Whether it is possible for pregnant women to use autosunburn: advice or councils on a correct choice of agents

  • Whether it is possible for pregnant women to use autosunburn: advice or councils on a correct choice of agents

    Who said that pregnant women sometimes do not want to shine in all their glory? A party is planned and I want to wear an open dress, especially since the belly is not yet visible, and the skin is pale. The summer has come - the time of open T-shirts and sarafans, and you look at your tanned skin with horror. What to do?

    Of course, for modern women this is not a problem, because there are many creams and sprays for autosunburn. Everyone already knows about the harmful effects of sunlight on the skin and more and more women prefer to lie down in the sun for easy-to-use cosmetics. Pregnant women are no exception, but is it possible for pregnant women to use autosunburn - that's the question.

    The principle of action of autosunburn

    The active component of autosunburn is a chemical substance with the complex name "dihydroxyacetone" - in fact it is a molecule of natural sugar. This substance is not toxic and interacts only with the surface layer of skin cells. As a result, melanoidine brown pigment is formed.

    The principle of the action of autosunburn is understandable, but is it harmful for a growing fetus?

    When rubbing the tanning preparations into the skin, they do not penetrate beyond the top layer and do not enter your body. Artificial tanning will disappear along with the dead skin cells.

    Safety Precautions

    The tanning agents exist both in the form of creams and in the form of sprays. Here sprays are not recommended to pregnant women. When spraying the product, you can breathe in it and it is completely unknown how this can affect the health of the child.

    There are chemicals with an effect similar to dihydroxyacetone, but with side effects. It is better not to use them.

    Using an auto-tanning cream unexpectedly for you can cause an allergic reaction. Despite the fact that you have not seen this before and use a well-known, proven tool. The fact is that your hormonal background has changed and the body has become more sensitive to chemicals.

    In any case, it's up to you, or even better to consult your doctor, whether you can use self-tanning during pregnancy.

    And that's exactly what you should never do, so use unverified cosmetics of dubious companies, buy pills or injections for sunburn.

    Autosunburn at home

    If you want to use self-tanning in your home, then before the procedure make an epilation and take a shower, using a body scrub.

    Next, apply the remedy on the body, starting with the shins and ending with the face and neck, trying to distribute the product as evenly as possible. For these purposes, by the way, you can buy a special mitten for tanning, which helps to apply the agent evenly and avoid unpleasant stains.

    To process your back, you will need the help of a friend or husband, so tell them the principle of applying self-tanning and trust this part of the body with someone close.

    After applying the product, it is not recommended to put on clothes for a while, so as not to "smear" an even layer of suntan. Prepare to the fact that the first time you can not get a perfectly even tan, so all the irregularities and specks can be erased with the help of a slice of lemon.

    And finally, choosing the means for auto tanning, give preference to the proven manufacturers and do not save on your health.

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