, they accumulate in the city when a thunderstorm gathers and a hot dry wind blows. They say that they cause a disorder of heartbeat, high blood pressure and other unpleasant phenomena before a thunderstorm. Some especially sensitive people feel them the day before the thunderstorm: appetite disappears, insomnia rises, the head turns. And after a thunderstorm the organism comes to norm.

    Atmospheric pressure also affects the health status. When pressure "fits", things go unimportantly. When it sharply decreases, accidents at work are more often observed: both hypertensive and hypotonic patients suffer. And people with a sick heart can begin to feel depressed.

    According to research, there is a certain period of time when people are most susceptible to depression. This has already been mentioned, and the table contains the corresponding table. Another reason can serve as short half-dark days. At this time, you have to be pampered yourself - stay in bed longer, eat your favorite sweets, drive off gloomy thoughts, do not overwork and stop ignoring the opposite sex.

    The best remedy for allergy sufferers is a trip to the mountains to a height of 1000-1600 m. Anemic people can also go there to breathe fresh air. In these conditions, red blood cells are produced especially actively. Recovering after serious illnesses shows a small journey to the sea, where the medicinal air enriched with iodine and sodium.

    But what if there is no possibility to strengthen health in the resort? In this case, adverse external influences can be significantly weakened. In days of severe weather deterioration, patients, especially the elderly, should, if possible, reduce physical work - it is always accompanied by increased breathing. In the street, we must carefully protect from the cooling of the respiratory tract. On such days it is especially harmful for

    to disrupt the diet, to use irritating spices. In an apartment it is important to create a favorable microclimate - the air should be dry, the temperature is normal.

    During magnetic storms, you should take care of extra loads, do not start long trips, do not abuse fatty foods, meat, and refuse stimulant drinks.

    With insomnia and increased excitement, you can take a sedative: valerian, motherwort, calming tea with melissa or mint. But, as a rule, at high meteosensitivity it is ineffective. In this case, it is recommended to take one pill of melatonin for the night. With increased excitability during magnetic storms, glycine can help.

    For chronic diseases, you must try to carefully follow all the prescriptions of doctors, always have the right medicines with you. However, to advice to increase the dose of medications, unless it is a doctor's advice, you should be treated with caution.

    Magnetosensitive people are recommended to include in the menu fish, milk, sea kale, as well as peas, beans, soy and lentils. Useful potatoes in uniform, baked beets and apples. In the summer during magnetic storms it is necessary to increase the consumption of berries and fruits rich in succinic acid - gooseberry, cherry, sweet cherry. Also useful are rhubarb and turnip.

    If a healthy person during a magnetic storm felt a significant deterioration in the state of health, such as headache or heart pain, a change in pressure, do not postpone the visit to a neurologist or cardiologist. Perhaps, such an organism reaction occurs against the backdrop of some latent disease.