How to wash off henna from hair fast at home for one or more times

  • How to wash off henna from hair fast at home for one or more times

    Henna is very popular among women, because it is harmless to the hair and contains only natural ingredients. But there are times when you need to remove the resulting color. Read this article to learn how to quickly wash off henna from hair at home.

    To qualitatively wash away henna, you must adhere to certain rules.

    1. If immediately after dyeing, you did not like the color, then use the rinse better for three days, not later. Otherwise, you will have to work hard to achieve a positive result.
    2. In no case can you paint henna with any dyes. Because all paints contain synthetic and chemical substances that are not able to remove the reddish tint. However, they react chemically with the components of henna. The result may shock you. You, of course, get rid of the red color, but in return receive a green, yellow or orange hue.

    Below are a lot of recipes for different washouts. Choose should be based on the type of your hair.

    Get rid of henna and basma with kefir

    To prepare a mask you will need: 50 g. Kefir, a spoon of honey, 50 g. Of live yeast( not powder) and juice of half a lemon.

    Add honey to kefir and dissolve yeast in it, put the bowl in a warm place and allow the mixture to ferment. This will take about half an hour. Then add lemon juice to the fermented mixture and apply on dry curls.

    For convenience, you can use a shower cap instead of cellophane. Be sure to wrap your head with a towel. Leave the mask on all night. In the morning, wash the mixture with shampoo.

    The kefir mask can be applied every day or every other day until the red tint is washed off.

    Sour cream wash

    You will need the usual sour cream. Just apply it evenly to your hair, put a packet on your head and wrap it in a towel. Keep the mask for at least an hour. Then rinse with water, if necessary, then use shampoo.

    At a time

    In the pelvis with water add 3 tbsp.l.vinegar. Dip your hair into the solution for 10 minutes. After that, rinse your head well with shampoo and then apply balm.

    After you have chosen the right wash, test it on the back of the neck so that if you fail, you can hide it.

    Useful advices

    You only need to make a wash from natural products. Eggs and milk are better to buy home, and not store. This will significantly increase the chance of a favorable outcome after hair washing.

    Prepared mask should be applied exactly the same as usual. Use a wash only on a few damp and clean hair. To rub a mask in roots it is not necessary. After applying, shake the head with a pack, and on top with a warm towel. Keep the mask from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Rinse hair with water or herbal decoction. If the mask is not washed off well, use a shampoo.

    The wash can be applied once every 2-3 days.

    Many people ask themselves how long henna is washed off hair. Finally, wash off the henna only after 5-10 procedures.


    If you have not decided to use a home wash, then read a few reviews.

    Liliana, 34 years old : After using henna, I realized that the red color did not go very well. On the Internet, I subtracted the mask recipe from kefir. The result is good. Hair received additional care and nutrition, and after about a month they completely got rid of henna.

    Daria, 24 years old : I used to be often painted with henna, but recently I wanted dramatic changes, and I decided to use the paint. To wash off the henna, I used an acetic solution. Henna almost completely washed up at a time.

    Svetlana, 29 years old : A friend advised me to wash off the henna with a solution of vinegar. I love. Of course, I did not manage to get rid of the unnecessary color after the first wash-out, but it does not upset me. I continue to use the solution.

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