• Diet № 3а

    1) Chronic inflammatory bowel diseases( without exacerbation), accompanied by constipation.

    Intended purpose. Intensification of motor activity of the intestine with simultaneous anti-inflammatory action of food products on the mucous membrane, prevention of disease progression.

    General characteristic of .A physiologically complete diet containing a sufficient amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, with a sharp restriction of products rich in vegetable fiber, using such varieties of vegetables and fruits that stimulate bowel evacuation, but do not cause fermentation, do not irritate the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract andare not strong stimulants of gastric and pancreatic secretion. A mode of a food fractional - 4-5 times a day.

    Culinary processing. Food is given in unmilled form, steamed, boiled in water or baked in the oven. Vegetables and fruits in the diet are used in both raw and cooked form. Food temperature: hot meals are normal, cold not less than 10 ° C.

    Chemical composition and calorific value. Proteins 100 g, fats 100 g, carbohydrates 400-450 g. Caloric content 2800-3000 kcal. The amount of free liquid is 1.5 liters. Cookery salt 12-15.

    Bread and bakery products - wheat bread from wholemeal flour, with good tolerance black bread( rye, "table", "orlovski", "Moscow region") is allowed. Cookies - unmarked varieties such as "Maria", "School", "Leningrad";dry biscuit, creamy crockery, vanilla;pies uneaten baked with meat, apples and other fruits and berries of sweet varieties, jam and jam from the same varieties of berries and fruits( in limited quantities).

    Soups - on weak meat and fish broth( after boiling water twice drained), mainly with vegetables, of cereals is preferable to pearl and oat, fruit soups are useful.

    Meat and fish dishes - low-fat meat( beef, veal, chicken, turkey, rabbit) in cooked, baked, steamed, mostly chunk, sometimes in chopped form;fish of low-fat varieties( pike-perch, bream, navaga, cod, carp, hake, macro, etc.) in boiled form, steam, jellied, piece, sometimes in chopped form.

    Eggs and egg products - eggs( not more than 2 per day) soft-boiled and in the form of omelettes;dishes from egg whites.

    Milk and milk products - milk in dishes and for tea;acidophilus, kefir, fermented baked milk and other acidic milk drinks;fresh cottage cheese in kind and in dishes in the form of baked puddings, cheesecakes;cream 10% in dishes, for tea, and with good tolerability-in kind, up to 1-2 glasses a day( preferably in a cold form).

    Vegetables and greens - a variety of vegetables in raw and cooked form( side dishes, salads, casseroles).Especially recommended are beets, carrots, tomatoes, deciduous lettuce, zucchini, pumpkin, cauliflower. White cabbage, green peas, young green beans are allowed with good tolerability. Greens of parsley, dill, celery can be added to various dishes and salads.

    Fruits, berries, sweets - in increased quantities, fresh ripe sweet fruits and berries are recommended, especially apples in raw form and in dishes;Dried fruits and berries in the soaked form and in dishes( prunes are especially recommended);marmalade, pastille, marshmallow, iris, milk and creamy caramel;jam and jams from sweet varieties of berries and fruits, sugar, honey.

    Cereal and pasta - meals and side dishes from cereals are consumed in limited quantities in the form of crumbly porridges and casseroles. Porridge is boiled on water with the addition of 1/3 milk or cream.

    Recommended buckwheat, oatmeal, "Artek", pearl barley. Pasta in limited quantities, mainly in soups( vermicelli, noodles) and occasionally as a side dish.

    Fats - butter and olive oil( do not fry, but add to ready meals).With good tolerance, other varieties of vegetable oil( sunflower, corn, cottonseed, soybean) are allowed. With constipation - preference for vegetable oil, daily dose increase. Snacks - cheese is mild( a piece or grated), a doctor's sausage, a herring soaked, a low-fat ham.

    Sauces and spices - vegetable and fruit sauces, white dairy sauce bechamel on dry passering( dry the flour in the oven, but do not fry in oil);in white sauce you can add sour cream, evaporated tomato juice, grated carrots;spices( bay leaves, cinnamon, cloves, white roots, vanilla) in small quantities.

    Drinks and juices - tea with milk, coffee on the water( not strong), with milk, cool sweet drinks( fruit and berry juices, compote, kissel), broth of dogrose with sugar or honey, infusion of Japanese fungus;vegetable juices( carrot, beetroot, cabbage and especially potato).

    Prohibited: spicy, salted, fried dishes, smoked meats, canned snacks, fat meats and fish, vegetables rich in essential oils and coarse fiber( onion, garlic, radish, radish, turnip, spinach, pepper, etc.), mushrooms, refractory fats of animal origin( lard, domestic fat, mutton fat, etc., margarine, cooking fats, very cold dishes and drinks

    1-ozavtrak-mashed cereal on water from buckwheat, with vegetable oil, sweet cheese,tea with milk

    2nd breakfast - beet pulp with vegetable oil,(1 cup)

    Lunch - soup with mashed vegetables, on meat broth, meat patties, vegetable puree with vegetable oil, tomatoes, apple puree

    Snack - tea with honey( 50 g of honey), cracker

    Dinner -meat baked in tomato sauce with boiled potatoes, tea with milk

    For night - kefir( 1 glass)

    For the whole day - bread gray 400 g, sugar 50 g, butter 30 g, vegetable oil 40 g, rose bouquet 200