Feedback on hair styler babyliss pro perfect curl: instructions and advantages

  • Feedback on hair styler babyliss pro perfect curl: instructions and advantages

    Buying a new electrical appliance is definitely a good idea. But advertising has never been a dock of truth, so some information has to be extracted independently, through feedback from other consumers. In this article you are given some feedback on the hair curler for babyliss pro perfect curl.

    Valeria. Russia Moscow.

    I'm lucky enough to buy a babyliss pro curl curl for 2700r.through a friend, and not for nearly 10,000, as suggested by many online stores. I was afraid to order through online stores, it is not known yet what quality there is and whether there are any errors. Suddenly, the hair will clamp and vomit or burn to a state of bast. Okay, let's not talk about the bad! About everything in order.
    So, here's how my hair looked originally:

    For those who do not know, I want to quickly describe how the instruction manual for this automatic styler looks.

    1) Take a small string;

    2) "Suck" this curl into a curling iron and hold for a few seconds;

    3) And this is what I get!

    Well, that's it! It seems to me that these are very cute and funny curls, and they can be made quickly enough. With conventional ploys is much more difficult, first warm up, then wind, hold. Here everything will be done by the apparatus, your task is only to hold it!

    And now I will tell a little about the device itself. He looks like this.

    I can say that done quite well, no overheating or strange sounds, there's nothing to complain about. On the wire there is a tag with safety rules, as in the original.

    There are three modes of winding. To face, from the face and automatic, that is, first to one side, and then to the other.

    Also, there are three alert modes. If you want soft waves, then wait for the first signal( it rings after 8 seconds).More dense curls are obtained if you hold 10 seconds, and very tight rings - this is the third alert mode - 12 seconds.

    The second plus is three modes of heating: weak, medium and strong. And, even if you use a strong heat for 12 seconds, then the hair does not dry and do not deteriorate. In general, everything is very good.

    The most important thing when working with an automatic soldering gun is to choose small strands, then the hair will not catch or burn. If you do everything right, the result will be excellent!

    Everything is perfectly thought out. Even the wire is long enough and spin on all 360 around its axis, so using the tool is very convenient!

    The most important thing to use is to hold the tool with this side to the head.there even a warning is written!

    Also, here is a little book with an illustrated instruction. True, everything in English, but, looking at the pictures, everything becomes clear.

    I recommend this tool to everyone, who is allowed by the length of the hair and who wants to get beautiful curls in just 10-15 minutes!

    Marina. Russia - Orenburg.

    Hello everyone, my name is Marina.

    For several months I have been using Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl. Firstly, for me it has always been a big problem to make yourself a normal beautiful hairstyle, including curls. Not only that my hair is already quite long and naughty, so I have two more children, there's no time to look after myself.
    At first I did not really believe in the ability of this fuse, but it was worth a try. Moreover, I could not even dream that it is possible to make beautiful curls less than an hour and they will hold for 2-3 days. But, to my pleasant surprise, it turned out that way!

    Now it's very easy to make your hair, no nerves, delays and time takes very little. The curl turns out very neat and beautiful, the main order is thinner to take, so it will be better!

    I want to show a few of my photos while working with the

    tool. These are such beautiful curls that I already had a little more than half an hour. And that's what was left on the second day of

    . For a long time using this Chinese analog, I learned how to preserve the quality guarantee. Knowingly, of course, they say that you need to be afraid of cheap Chinese counterfeits with the same cheap drum. And the high price does not always give 100% quality. But if you use this object correctly, in my case, an automatic ployka, then it is quite possible to save it for a long time.

    I want to share with you some rules of using this Chinese counterpart. He looks like this.

    Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl gives me the following advantages:

    1. Styling of hair of different length and structure, that is, lay both straight and more curly;
    2. 3 laying modes. Soft wave, light curl and steep curl. For each, respectively, you need to hold the lock for 8, 10 and 12 seconds. Of course, there is a sound signal for all three periods of time;
    3. 3 directions of installation. To the right( from the person), to the left( to the person), the automatic( alternates the first two);
    4. 3 temperature modes.190 degrees, 210 and 230;
    5. If you do not use the device for 20 minutes, it enters the standby mode, after an hour - it turns off. Convenient for the forgetful;
    6. Long rotating strong cord, 2.7 m;
    7. Non-metallic chamber for heating hair, consists of ceramics;
    8. Heating indicator.

    YouTube has a lot of videos, how to use it, I want to show some of them.