Lifestyle during pregnancy - a pregnant lifestyle

  • Lifestyle during pregnancy - a pregnant lifestyle

    If recently women who have given birth ask when they plan to give birth to the next child, many of them may confess that they are ready to give birth at least tomorrow, but. .. Women say they are scared not by the birth process itself, but by the nine months of pregnancy. Indeed, pregnancy - it's a rather complicated and troubling time. And yet, pregnancy is not a prolonged illness.

    Certainly, the way of life during pregnancy needs to be reviewed, but this does not mean that life will lose its colors! Pregnancy involves giving up work? No. And from meetings with friends, traveling, dancing, making love, in the end? Of course not! And if so, do you need to change your way of life? Of course, it is necessary!

    What you need to do

    There are several basic tips, following which you can avoid many problems during pregnancy, and make the new body condition enjoyable!

    1. Listen to yourself. Or rather - to himself and to the baby. Do you have heartburn for certain foods? Perhaps they should be abandoned. You always climbed the stairs on foot, but you understand that now you can not do it? Of course, these loads must be abandoned! Pregnancy is an amazing, mystical state. The very nature tells the woman what she needs and the baby( remember at least the irresistible urge to chew chalk with a lack of calcium).You just need to learn how to listen carefully to your body.
    2. Eat right. It's time to remember the saying that we are what we eat. Certainly, toxicosis can dictate its conditions in the diet: for example, a pregnant woman will passionately want to eat a package of chips and drink it with soda. Of course, it is necessary to blindly follow such a desire. A balanced, regular diet of a pregnant woman is a prerequisite. There is for two no need( who ever came up with this?).But you do not need to forget about vitamins.
    3. Rest. A rare modern man can afford the luxury of a holiday. But a pregnant woman should definitely plan her day so that as much time as possible rest. Moreover, in the early stages of a woman can overcome drowsiness and apathy. You do not have to just lie on the couch: a walk in the fresh air, a visit to a theater or an exhibition is also a rest! Less fuss!
    4. To engage in physical education. Of course, this is not about exorbitant physical exertion! It is best to choose a direction that is specifically designed for women in the so-called interesting position. Yoga for pregnant women or aqua aerobics for expectant mothers will not only raise the mood, but also help prepare for the difficult process of childbirth.

    What can not be done?

    The restructuring of the way of life involves the desire of a woman to protect herself from some things that can harm the baby and the woman herself. What are these things?

    1. Stress. By itself, pregnancy is for the body( and for the psyche) to some extent stress, but stress positive. The emotional state of a woman is also determined by the hormonal background. Protect yourself with a cap from all external information or actions that can bring stress to life, you can not. Therefore, you just need to change their attitude! You need to learn not to worry about trifles and not take to heart all sorts of trivia! It will help in this sense of humor! Despite everything, one must remember that there is nothing more expensive than the nascent life.
    2. Harmful habits. Despite the fact that all women know that bad habits during pregnancy are simply unacceptable, it's hard for many to say goodbye to them. First of all, we are talking, of course, about smoking. Who has thought up that it is impossible to quit smoking abruptly during pregnancy? Perhaps, the smokers are pregnant? One thing is for certain: smokers of future mothers have a 50% risk of having a premature baby. Such is the likelihood of miscarriage. And the shortage of weight by an infant and a lot of congenital diseases are almost mandatory when smoking a mother. And the fetus constantly lacks oxygen - this can not but affect the development of the brain and the whole organism as a whole. And if so, you need to try with all the strength to finish once and for all with bad habits.
    3. Sunburn. After learning about pregnancy, of course, you should not wrap yourself in a veil. But from the habit of roasting in the sun, trying to achieve a beautiful tan, you can not. Need moderation! If you want a little soak in the sun, it's better to do it in the evening. But one can not accept the exhausting sun baths not only for pregnant women, but for all people in general! Overheating of the fetus and sunburn - is this what the pregnant woman strives for?

    Of course, all people are individual. Someone during the pregnancy is full of strength and ready to roll mountains. Someone on the contrary constantly feels tired. In any case, the way of life during pregnancy is better to coordinate with the doctor in detail!