• Dropsy: causes, treatment, photos, symptoms

    Dropsy testicles appear in the event that the liquid begins to accumulate in the thin sachet formation, which is located in the scrotal area near the testicle.

    The disease manifests itself as a strong enlargement of the scrotum, which does not cause pain and discomfort. The disease occurs due to an imbalance in the outflow of fluid.

    In medical terminology, edema is referred to as a hydrocele, which usually develops exclusively on one side of the scrotum, but there have been cases where a bilateral accumulation of fluid has been observed.

    Approximately 9% of boys and 0.9% of adult men who have reached the age of 42 have pathological edema.

    It is remarkable that the disease can pass itself without resorting to the help of physicians. However, it will take a lot of it - about a year. If you do not treat the disease, then it can grow into a more complex stage and progress for many years. The defect can take very large dimensions - up to 12 centimeters.

    Causes of development of dropsy in men

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    In such a disease, the causes of its occurrence can be of a very different nature: injuries as a result of mechanical damage or bacterial, which result from infection with various venereal infections.

    In addition, the list of common causes is heart failure, as well as imbalance of lymph flow due to damage to the pelvic and inguinal lymph nodes. If the operation was performed by an inexperienced doctor and made a mistake, then such a factor can provoke complications of dropsy.

    In 50% of cases, the appearance of dropsy in men provokes chlamydia, as well as various venereal infections. In addition, a disease such as gonorrhea, in most cases is accompanied by signs of hydrocele. Take note that the acute form is caused by trauma, but pathological - by bacterial and inflammatory ailments.

    If you are from an early age and already for many years are engaged in increased physical exertion, as well as weightlifting, then you are at risk. Thus, if you have the first signs of a scrotal edema, you should immediately contact an experienced specialist.

    Otherwise, the defect can pass to the reproductive system, which, in turn, will provoke the squeezing of the tissues. Because of this, dropsy can have the most irreversible consequences.

    All of the aforementioned ailments are accompanied by a partial or complete blockage of the ducts that lead to decay products. The fact is that the ducts are responsible for the optimal maintenance of the necessary amount of fluid formed in the scrotum, which leads to its excessive accumulation, and hence, stagnation.

    The risk group also includes the effect of ionizing radiation - radiation therapy. Many experts are convinced that dropsy provokes the occurrence of ascites. Such a factor arises from the acquired or congenital pathology of the duct, which connects the abdominal cavity with the scrotum.

    Symptoms of dropsy

    Symptoms of this disease in men are subtle signs, but in most cases they are completely absent. The accumulation of fluid in the testicles is a painless process that leads to a short increase in the size of the scrotum and the appearance of dropsy.

    In some cases, the accumulated liquid can take on a large scale and increase in leaps. This factor is especially noticeable in inflammatory diseases or in the postoperative period.

    A dropsy testicle causes the patient to become very difficult to move very soon, he feels heaviness, as well as discomfort, if he actively participates in an intimate life. Sealed scrotum tissues indicate that you develop hydrocele. Such a characteristic feature is accompanied by a violent splash of fluid that is inside the shell. However, uncomfortable sensations or pains such obvious signs of the development of the disease do not cause.

    In the last stage, exudate is suppurated - this factor affects the development of piocele. This complication is attributed to the effects of dropsy. In addition, the man begins to feel bad, while the body temperature rises, and the existing inflammation spreads to other nearby areas of the body. Increasingly, the patient begins to notice pain in the area of ​​inflammation.

    Symptoms of dropsy in men

    This clinical picture should alert you:

    1. 1) Eggs in men can grow to huge sizes, while it is not probed, and the skin becomes smooth and smooth, while easily forming folds.
    2. 2) In addition, you find aching blunt pains that form near the scrotum.
    3. 3) If you press a little bit on the testicle, which has increased, you will notice a fluctuation.
    4. 4) Body temperature increases periodically
    5. 5) If a lot of fluid has accumulated in the testicle, wearing the underwear gives the patient a lot of discomfort and even painful sensations.
    6. 6) In the event that a huge amount of liquid has accumulated, then the thin wall of the testicle can break into the scrotum, thereby provoking severe pain.


    The patient is treated only after the diagnosis is established.

    1. 1) Uzi. This method helps to establish a definitive diagnosis. In this case, the doctor performs an accurate assessment of anatomical pathologies, and also determines the volume of fluid.
    2. 2) Diaphanoscopy. Such a method is considered to be the most effective and quickest way to determine a disease. Its essence is to miss the bright light through that part of the scrotum that has increased.

    Treatment of dropsy

    In the event that the occurrence of dropsy in men is caused by infections, then antibacterial agents or non-steroid preparations are prescribed for treatment.

    If the cause of a dropsy is a testicle injury, the disease of which is accompanied by swelling of the tissues, the treatment should be aimed at restoring the normalization of the circulation.

    Sometimes physicians resort to puncture removal of fluid. This method involves the removal of accumulated fluid by means of a needle that is injected directly into the scrotum. Despite the fact that the method is effective, it is temporary, but it helps to remove liquid from the place of its accumulation.

    In other cases, the treatment of dropsy is performed only surgically, in most cases I use the Winckelmann operation and Bergman's operation.

    Complications of

    The hydrocele extends to childbearing functions and leads to serious complications.

    1. 1) The inflammatory process, as a rule, is accompanied by a sharp and severe suppuration of the fluid. Such a factor requires surgical intervention, which involves the removal of the testicle.
    2. 2) Inguinal hernia. With the advanced stage of the disease, inguinal hernia may occur.
    3. 3) Entrust treatment of a dangerous disease to professionals to avoid malignant formation.

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