• Planting roses

    For planting roses it is desirable to choose the maximum illuminated areas. Even in the penumbra bushes are rapidly depleted and weakly bloom. The site must be well protected from the wind. Skvoznyaki, cold winds depress plants and promote the spread of fungal diseases. Soils are suitable for any, but deeply processed and stocked nutrients. Under the plantation or hand-pass;40-60 tons of manure, 4 centners of superphosphate, 2 centners of potassium fertilizers,

    are applied per hectare. In our zone, with frequent snowless winters, a spring planting is recommended before budding. In some years it is possible to plant in autumn, but not later than October, provided that the bushes are carefully sheltered for the winter. Pits or trenches( for mass planting) are prepared in advance with a depth of 40-50 centimeters. They make humus, compost or peat - 1-2 buckets, superphosphate - 100-200 grams, wood ash - 100 grams per plant, mixing fertilizers with soil. Good results are obtained by landing under the hydrodrill.

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    The shoots on the bushes are pruned, the damaged roots are removed, the long ones are shortened, dipped into a mulberry talko with clay( 1: 3) and planted, slightly deepening the place of grafting, which makes the bushes more stable and hinders the formation of wild growth. After settling the land in the pit, the vaccine site should be below the soil level by 3 centimeters.

    After planting, the bushes are watered and hilled until the buds bloom. Distances in the ordinary planting of strong roses: sticks - 1-2 meters, park - 1-1,5, repair - 0,8-1 meters. To create separate groups or a blossoming hedge a more dense planting with a distance between bushes of 80-40 centimeters is used, depending on the high sprouts of varieties.

    For tea-hybrid roses at an ordinary planting, the distance is 40-50 centimeters. On the ridges planted at a rate of 1. square.meter of 9 plants, for strongly grown varieties - seven to eight plants. Polyanthus roses, floribunda in the row plant at a distance of 25 centimeters, on the ridges - nine to ten plants per 1 square.meter. The size of the rows is determined by the method of subsequent processing of the soil.