Mesotherapy Dmae: reviews about the complex dmae, how much is the procedure

  • Mesotherapy Dmae: reviews about the complex dmae, how much is the procedure

    In modern cosmetology, injection techniques are gaining popularity. The most common is mesotherapy, which is based on the use of drugs containing the Dmaye complex( Dmae).Most cosmeticians talk about achieving maximum efficiency in the shortest possible time thanks to such injections.

    Let's take a closer look at what this procedure is.

    The most complete idea of ​​the effectiveness of a given procedure is provided by reviews that are easily found on the Web. Below are reviews on mesotherapy dmaye, which will help you decide whether to do this procedure or not.



    "Periodically I go through a course of mesotherapy with DMAE.The procedure allows you to instantly smooth out fine wrinkles. The skin acquires a well-groomed, healthy appearance, pleasant to the touch. I leave positive feedback, because I am always satisfied with the work of the cosmetologist and the result ".


    "I decided before the event to bring the person in order. The cosmetologist advised me to take a course of mesotherapy with Dmaye. The effect appeared after 2 sessions, the skin became taut, elastic. All my friends appreciated my transformation. "


    "I decided to take a course in the winter, so that by the summer the skin revived and changed. The process, of course, painful, but now the skin is tight, has found a beautiful healthy color. For the sake of this result, you can and suffer. "


    "I have been doing the Mesa for 4 years already. The procedure is very like. The skin is smoothed out, the pigmented spots and bags under the eyes have disappeared, the face oval has improved. All the friends noticed the effect, which is very pleasant. "


    "I will not say that I have deep wrinkles, but small mimicry already appeared. I decided to try meso. From the first session I noticed the result, the wrinkles were smoothed out, the skin became soft and pleasant to the touch. "


    "I did not dare for a long time at the meso, but my cosmetologist persuaded me. At me by nature the skin fat, often there are inflammations, and already there are morshchinki. I have done 4 sessions for now, but I'm already delighted. The skin was nourished with vitamins, not so problematic, the inflammations were gone, and, most importantly, the wrinkles disappeared. I do meso in combination with other procedures - peeling, massage. The skin is very transformed. "

    What is DMAE

    Dmae( it is abbreviated from the substance dimethylaminoethanol) is a natural constituent of the human body and protects cells from aging, strengthens the walls of the cell membrane. Its action is aimed at maintaining muscle tone. It is also a good antioxidant.

    To maintain muscle tone, you need acetylcholine. This natural substance is responsible for the work of the whole organism as a whole, as well as for the elasticity of the skin. However, due to age changes, its content is reduced, as evidenced by the appearance of irritability, lethargy, reduced concentration of attention, memory deteriorates.

    Dmaye participates in the formation of acetylcholine, which normalizes the blood vessels, enhances the effect of blood in the delivery of oxygen to the tissue, removes from the cells of the heart, brain, central nervous system and skin a toxic pigment such as lipofuscin.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the

    method First of all, let's look at the advantages of Mesotherapy with Dmae-complex:

    1. Safety of application. Dimethylaminoethanol is a compound that is present in our body in its natural form. It is also found in food( for example, in meat of salmonids);
    2. Velocity of impact. It is enough to pass a course of 4-6 sessions. The result will be visible after 1 session;
    3. Performance. Under the influence of the complex, the oval and contour of the face improves, nasolabial folds are smoothed, wrinkles are smoothed;
    4. The effect lasts a long time;
    5. The procedure is fast, it can take about 10-20 minutes.

    There are also disadvantages of the procedure:

    1. Soreness. Due to the fact that the drug is injected directly into the muscle, and not into the layers of the skin, the pain sensations intensify. However, their action passes in 3 seconds;
    2. High cost. If you do not know how much mesotherapy costs with dmae, we will answer: one session of this procedure will cost 4-10 thousand rubles. This is quite expensive for the average person.

    Popular cocktails with dmae

    Contrary to short-term use of this substance in cosmetology, there is already a variety of injections with its content for mesotherapy.

    Consider the most popular:

    1. DMAE complex plus - used to reduce wrinkles, restore elasticity and tone of the skin.
    2. Kosmo-dmae( Dmae + hyaluronic acid) from Kosmo Teros. For mature skin, it has an intense rejuvenating effect;
    3. Mesoderm Anti-Age( contains Dmae and Argireline).Used to combat flabby and mature skin, adjusts for age changes, smooths complexion, eliminates wrinkles, including facial wrinkles), tightens the face oval;
    4. Mesoderm with elastin, vitamin C and Dmaye - elimination and prevention of signs of aging, as well as the consequences of a sharp decrease in weight, stress.

    Indications for the

    procedure To resort to this therapy using Dhmae-based injections should be given the following problems:

    1. Flabby skin of the abdomen, thighs, arms;
    2. Deep and facial wrinkles on the face and neck;
    3. Skin pigmentation;
    4. Double chin, deformation of face oval, bags under eyes;
    5. Decreased muscle tone;
    6. Inflammations on the skin, scars.

    To date, Dmae is an experimental drug, therefore it is strictly recommended to use it for people with existing mental illnesses( including epilepsy), hypertension, pregnant and lactating women.

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