• How to prepare a healing drink from hibiscus

    Refreshing, toning phytotea( tizah-ny) have firmly entered our life - together with the fashion for a healthy lifestyle. Tizan{ from the French.tisane) is a drink made from herbs and any herbal raw materials - from chamomile to a mixture of exotic plants, such as sweaty bush, hibiscus, passion fruit. But although we call these drinks herbal teas, the tea leaf in them is extremely rare. For karkade tea, as we already know, use dried cups of hibiscus flowers. This drink perfectly quenches thirst and preserves all useful properties of the plant. Brew it like a regular tea - the petals of karkade are poured with boiling water, not leading up to a boil. With prolonged heating, the colorants decompose and the beverage becomes dirty gray. It is also important to use a glass or porcelain dish when brewing. When in contact with the metal, the taste and color of the drink deteriorate. Infusion can also turn green - when brewed with very hard water. Concentration: put at least a teaspoon of petals on a glass of boiling water;the more saturated the drink, the more delicious and beautiful it will be.

    Drink karkade more often cold, but also hot - it depends on your taste preferences, climate and season. It is believed that in hot form this tea raises blood pressure, and in the cold - lowers.

    The remaining petals can be eaten as a biologically valuable product, which helps to cleanse the body.

    With the systematic use of hibiscus tea, the work of the gastrointestinal tract is normalized. Sudan's rose is an excellent vegetable laxative with atony of the large intestine, chronic constipation. Its laxative effect is gentle and gentle, and at the same time gives a persistent positive result. Steady effect is achieved if you use a healing drink for 15-20 days;then it is recommended to take a break for a week and repeat the course of treatment for another 7-10 days.

    In addition, regular consumption of carcade tea is a reliable prophylaxis of hypovitamin-calls and associated negative consequences - immunity disorders, decrease in resistance to viral infections, skin diseases. The complex of vitamins and microelements entering into this drink tones up and saturates the body with vital energy.

    No contraindications for tea from hibiscus flowers have been identified. Nevertheless, care must be taken, remembering that in relation to any product, including plant origin, individual intolerance may manifest itself. The restriction on the use of carcade tea extends to children under 1 year.