• Hair care in winter: folk remedies, masks, video

    In winter, hair needs special care, because the wind and frosty weather are bad for the hair. And if in the summer you can not use balms and masks for hair care, then in the winter they will definitely be needed. About what kind of hair care in winter can be considered optimal, is described in our article.

    Four Steps Program

    What should be the minimal complex of actions of any girl on hair care in winter? Professionals believe that it is enough to carry out the following 4 mandatory actions.

    1) Wash your head with a mild moisturizing shampoo. Even if before that you had a very good shampoo, in winter it is necessary to change it to the softest. The fact is that cold air and snow make the hair stiff, and a mild shampoo and balm after it will help to solve the problem of bristly hair.

    2) Must use humidifying masks and conditioners. Cold dries the hair, removing the necessary moisture from them, but with the help of moisturizers with this you can fight.

    3) When dandruff - a frequent companion of dull hair in the winter season - to make a special apple mask. For her, you just need to rub the apple on a fine grater and then apply this gruel to the hair along the entire length. Leave this slurry for half an hour and rinse. Dry hair naturally.

    4) Massage your head while washing, and also add a drop of essential oil to any shampoo. It can be shea butter, almond jojoba or olive oil. The dose is 1 tablespoon of oil.

    These are the main rules for hair care of any type. Now let's talk about each of them separately.

    Oily hair: moisturizes the tips of

    The owners of fatty hair in winter, as a rule, have two problems: excessive salinity of roots and dry split ends. When caring for oily hair, they turn into a real catastrophe in winter, because a woman must choose between frequent washing of her head and traumatizing the split ends and health of the tips of her hair, but with a dirty head. The solution to the problem will be the use of a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with the maximum level of pH.

    You can also apply argan oil to the split ends. But what the professionals are categorically advised not to do is wash their hair with hot water and often use a hairdryer and ironing. Another tip: before you put on a hat, cover your head with a light silk handkerchief to protect them from caking and wrestling under fur.

    Dry hair: make masks with essential oils

    Cold also affects dry hair - they become brittle. At home, hair can be supplemented with oil, for example, macadamia and camellia. Rub in the palms of 3-4 drops of any of these oils and draw along the entire length of the hair. In addition, remember that in the room hair often dry and from insufficiently moistened air. Take care that the apartment or office worked air conditioners, air humidifiers. Also, it is strictly forbidden to use a hairdryer. Hair dryer and so dries hair, and in cold winter air the situation is only aggravated. Let the hair dry naturally in at least winter.

    Normal hair

    The owner of normal hair is very lucky: in the winter, the head of hair is not worn under the hat as in the case of fatty hair, and the hair does not break like a dry hair. However, how to take care of hair in winter, women who do not experience serious hair problems in winter should also know correctly. So, owners of normal hair all the same need to use only soft means for washing the head, occasionally pamper hair with masks with essential oils and necessarily cut hair at least 1 centimeter to prevent a strong section.

    Grandmother's recipes

    And that's what our grandmothers are advised to do for hair care in the winter. First of all, it is a mask based on castor oil or olive oil. As you know, these oils have an amazing softening effect. You can take 1-2 tablespoons of oil and apply it to the hair, rub it into the scalp. Time of holding the mask is 30 minutes. Then, the oil from the hair should be washed off with shampoo.

    There are other folk remedies that help to care for the hair in winter. It's an egg yolk, colorless henna. Yolk perfectly smooths hair, gives them shine, and colorless henna strengthens the structure of the hair. Both yolk and henna can be mixed in different proportions with other ingredients( for example, essential oils).


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